Thanks for looking. Please call Bob for Great information on how to save more than the cost of your TV bill. 1m29s (C780 kAaw) fdeyt



How would you like to save way more than the cost of your cable and satellite TV service?

We have 4 major benefits associated with our $39/mo membership (2 are under development. To be released in a few weeks) .

1st - access to major health coverage benefits.

2nd - extra Cash Back when you use you credit and debit cards at over 270 major outlets and airlines. This is extra cash back averaging 5.4%  over and above the milage points and cash back systems for the cards you use.

3rd -  special discount shopping at over 300,000 stores and providers and a 100% low price guarantee travel system.  

4th - special software for credit repair and instructions on how to accomplish credit card dept reduction. 


But this is big, for each active refferal

the company takes $10/mo off your bill. With 4 your membership is covered. 

If you want to keep getting $10/mo for number 4 to 1000 or higher then you would be a distributor.

This is only $20/mo more with another benefit.

1000 active referrals x $10 is $10,000/month. 

Call Bob peterson for details. 301-641-8318.



*Incomes are not guaranteed. Some make it, some don't.