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Great health products at 50% discount

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How to make money with Vstream and Pro Subscription

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What is on this site?

This web site gives you access to videos concerning the health products of the 17 year old nxrGlobal VStream Company. They are posted below.

You can be a “Wholesale Shopper Distributo” our just a distriburor and receive a 50% discount on all orders or you can order at Retial.

As a Wholesale Shopper Distributor or as a Distributor you will buy a subscription for $49.95/month. With this subscription you will receive many other discounts. See one of the product videos at

We also have a Sister Company, PYUR Global, that you can be tested for your internal age to see the effect of taking its 2 products and then order these 2 products from that company.

The top of this web page gives you information about PYUR Global and its products.

Then look at any of the 15 nxrGlobal products below.

For those building only a PYUR Grobal Group you are invided to the Satuday Product Call and the Thursday Evening Opportunity call.

Saturday is NOON EST at 712-832-8291 pin 112264.

Thursday is at 9PM EST same number.

The PYUR Global Information and below the 15 products from the nxrGlobal Company

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PyurGlobal Tester and Product information Combined with VStream as 2 Companies to build. Known as "THEOneGroup"

Give the above site to Networkers after you contact them or after they call you after they see the Google "Search Proof" site  in your posts, flyers or adds. After they call you, you can also give them your site.  (never post your signup link in adds, posts or flyers. People bypass do a Google search and bypass you.)


If they want to see more detail on the PYUR Pay plan and calculation tables give them

This is a Google "Search Proof" video to get people to want to be tested. You would charge them $20. A flyer to post, email or hand out is at the very bottom of this page. Just cut and paste and put in your data. After they call you give them more about the test, with no recruiting at


and same data

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Simple - Simple - Simple- Simple- Simple


Take these videos to heart to know that you have


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See our 3 minute process video that sets us apart from all others:






Our two powerful featues:

A reading of this block is at:


With our 17-year-old company, just work as little as 4 hours a week gathering at least 2 “No’s” a day with our process and you have the mathematical potential with our “Virtually Free” $49.95/month Pro discount product of making over $6 million/month*

Along the way, as you are gathering your 2 "No's" a day to build to the high monthly residual income, you make over $100 upfront weekly paid checks as people order our products.

You get the super high 30% of Commisionable Volume of all of your personal sponsorships. Most of them are on your 1st level but you can also keep the sponsorship and place the person under someone else if that makes sense for team building. So with the 40cv pro subscription, with just 4 pros you are in the black becusse you are making 4 x 13 or $52/month. Not that you need it to be in the black. Because you are in the black when you activly use the pro subscription and save on your purchases over $100/month including Saving $200 when you buy  a Vsteam.

This super simple process, that requires no training, just execution, works because you run across Heavy Hitters who bring big groups with them into your group and you get a 20% match of the monthly residual checks that each of your personal referrals receives.

In addition, you can qualify to get a 10% check match of each of the many checks of each of their distributors 4 levels deep into the structure of each of your personal referrals. This is a lot of matching checks.

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But don't study. Don't wait. You should begin today, even before you go to bed, to get 2 people to tell you "NO - I don't want to look at your company videos."

Do this daily with our 2 “NO’s” a day using our 2 magic videos and you will become rich as long as you don't quit.

Call the person who sent you to see our magic product videos.

The pay plan details are at

These Web Sites are by Independent Distributors. Products have hot been reviewed by the FDA. They are not meant to prevent, diagnose, treat or Cure any dissease.

Site by Idependent Member Bob Peterson. See videos below for more product details*

To order any of the Health products you must have the number of the Member who sent you.


The site you will be going to is or a site given to you by the member who sent you.


These are retail prices. If you would like to be a Wholesale Shopper you can order the health products at a 50% discount. The cost to be a $49.95/month Wholesale Shopper is  virtually "Free" because of the discounts.


Other bennefits to defray the $49.95 cost include being able to order  vStream TVBoxs to reduce cable bills for $213 rather than $419 retail. See what the TVBox does at


You also can use the 110% price differance guarantee travel program. See videos on this below the health product videos below.

You can also use the discount shopping App for your phone that give access to discounts at over 300,000 local product and service providers.


In the video above, Bob Bremner, Co Founder of Nutronix/nxrGlobal/vStream discusses several of the powerful health products brought to market by the

16 year old company.


The health products are very economical because they provide food that the body may need to heal itself.


None of the products or statements have been reviewed by the FDA. None of the products are meant to Diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.


Some of the videos are impromptu by an amateur.

The videos below have additional details about the products


Nubody LVF Liquid Vitamen Formula

For Video and information

Learn More






For a Video and information about 02 Performance Hydration:

Learn More




Silver Solution and Silver Gel. For information:


Learn More




Nusential AD "Instant Face Lift" Details

Learn More





Information about Sugar and Nubody MB (Metabolic Balance) 

Learn More




For information about Ziva Caps and Lotion

Learn More



For videos and information about NuSential NR (Nurture and Repair)

Learn More






Shu Li web Site and Videos

Learn More





NuBody CL Cleanse

Learn More

Weight Loss Coming Soon

Nubody Weight Loss

Lear More 



It is easy to post videos like the ones you see above for your family videos and business videos. When you post your videos messages like this, you now have huge communication capability with your own instant easy to use web site. The posting software is called "Staged". Free to use at

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