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VF 5-$47/MO includes at least 5,000 impressions per month GUARANTEED

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VF 25-$167/MO includes at least 25,000 impression per month GUARANTEED

VF 50-$297/MO includes at least 50,000 impression per month GUARANTEED

Purchase an additional $1000 impressions at any time for $7.50

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Royaltie is now placing your ads on various websites and apps such as Facebook YouTube Instagram CNN Forbes Yahoo etc. This means anybody with a device that has the ability to browse a website or download an app within a specific radius has a chance to see your ad. Now you have the ability to increase your broadcast radius up to 10,000 m. Moving forward for you can receive a minimum guaranteed 5000 min impression for the ads you create. You can decide the area you want your ad to broadcast Read More...

In the last month, the Royaltie system has gone through some drastic changes.  Previously, for the notifications to broadcast, you needed a physical GEM and we used a platform called Google Nearby.  Since December 6, this platform has been closed down by Google.

Due to this change, Royaltie is now placing your Ads on various websites and apps such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, CNN, Forbes, Yahoo etc 

This means Within a specific radius, anybody with a device, a lap top an iphone notebook or anything that has the ability to browse a website or download an App, has a chance to see your Ad. 

You can decide where you want your Ad to broadcast by dropping a location pin on the map in your Upline App  which then gives you the ability to increase your advertising broadcast radius up to 10,000 meters of the location you placed your pin.  Or you can set your app that you will broadcast your message 10K meters from where you are at all times.

And the most exciting part is that Moving forward, for the monthly subscription you can receive a minimum guaranteed impressions/views for the Ads you create.  THE LOWEST MONTHLY COST IS $47 for 5000 impressions.  Larger packages & white label available.

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