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 Presentation on

“Transfer Shopping”

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Independent Distributor
Young Living Essential Oils


Our Independent Distributor Team uses the term “Transfer Shopping.

This is not a term defined by the Young Living company.

With these slides will define the great concept of “Transfer Shopping” that allows you to get many of the products you buy every month for free.

A friend may have sent you to these slides by asking a few qustions like this .....

Hi Mary, I have a question.

How would you like to get several types of products you buy each month for free by using the concept of “Transfer Shopping” ?


Mary Says – What is “Transfer Shopping” or What type of products?

You say – I am glad you asked that Mary. There is a short video about our Transfer Shopping concept at www.Go555.info  

Would you give me a call after you have a chance to see it or do you have time to watch it now?


Mary says – I don’t have time now but let me call you tomorrow.


Great Mary - Talk to you tomorrow.


These are the slides Mary will see:


Our “Transfer Shopping” concept allows you to get some product types that you buy everyday

for free.


The next few slides will explain how this works with the over 400 Young Living products for the home and personal care.

See these at

www.YoungLiving.com  and



Remember that “Transfer Shopping” can make many of these free to you.


You can see our Independent Distributor produced videos about the benefits of these products at



Let me explain, we buy cleaning, laundry, oral care, skin and hair care products, virus-bacteria-mold killing products, pet products, personal products that are low in toxins so they don’t put unwanted toxins into our or our children and pets bodies.



We buy vitamin, hormone, fat, probiotic, fiber and mineral supplements to fill in for nutrients we are not getting in our normal food and to supplement because our aging bodies are not producing nutrients that they did when we were younger.



These purchases we make from stores could average $100/month to $600/month.


But when we buy them from the stores we make no money.


Let me talk about just one type of health product that many buy each month.


These are products to support our heart and our arteries even though they are  out-of-site and



Our hidden organs work automatically every minute.  Our heart muscle contracts thousands

of time each day.


Our arteries carry a thousand gallons of blood every day.


Our heart might get a cramp like we get in our legs. This is disastrous.


Our arteries in our brain might get a clot or burst causing a stroke.



It is important to support the health of these organs with fruit and vegetable type products.



Young Living Ningxia Red Super Food Drink can be a key to help lower medical expenses and increase longevity*


Our independent distributor team has a number of videos and documents that explain why you will want to look into the over 33 benefits of taking daily the superfood drink

“Ningxia Red” for

heart, eye and circulation support



At www.Health777.info  see the video/audio about

E. Joan Baracie, Md.



Dr Baracie discusses how she uses Young Living Essential Oil products and Ningxia Red for everything.


In his brochure on the “15 New Discoveries That Will Stop Heart Disease” Dr Lawrence gave us the slide on the blood to follow.







Get this product and others for free by getting on our $100/month Essential Rewards program. 


Get as few as 4 others doing the same to get their products for free and yours are free. 


This is “Transfer Shopping” - buying from your own company and getting a few others to do the same.  


As you benefit others with this video and they do the same and become “Transfer Shoppers”  you could also get thousands of dollars/month in extra life saving income.


As a member of the Essential Rewards Program you get a 24% discount on the products and free product credits and reduced shipping cost for each month you order.


Let’s understand the growth of the number of “Transfer Shoppers” in your group as each takes action to invite a few others to watch this video and benefit from this concept and these life saving products.


Here are two Questions to Understand the potential growth in the number of “Transfer Shoppers” in your group.


Question One - how long would it take to pass a message to 1 million people if you pass it to one person in a month and the next month they pass it to one person etc. ?


Ans. It would take 1 million months to pass it to 1 million people.


This is 83,333 years  – Much longer than recorded history.


But what would be the time to pass a message to 1 million people if you pass it to 2 people in a month and they each do the same.


That is  2 – 4- 8-16 etc. 


Many people will say 10,000 years not
83,333 years.


Some may think that it is a trick question and will say 1,000 years or 10 year not 83,333 years.


Ready? Let’s reveal the amazing answer on the next slide.


Answer – 20 months not 83,333 years.


This is why “Transfer Shopping” is so powerful - to buy from your own company and share this video with a few people each week.


How would you like to see the development of over $34,000/month** income from this “Transfer Shopping” model by working as little as 4 hours a week sharing this video?


But you will want to build by 4s to maximize your early income.


This is the 4 find 4 model.


For 3 months you get 25% of each person’s $100 Essential Rewards order so your is free.






Vertical  growth takes over as others get their own “Transfer shoppers”


After 3 months you are paid 8% of those on level one but you are getting 5% on level 2 and 4 % on


level 3, 4 and 5.


At a certain point in the growth of this 4 find 4 model you get an increase on Level 1 to 13.5% and increases on levels 2 to 10.


The “Transfer Shopping” income, in this 4 find 4 model, can grow to huge incomes per month.


Much more than you can make in other work at home business or  your


 full time job. **


Thanks for listening.


Please get back with the person who gave you this information to take the easy step of making your first


“Transfer Shopping” purchase using the Essential Rewards program.  



*Not reviewed by the FDA. Not meant to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.


** Incomes are not guaranteed but depend on how well you work and those in your company. The result, in many cases, is very little because there is very little work done.




Please watch trailer below for a significant new documentary from Medical Doctors on the importance to the health and finances of the country for more people to use food supplements as a compliment to drugs or a replacement for some drugs.


The 2-minute trailer by medical doctors above to send to everyone you know is one of the videos at www.smile111.info 


Please send this to hundreds of people. They all need your help. 


The whole video documentary can be purchased but it can be seen for free until January 11, 2017 at this link:



Several videos about young living products are at our Independent distributor site at  www.Smile111.info. Official information is at www.YoungLiving.com/blog


Thanks, and have a healthy 2017. 


Urgent, Urgent, Urgent . Your friends don't know about this information.

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We would recommend that you pay special attention to the videos in the video index below marked C268, smile111.info  about the importance of knowing how to keep toxins out of the body with Thieves household products and to use Ningxian Red to get all of your Fruit requirements with almost no sugar and to save so much money. Go on autoship for $100/month and work up to 24% free product credits. Get 25% reward for referring others. Let’s set the world straight.

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Essential Rewards and Gifts up to 25% Free product and Gifts. Share with outers and develop hundreds of dollars a month.

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How Oils Help With Emotions


Research has shown that the effects of fragrance and aromatic compounds on the sense of smell an exert strong effects on the brain especially on the hypothalamus (the hormone command center of the body) and limbic system ( the seat of emotions). Some essential oils high in sesquiterpenes, such as myrrh, sandalwood, cedarwood, vetiver, melissa, and frankincense, can dramatically increase oxygenation and activity in the brain. This may directly improve the function of many systems of the body.


When a fragrance is inhaled, the odor molecules travel up the nose where they are trapped by olfactory membranes that are well protected by the lining inside the nose.  Each odor molecule fits like a little puzzle piece into specific receptor cell sites that line a membrane known as the olfactory epithelium.  Each one of the hundreds of millions of nerve cells is replaced every 28 days.  When stimulated by odor molecules, this lining of nerve cells triggers electrical impulses to the olfactory bulb in the brain.  The olfactory bulb then transmits the impulses to the gustatory center (where emotional memories are stored), and other parts of the brain that directly connected to those parts of the brain that control heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress levels, and hormone balance, essential oils can have a pro-found physiological and psychological effects.


The sense of smell is the only one of the 5 senses directly linked to the limbic lobe of the brain, the emotional control center.  Anxiety, depression, fear, anger, and joy all emanate from this region.  The scent of a special fragrance can evoke memories and emotions before we are even consciously aware of it.  When smells are concerned, we react first and think later.  All other senses  (touch, taste, hearing, and sight) are routed through the thalamus, which acts as the switchboard for the brain, passing stimuli onto the cerebral cortex (the conscious thought center) and other parts of the brain.


The limbic lobe (a group of brain structures that includes the hippocampus and amygdale located below the cerebral cortex) can also directly activate the hypothal-amus.  The hypothalamus is one of the most important parts of the brain, acting as our hormonal control center.  It releases chemical messengers that can affect every-thing from sex drive to energy levels.  The production of growth hormones, sex

hormones, thyroid hormones, and neurotransmitters such as serotonin, are all governed by the hypothalamus, thus, the hypothalamus is refereed to the "master gland."


Essential oils--through their fragrance and unique molecular structure--can directly stimulate the limbic lobe and the hypothalamus.  Not only can the inhalation of essential oils be used to combat stress and emotional trauma, but it can also stimulate the production of hormones from the hypothalamus. This results increased thyroid hormones (our energy hormone) and growth hormones(our youth and longevity hormone).


Through inhalation studies they have found that diffusing essential oils can heightened level of activity in the hypothalamus and limbic systems of the brain, which can have dramatic effects on not only emotions, learning and attitude, but also many physical processes of the body, such as immune function, hormone balance, and energy levels.  High levels of sesquiterpenes occur in melissa, myrrh, cedarwood and clove, vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood, and frankincense, can increase levels of oxygen in the brain by up to 28%.


Diffusing or directly inhaling essential oils can have an immediate positive impact on mood.  Olfaction is the only sense that can have direct effects on the limbic region of the brain.  Studies at the University of Vienna have shown that some essential oils and their primary constituents (cineol) can stimulate blood flow and activity in the emotional regions of the brain.


Clinical studies at the Department of Psychiatry at the Mie University of Medicine showed that Lemon not only reduced depression but reduced stress when inhaled.


Great Blends to use to help ease depression, anger, trauma, bringing about happiness.



Citrus Fresh:  

Stimulates the right brain to amplify creativity and well-being as well as eradicate anxiety.  Works well as an air purifier.  University researchers in Japan found that diffusing a citrus fragrance in an office environment improved mental accuracy and concentration by 54%. It has been found to be very calming and relaxing especially to children.  When diffused it adds a clean, fresh scent to any environment.


It Contains: Orange, tangerine, lemon, mandarin, grapefruit, spearmint. Apply to wrist, back of neck, back of ears, feet.



Helps to release the unlimited potential everyone possesses, make it possible to more fully experience health, happiness and vitality, Restores feelings of hope.  Elevates the mind helping to overcome stress and despair.


It Contains:  Idaho Balsam Fir Rosewood, and Frankincenseapply to back of neck, temples, wrist, feet



Brain Power: 

Promotes deep concentration and channels physical energy into mental energy.  It also increases mental potential and clarity, and long-term use may retard the aging process.  Many of the oils in this blend are high in sesquiterpene compounds that increase the activity in the pineal, pituitary, and the hypothalamus glands and thereby increase out put of growth hormone and melatonin.  It elevates the mind helping to overcome stress and despair,.  Removes emotional blocks, heightens relaxation, and helps release

feelings of anger.


It Contains: Frankincense, sandalwood, melissa, cedarwood, Blue cypress, lavender, helichrysum Apply to back of neck, ears, feet, wrist.




Promotes the relaxation of body and mind, counters stressed nerves and revitalized passion.


It Contains: Lavender, Valerian, Ruta.

Apply to wrist, temple , neck



Stress Away Roll-on

This blend of oils reduces nervous tension, and encourages relaxation. It Contains: Vanilla, lime, copaiba

Apply to wrist, temples, and neck thought-out the day and right before bedtime




Balances energies to instill courage, confidence, and self-esteem. and helps open and release emotional blocks, brining about a feeling of grounding.  It also helps the body self-correct its balance and alignment.


It Contains:  Rosewood, Blue Tansy, Frankincense, Spruce. Apply to wrist, chest, base of neck, feet, spine.



Produces a magnetic energy to bring joy to the heart, mind, and soul.  It inspires romance and helps overcome deep seated grief and depression.


It Contains:  Rose, bergamot, mandarin, Ylang Ylang, lemon, geranium, jasmine, palmarosa, Roman chamomile, rosewood. Apply over heart, thyumus, temples, and wrists.



is essential in order to go forward in life.  Hopelessness can cause a loss of vision of goals and dreams.  This blends helps to reconnect with a feeling of strength and grounding, retoring hope for tomorrow.  It helps overcome suicidal depression.


It Contains: Melissa, spruce, juniper, myrrh. Apply to edge of ears, wrists, neck, temples, over hear, or chakra/Vital flex points.


Peace & Calming:  

Promotes relaxation and a deep sense of peace and emotional well-being, helping to dampen tensions and uplift spirite.  Reduces depression , anxiety, stress, and insomnia.


It Contains:  Blue tansy, patchouli, tangerine, orange, Ylang Ylang.apply to edge of ears, wrist, feet, dilute for a body massage. 4-8 drops on a cottonball and place on a vents for a great night sleep.




Harmony™ is a blend of pure essential oils that contains scents to provide an uplifting aromatic experience. Santalum paniculatum† (Royal Hawaiian sandalwood) wood oil, Lavandula angustifolia† (Lavender) oil, Cananga odorata† (Ylang ylang) flower oil, Boswellia carterii† (Frankincense) oil, Citrus aurantium dulcis (Orange) peel oil, Angelica archangelica† root oil, Pelargonium graveolens† (Geranium) flower oil, Hyssopus officinalis† (Hyssop) leaf oil, Salvia Lavandulaefolia† (Spanish sage) leaf oil, Picea mariana† (Black spruce) leaf oil, Coriandrum sativum† (Coriander) seed oil, Citrus aurantium bergamia† (Bergamot) peel oil (Furocoumarinfree), Citrus limon† (Lemon) peel oil, Jasminum officinale* (Jasmine) oil, Anthemis nobilis† (Roman chamomile) flower oil, Cymbopogon martini† (Palmarosa) oil, Rosa damascena† (Rose) flower oil †100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil *100% pure absolute




White Angelica


White Angelica™ contains pure Melissa and Bergamot essential oils, promotes feelings of protection and security when diffused, and can be used to guard against negative energy. Prunus amygdalus dulcis (Sweet almond) oil, Citrus aurantium bergamia† (Bergamot) peel oil, Commiphora myrrha† (Myrrh) oil, Pelargonium graveolens† (Geranium) flower oil, Santalum paniculatum† (Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood™∆) wood oil, Cananga odorata† (Ylang ylang) flower oil, Coriandrum sativum† (Coriander) seed oil, Picea mariana† (Black spruce) leaf oil, Melissa officinalis† (Melissa) leaf oil, Hyssopus officinalis† (Hyssop) leaf oil, Rosa damascena† (Rose) flower oil



Single oils to use are Frankincense,, cedarwood, lemon, peppeprmint, ylang ylang, rosemary,

Jasamine absolute..


Diffuse 20 minutes, 3 times daily.  Drect inhalation 4-6 times daily.


Dietary Supplementaion:

Ningxia Red, MultiGreen, Life 5, Super B, Mineral Essence, and Balance. Complet.  Omrega Blue softgels.


I hope this helps when a person is feeling depressed, lost, lonely, sad, unhappy.



I suffered from depression for a short while with a very stressful job. My doctor gave me a prescription drug for it. I did not want to go that route but had no choice. A few months later I was introduced to the oils. One of the oils was Peace and Calming for depression. I slowly weaned myself off of the depression drug and have been rubbing Peace and Calming on my feet every day. No more depression! Wow, these oils are a miracle! Janice Erhart


I had been taking an anti-depressant (prozac) for a few years then I was introduced to Ruta Vala. I began by putting Ruta Vala on the back of my neck (bottom of the brain stem) before bed and taking a capsule of 4 to 5 drops in the morning or whenever I remembered.

I did that for a few days then kept taking a little more prozac out of the capsule and adding a drop or 2 of Ruta Vala. I did this until I had no more prozac to remove. Now I just take one capsule of Ruta Vala once a week (about 8 to 10 drops) and no more prozac.

Dawn Child


With the help of many essential oils, I am getting off Prozac. Aside from excercise, light therapy and supplements I apply and smell the Young Living oil's Valor, Frankincense, Peace and Calming, etc. I am getting needed oxygen to my brain and cells. I feel blessed! Sheli Toepfer 


I have lost both beloved parents within 6 months and credit the following 'formula' for helping me out of a deep depression after the first death, and getting me through the second funeral with much more grace and dignity than I would've been able to muster without the oils: Put a drop of Valor on your wrist and hold your other wrist against it for a moment (drives the oil in). Put Harmony on all chakra points, and a drop of Joy

over your heart. Try this for grief or depression. Nancy Summers


Depression is a battle I fight on a daily basis. I was diagnoses with Bi-polar Disorder. I believe I have had this since I was a child, but was only diagnosed with this as an adult. I don't like being on prescription drugs because they are not only expensive, but most of them are highly addictive and you never know what side affects you will have as a result of taking them. Since becoming aware of the wonderful benefits of using essential oils, I use Lavender and Peace & Calming Essential oils on a daily basis.

I have tried Valor Essential Oil, and it was alright, but not really enough for me. I recently came upon Joy Essential Oil, and that has made all the difference! I don't feel depressed or overwhelmed when I apply this on a daily basis. I apply 1-2 times a day the same as I apply oils for migraines. I love the smell of the Joy Essential Oil - when I breathe it in, it brings me a sense of security somehow. Hollie Drange




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