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The video explains how this comes about

"Income With No Sponsoring Creates

Massive Sponsoring" 

Members who take a spot, will receive income, with no sponsoring, in the 2x20 pre-launch million-dollar matrix. Workers who signup members can make $15/mo for each member who takes a spot in the unilevel for $20/month. The member also gets a spot in the million-dollar  $20/month "pre-launch matrix. 

Everyone in this uni-level below must fit into the "income with no sponsoring" 2 x 20 million-dollar matrix shown under this

uni-level chart. 

This Powerful Unilevel is growing because most people are "taking a spot". The workers are getting $15/month amounts for each "taking a spot". 

All from the uni-level above must fit into this 2 x 20 matrix by date/time stamp of joining for only $20/month.


The Million Dollar Matrix


In the 1st few weeks, many lines of sponsorship and lines of placement will go below the 20th level in straight lines.

Over time the numbers on horizontal levels will begin to populate.

Over time, some matrices will grow at the rate of 500 or 1000/month due to duplication action by hundreds of workers in the matrix. Details coming.

When each only sponsored 2, this would tend to fill. Think about that. 



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*No Particular Income levels are guaranteed.