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Note, Also see our great process and pay plan video below 

"Our Weekly Process" 


Thanks for visiting our site. This is a discussion  about the value of an hour.



By Independent Distributors of the 20 year Old nxrGlobal/lC company


The purpose of this web site is to encourge you to begin to become a "product of the Product" by the daily use some of the services.  


This site is also meant to encourage you to spend a few hours a week to send a few simple videos to people to help them  build up a residual income to help them and to help you pay your services  and reduce medical expenses.


This is a great 1minute 30second video to post and send out for prospecting to get call backs.



Critical to the Power of An Hour. Leverage your hours.

Each Hour Is A  Gift


If you are lucky enough to have a great product and/or service to "send and tell" somone about, then there is no need to ever lose the value of an hour. 

That one person that you "send and tell" about your videos during any given hour could easily "send and tell"  others about your videos, who could "send and tell" others an so forth.

That one hour could turn into $10/mo, $50/mo, $500/mo or more back to you. 

If you don't do this "sending and telling"  during any given hour, the value of that hour to your finances could be zero.

We hope that the given hour would have other bennefits to you and others, but take advantage of many of the hours that you have been given to help your financial life. 

Lack of funds causes untold suffering in the world. 

Please take advanatage of the time

you have been given to help others not as fortunate as you and send this site to many:




Get only 2  - The awards are huge. 

There are so many ways to be awarded with our great plan.

One that I like  is that if you get 2 Customers in a month and they each get 2 in a month and so forth, then in 12 months you would have a big enough group in 12 months to get the $5000/mo Life Style Bonus.

And no individual got more than 2. 

Below, see a sample of a "Cash Back" receipt after the discount apps were used.

With our "Virtually Free" membership you get 2 shopping apps for you phone that we explain on this site.


You also get access to a medical benefit package and Credit Card Score Repair/Credit Card Dept reduction system.  


See many more samples of receipts below.

LSC 3 A list of Shopping Boss Receipts 

With discounts from the Life Style Savings App (Access Perks), Instant cash back from the Shopping Boss app and other credit card points and offers,the total savings could be  1 to 75%.

The Shopping Boss app itself averages 5.4% extra cash back. 


How It Works


The membership is "Virtually Free" because of all the saving we get when we shop. And this is big, for each active person who keeps the membership as a refferal from us, we get $10/month taken off our bill. We can do this 4 times.

With 4 our membership is covered.

See below how we can keep going to get 5, 10, 50 or more and get a car or house payment as we gather more and more members. This is very exciting. 


Three Easy Steps with

Two Apps On Our Phone

First we register for the Apps in the "back office" of our customer site that we get when we are a member. Then we go to the Play Store to install the 2 apps on our phone.

As part of the membership we get the "Access Perks" app on our phone. (See the video below.) This gives us discounts at over 700,000 local stores and vendors. 

We also get a 2nd app - the "Shopping Boss" app on our phone. This gives us "Extra Cash Back" at over 260 major chains of stores and online services. (See the video below and list of the major chains.) 

Step 1: At the cash register, we first use our "Access Perks" app if the store we are in is one of the participating businesses. There are over 700,000  local business and travel services included. We also use any store cupons, news paper cupons etc.  We show the discounts to the cashier. This generates the amount we owe the store. (This could be online shopping for travel etc as well.)  

Step 2: We then find the store we are in on our Shopping Boss app. On the app, a screen comes up for us to enter the amount owed. Then a screen with the list of credit card options we have entered to pay with. We push the  purchase button. If our credit card gives us Air Miles or award points we get those as well. More double dipping. 

Step 3: The cashier looks at our phone and scans or enters the gift card number. This pays the bill and we get a receipt. The app shows the extra cash back we received. This is true "Double Dipping". 

We can spend the extra cash back on future purchases or let it accumulate store by store and ask for a check to be mailed to us.


To be ready to provide information at the check out counter using a card like the one below.


People see us using the apps and may ask how we got them.

If you are in a conversation with them, you can ask for their email to send them more information.

After you get the email you can ask them for their phone number.

You now have a great contact that could reward you $10/mo when they get their membership.  


When people contact you, send them to your site:


www.MyLifeStyleConnections.com / your user name for more information and so they can signup when they are ready. $39/mo with no contract.


Also send them this Independent Distributor site



Cards can be ordered from  www.VistaPrint.com with your name and number. $10 for 500.

Extra Cash Back: this comes from over 260 Major outlets. See the full list at the company web site.


(See the video under each of the 4 benefits.)


The 1st App for your phone:


Lifestyle Savings Network – A geo-locating app for your phone that gives you great discounts at over 700,000 stores and vendors, as well as a travel discount "engine" with a low price guarantee. This includes rental cars, hotels, condos and vacation packages.  You can also access the discounts online.




The 2nd App for your phone:

Lifestyle Rewards “Extra Cash Back" - An app for your phone:


To use when shopping at over 260 major outlets or when shopping online that gives you an average 5.4% cash back. The cash is put into your phone app and you can immediately spend it at any of the other participating outlets or you can cash-out and receive the funds directly for personal use. Most major retailers and restaurants are in the program.

View all 260 "participating merchants" at this site. Plus more info. 



Webinar Discussion of Rewards.


Background, why it helps your business by Scott from Shopping Boss: 



Personal Financial Management System - This state-of-the-art software will allow you to efficiently and profitably manage your finances. Included in the package is a premiere credit repair program that will enable you to repair your credit rating and raise your credit score.  Over 80 million people need this service here in the US. Your credit score is used by all types of businesses and lenders to determine the interest rate you will be charged. The difference in what you are charged if you have a low credit score versus a high credit score can cost you $1,000s more in interest.  With the use of our Personal Financial Management System you can be in control of your own financial future.




Group Health Insurance – We give all Lifestyle Connections members the opportunity to participate in our member association and qualify for deeply discounted health insurance. One major benefit is the ability for our members to get 24/7 access to a medical doctor, via phone or on-line, who can give medical advice and write prescriptions. This service is called Veritas Virtual Care, and will only be $19.99 to members and will include a $10,000 life insurance policy, a prescription drug card that offers over 200 of the most prescribed drugs at no cost, discounted hearing and eye care, and access to one of the largest medical cost sharing programs in the country, as well as traditional health insurance with some of the major carriers at discounted group rates.

Also included is:


The Student Loan Relief program


The One Call Imaging discount program


The free remote patient monitoring program






 See more details at : 




We believe that members who take advantage of these ways to save and get cash back on what they buy, will be able to save hundreds of dollars each and every month!


But this is big,


for each active referral

the company takes $10/mo off your bill.

With 4 your membership is covered. 


If you want to keep getting $10/mo for number 4 to 1000 or higher then you would be a distributor


for only $20/mo more.


50 active referrals x $10 is $500/month*. 


Or you could be a Pro Plus member and with 4 who get 4 you get the $500/mo extra bonus.

This is over and above other commissions. 

This position also allows you to repair the credit and credit card dept reduction for others as separte source of income. 


These are the two great distribuor positons. Many just join right away at $59.95/mo to get all the overide income on

level 2 and below. 






Call the person who sent you for more information. 


Video Posting Tool

Everyone should have a website like this to post and store their business or family videos. To try one for free, click on the Staged Icon at the top of the page. See a tutorial for how to use the software at  www.staged111.com

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