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You can Provide information to prospects who you are  talking to by using this video. It was put together by independent distributors.

The video is a 2 minute  Introduction to 4 videos about the 4 major benefits of the "virtually free" $39/mo customer position.




We belive that thousands will join your business at $39/mo to have access to our shopping system that is improving every week and access to our coming Medishare program. 

For each who do this, you make $10mo. As they get into our Credit Repair financial product it just brings more residual income to you.

Action: During September if you have no already done this: you must log into www.MyLifeStyleConnections.com  and chose your new autoship and the start sharing your new web site and these webinars and watch your group grow. 

Financial Management System Back office.


Built for credit repair businesses and professionals that is powerful and affordable. More than 80 million Americans struggle with credit problems and the numbers are growing by the minute! 

The software has many cutting-edge components to coordinate an unlimited client profile approach to yield superior results for clients and customers.

The software is also ideal for financial consultants, mortgage brokers, realtors, accountants, paralegal, car dealerships and many other businesses related to financial industry. It is a multi-user credit repair software with the ability to add and manage unlimited clients profiles and gives a complete view of each customer.


Share the

Life Style Savings Network or

the Financial Management System or the coming huge huge "heath benefits package."


As a $39/mo customer, you receive an amazing $10/mo off your bill for each active customer. 

Try to do this anywhere else with a

$39/mo expense.  


Start or upgrade to the Pro distributor level of $59.95/mo or only $20/mo higher.

This lets you get $10/mo for number 5 to 50 and more.

50 is $500/mo

30 is a car payment. 

A car with only 30!


Then get Overrides to infinity deep.

You also can get the 20% Matching bonus structure and the $5000/mo Life Style bonus as your team grows.

(Enough for a house and 2 cars and 2 nice vacations/year) 

A 4 x 9 of customers (15cv) is a huge amount of income*. 

See the income calculator.  

* Incomes are not guaranteed. Incomes depend on your work and the work of your downline. 

Video Posting Tool

Everyone should have a website like this to post and store their business or family videos. To try one for free, click on the Staged Icon at the top of the page. See a tutorial for how to use the software at  www.staged111.com