What is Bitcoin Mining?
The Herd Is Coming - Billionaire Mike Novogratz (SF 2017)

What Is Bitcoin and Bitcoiin Mining?
What Is Bitcoin?
What is Bitcoin Mining?
Mike Novogratz - The Herd Is Coming
Important Message

Risk Disclosure: 

All alternatives platforms or business opportunities shown on this page has risks!  

If you know about the risks and still want to allocate monies, please only allocate monies you don't have to live from or which you can loose without getting into financial trouble.  Because this opportunity has the potential to loose your initial monies!

Additionally:  All information about the incomes rates/percentages or income forecasts are based on information of the past.  That means that described income values have been reached in the past but can not guarantee the same income values in the future.  Mentioned income values are only average values to get an overview about what can be earned by allocating monies or working in this opportunity. 


All information about presented companies or compensation plans etc are taken from the official websites of the respective companies.  Additional information are taken from existing presentation and business partners who has received information from the corporate representatives of these companies.  

Because of that it is not guaranteed that this information is true, even if we try to give you the best service and all information about these businesses. 

Bitcoin Enthusiast
Melton McClanahan
I'm interested in connecting with like-minded Bitcoin Enthusiast who are looking to earn a Bitcoiin income and also learn from others that are doing the same.

I was very fortunate to have Bitcoin Trading World (BTW) introduced to me in July of 2018 and I haven't looked back since!
BTW has opened an unlimited amount of possibilities and I am very grateful for that!

"A wealthy person is simply someone who has learned how to make money when they are not working" - Robert Klyosaki