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Comments from an IBP on the video above.


We continue with our great 6 ways to be paid plan.   www.2AtAnyDepth.com


In the Pre-Launch video above Bob Bremner, CEO describes the factors that are causing us to raise the price of our basic business from from $39/mo to $49.95/mo. 
The base for our basic business is actually reduced to $37.50 to have huge savings and huge income potentential as we now have but with a choice of 2 powerful streaming services. When you pick one of these your total out of pocket would be only $10.95/mo more for a total of $49.95/mo.  
We needed a much more stable platform. At the lower price we were losing too many customers.  At the higher price, we have a much more stable platform and we are able to add 24/7 customer support. 
We were also able to add a great discount package for Travel, Concerts and Events, Food, Restaurants and Shopping at over 300,000 stores. We will be able to add additional benefits in the future with our new business model. 
So refer our package to a few people and get your cost covered and maybe a life changing residual income as others do the same. 


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