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"Free Distiburtors" can earn UpFront Income and high Residual Income

Our team now has a way to explain how people can spread the word about the Young Living Essential Oil products as a "Free Distributors" and help people and make $25, $100 and higher commissions with no "out of pocket expense". 


This is Bob Peterson of the Peterson Hockenberry Enterprises LLC. We are independent distributors for the 20 year old Young Living Essential Oil Company.

This email is also posted as a video and document at www.6find6payplan.com so you can send it to others to review. 

On 6find6payplan.com we have other videos that explain the entire pay plan that is the bases for how “Free Distributors” can earn so much income with “no out of pocket” expense.


Over 400 Essential Oil Products are provided by the 20 year old Young Living company. See www.youngliving.com/blog.

 The term "Free Distributor" is our team’s term and not the Companies. The company calls you a Member or a Distributor.


Having "no out of pocket expense" is really great and residual incomes of over 5 figures can be built, guaranteed, by following our minimum 4 hours of work a week process.


Prospects just take a "Free Distributor" position by becoming a Young Living Distributor by buying the $40 starter package ($50 with shipping of the samples and DVDs) . This is a one time cost.


"Free Distributors" then spend as little as 4 hours a week gathering comments from prospects after prospects attend one of the “Free Distributors” in-home meetings or look at the videos about the products at www.youngliving.com/blog or our teams site at www.6find6.com 

Once a week "Free Distributors" email a very short summary of comments gathered that week to their working upline sponsor.


Some of the prospects, who provide comments, will order as customers and some will also take a "Free Distributor" position to also make money with no "out of pocket expense".


How does the “Free Distributor” have “No Out of Pocket Expense?”


On the last day of the month the "Free Distributor" looks at the orders of Customers on their 1st level of the “unilevel” pay plan and they know that they will receive 25% of these orders as long as they order $50 of products themself.


So if the customer Orders total $200 then 25% of this is a $50 commission so their $50 order will be covered by the commission. If the orders are, say $400 from customers, then the profit will be $50 over the $50 purchase.

If the "Free Distributors" or other Distributors on their first level, at the end of the month, show orders of $200 then this is 25% as well as long as the "Free Distributors" and Distributors have not been in the system for over 3 months. After 3 months the commissions from the new "Free Distributors" and Distributors on the 1st level are 8%.


If there are orders on level 2, 3, 4, 5 of the unilevel pay plan then it is possible for commissions to be earned on these levels as long as the "Free Distributor" orders $100 of products and the total group orders qualify to drive the commissions all the way to level 5 .


Call the working upline to help look at the downline orders at the end of the month to see if the total commissions would be $50, $100 or higher so that the "Free Distributor" can continue to have "No out of Pocket" expense and be in profit as well.


As this process of group growth occurs naturally the residual incomes have no limit and many of the 20,000 distributors who attended the last convention in Dallas Texas have great residual incomes and are helping so many people.



We call our site 6 find 6 because over time, with our process you will have 6 working “Free Distributors” on your 1st level and they will eventually have 6 working “Free Distributors” on their 1st level and the example video on this site show calculations of how incomes can grow to over $50,000/month*.


It is so simple and takes as little as 4 hours of work a week.


There are many ways to set appointments with people to gather the comments.


Asking people to look at videos without a way to actually gather comments works a little but very large numbers of contacts are needed to have any orders. This is called blind advertising and that is not good networking.


Warm Market:


Always start with "warm market" and referrals from "warm market" to set appointments to ask for comments after people see the videos or actually attend an in-home meeting.


Flyer – Business Card:


Have a simple flyer to hand to people that says something like:

“How would you like to have a way to lower medical expenses naturally?


Please look at www.youngliving.com/blog (your name and phone)”


Hand people the flyer and ask them if you can email a report to them on this process?


Then after you have the email. Ask for the prospects phone number. You can then call them to set up an appointment to get their comments.


Message on Answer Machines of Networkers:


You can also call the answer machines of people listed in Yellow pages or list of people who have asked for business information or are networkers and say:


"This is (your name from your location). I am getting the word out about how "Free Distributors" with our 20 year old company, with no Out of Pocket expense are receiving $25, $50, $100 or more per order from their free web site. Customers have a chance to lower some medical bills after they see our videos.


Please look at www.youngliving.com/blog and give me a call

(Your name)




So the bottom line is “gather comments” for as little as 4 hours a week and have no “out of pocket expense” and develop over a 5 figure residual income following our processes and help so many people.


Never, Never, Never Quit.



*income disclaimer. No work on your part and no income will come. No work by your downline and no income will come. The time to make any income level and the amount of any high income level is not guaranteed.



See compensaion Plan vidoes on side. Link to other product videos below.

(2015-11-07) (Master Text below is copied from 6find6.com , C63 - Independent Distributor Peterson Hockenberry Enterprises LLC, Bob Peterson 301-641-8318)

You cannot order from these sites, you must use the member number of the person who sent you.

One of the best sources for information is at the company site at www.youngliving.com/blog .


Thanks for reviewing the Video information and the information about Young Living Essential Oils.


See seveal product videos on the right.


With this 21 year old company, now 3 million strong, see how you can bennefit from the products and save money. If you wish to develop over a 5 figure income, gurarnteed, working as little as 4 hours a week you can follow our teams process.

This is explained on www.6find6payplan.com  .

This is our teams process and not Young Living so call Bob Peterson 301-641-8318 with any questions.


Updated Video Newsletters


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20 Year old Company

Young Living is a 20 year old company with over 1 million people who use some of the over 400 Essential Oil Products each month.

These products can save people so much money by keeping toxins out of the body and support the body as it heals itself.

You will need the member number of the person who sent you to this information when you make your first order.

The company’s web site is www.youngliving.com . As we said, should you want to order you will need the member number of person who sent you this information.


Product Video Series

A key series of videos that you can pass to others that introduces Young Living is www.6find6.com     Pass to many.


How to Order and How to Receive Free Products.

Video slides of our team instructions for how to order and refer others, if you would like to do that. Includes a short video with leaders talking about the requirements for advancement. http://vid.staged.com/neXm 

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A series of videos on Ningxia Red Superfood Drink to save money and support all body systems. www.red111.info


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Protecting Your Children at School

A recorded Young Living company webinar on the protection for your child from Germs at school. This includes a discussion of several essential oils and Omegagize, Life 5 and Ningxia Red. http://vid.staged.com/H8zm


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An Expert Health Lecture Series

Dr John Bergman’s health series. Very Good. Pass to many. http://vid.staged.com/RYym


Our Teams web site

 www.index111.org  .


Own a Video System Like This For Your Own Business.

If you would like to have your own Staged software that we are using to display our videos see www.red444.com . Many business and organizations are using this software.


Thanks and enjoy.

These are our compensation plan videos.
Please develop comments to give to the person who sent you.
You should have questions about this plan and how you can receive our teams written guarantee that you will develop over a 5 figure income by working only 4 hours a week.
Just ask people for a favor to comment on our product videos and report these comments to your en roller and sponsor once a week in the Friday Mentoring Email.