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 Contact: David Lundgren  805-276-6633

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Project Coordinator: David Lundgren, Founder, Digital Design Center


Project Type: Computer Science Education - "Hour Of Code"


Our Mission: Provide ongoing "Coding Education" for Kids (of all ages!)


Our Goal: Raise $100,000 for each Community to support Schools and Teachers with the Equipment and Funding needed to provide Hour Of Code training


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Since 1978, David Lundgren has been teaching others about Computer Science. Showing "Small Business Owners" how to Brand Themselves (Stand Out From The Clutter) is his specialty. If you are looking for a Digital Mentor (someone to guide you), David is certainly a wise choice. Go Ahead and take advantage of his Motto... "You Call - I Answer!" (Global - Digital - Residual!) Read More...


Building Sales Teams is my trade. I enjoy the challenge of creating real measurable results for my team of distributors. What I enjoy most is working with all types of people and helping them develop a successful home-based business. 


Professionals, Stay at Home Dads & Moms, Affiliate Marketers, Network Marketers, Retirees especially retired Military, Small Business owners, Teachers and Coaches. We create a competitive edge for our team in their respective marketplace or situation. In most cases, we can generate a $1000 to $2,000+ income. 


The "HBN Career Center" (which I founded in 1984) has developed the tools and training to help individuals achieve success in their home-based business by following a simple, proven system. Whether a person is primarily interested in developing a home-based residual income and/or advertising their company or product online - we have the technology and system to help them achieve their goals - no matter how big or small. 

We market our home-based business in all 50 USA States and Canadian Provinces (and 100+ countries) through an extensive International Network of Independent Distributors. 


My first experience with "Computers" was in 1973 writing (Fortran) code using a "Punch Card System" (Remember, back then, students were still using Slide Rules). Upon graduation from LeTourneau University in Longview, Texas (Electrical Engineering), I joined a company called Welex (a division of Halliburton Oil Service Division) and headed up their first "Digital Logging System" (DLS) working in Ventura / Santa Barbara California / Houston, Texas as well as a Lead Supervisor and Trainer in Dead Horse, North Slope, Alaska (on the Bering Sea). I remember the -58 degree days along with a -108 degree Windchill Temperatures. (FYI, at this time, there was no "Copy and Paste" or "Hard Drive Storage Systems" - only Tape Backups!) 

In 1986, I accepted a position as a "Weapons Systems Engineer" on the Aegis Cruiser Program (Defense Department, US Navy). Even though I was based out of Ventura, California, I supported Navy ships in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Bath, Maine and Pascalosa, Mississippi during construction and life cycle testing which included live missile launches and weapons testing at sea. I gained valuable experience regarding all aspects of digital communication systems and computers. Note: This also included the nerve-racking experience of 10,000 pound explosives being detonated in the water (below our ship) to see if the ship's computer systems would survive! 

In 1991, with the birth of the "World Wide Web" (the Internet as we know it today), I said GOODBYE to my job and decided start my own business - working online (at this time, no one had a clue about computers, internet or even email). I secured my simple three character domain HBN.COM (now VERY valuable) which was an abbreviation for "Home Business Network". (I was actually one of the first 1000 people to get their own web page domain!) 

Over the next 20+ years, I have consulted with and helped many companies expand by setting up Websites, Online Training Systems and Automated Optin Form Data Collection (Database) Systems which helped them enhance their Retail and Wholesale operations. This experience has been very valuable allowing me to meet and work with new friends and associates from around the world (my business has now expanded in 100+ countries!) 

In 2013, "Staged" (a cutting-edge video platform system - shown on this page) partnered with me to help (train) global business owners how to harness the power of video marketing - by harnessing the power of Social Networks - using their new "StageBot" auto-posting system. 

As a member of my Team, you now have access to all of my skills, knowledge and marketing experience. Let me be among the first to say... 

WELCOME ABOARD OUR TEAM >>>>> JOIN HERE >>>>> http://DigitalDesign.Center


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