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Royaltie Proximity Marketing GEMS ~ Leave your gem at the entrance of a busy restaurant or mall. www.cellulargems.com Works out of the box. No APP No internet





I Love Realtors! Increase Traffic ~ Increase Cash Flow~ Get More Customers / Sell More Listings by Marketing Out of Thin Air
Stacy Proia ~ I sold real estate in Charleston, SC for many years. #ILoveRealtors
Proximity Marketing Gems
1 GEM $25 mo
3 GEMS $49 mo
7 Gems $99 mo
Bulk Pricing Available
This little gem works right out of the box.
Ask me how to get yours for FREE!

Leave your gem at the entrance of a busy restaurant or mall.  Watch to see what happens!

The Royaltie GEM places a marketing message and link to every nearby Android smartphone within 100 yards of where your GEM is placed.

Your potential sellers and buyers don’t have to download anything to receive your messages. What is needed is already built into every Android device! 

You decide the promotional message you want to broadcast. 

This is a broadcast message not a text, email or push notification so it does not annoy or disrupt the receiver or violate any spam laws.

The Royaltie Gem is battery powered and lasts up to two years. It does not require cellular data or a Wifi connection. Just take it out of the box, set up your online dashboard, and activate the units.   Lifetime guarantee/replacement

You can carry the beacon in your pocket or in your vehicle and broadcast a marketing message or promote your brand wherever you go.  

The opportunities are endless.  Did you know that Android Devices Make up 60% of the mobile phone market in North America and 80% of the world?  This Video will show you a bit more. www.socialbiz.info

The prices start at $25 for 1 GEM which reaches 100 yards.  $49 for 3 GEMS and $12 for each additional GEM.  Special bulk pricing is available. 

Royaltie GEM now offers GEMS that reach  400 and 1000 yard radius.  Available on order page at cellulargems.com 



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