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This site is by Independent Business Partners and has a Powerful message to send to potential Fundraisers and Non-Profits. Come to the 9PM Eastern "Fundraiser Thursday" call at 781-448-0189 to ask questions and hear from other organizations using our Live TV subscription to raise residual donations. 
We are not fully prepared, for a few weeks, to bring "Customers Only" on board without a notice that they can try the service now but may experience some system downtime about once a day for a short time. This will go on until about April 17th, 2018. At that time the new servers will be in place with new programing. But we can put our systems in place with customers who want to try the current service. 
Our product and process are a breakthrough in signing up Churches, clubs of all types, schools etc. to raise donation funds. See the below which is also posted at www.ResidualDonations.com 
Below is a sample letter that can be sent to interested non-profits and fundraiser organizations. It explains the basics of the program. They can also call into the Thursday 9PM EST "Fundraiser Thursday Calls" to ask questions. 781-448-0189
Letter Number one: 
Draft Letter:
To: Pastor or organization leader....
We have a great way for Non-profits and Fundraisers to develop residual donations from supporters as they examine and subscribe to one of the best Live TV subscription services. See the one minute and 17 second demo video at www.cablenews.shop  
Your organization receives $15 paid the next week and $5/mo residual donations as long as your member or supporter maintains their subscription. We are running over a 90% retention rate. 
See a sample "Video Appeal" link that we provide to you free of charge using a video (can be home made) that you provide to us. Your video will be in place of the one that shows at this example: www.BeatBob.org .
This free web site, like the www.BeatBob.org  can be replaced by one you might develop down the road to provide even more impact. It would need to be approved by the company. You would bear the cost of any such new website, if you thought you wanted it.
Our "get started" process is so simple.
After you gained background by clicking on the demo link at www.BeatBob.org and its content ,you may want a 3 day trial to look at the Live TV service. Just let us know. 
This is how simple it is to begin receiving residual doations from your members and other supporter subscribers: 
Step one: go to this site to register for free 
 www.viptvnonprofit.com / (my username)
When you register you will be picking your own user name:
When you sign-up for free, this gives you a back office to see your subscribers and donation income and other features. 
When you subscribers look at your "Video Appeal" link (or any web site you might design) they may request more information and you will be sending them a customer link for them to sign-up. It looks like this: www.viptvStore.com / (your user name) [You may also use a "godaddy" type redicet name that you own or purchase. This would link to the order site  viptstore.]
Your members and supporters who sign-up for the subscription at your site will be customers and, as customers*, cannot make money but only send others to your "Video Appeal" link so they they can request more information and the link to subscribe, 
When someone visits your "Video Appeal" link and request more information, your staff provides your signup link which has more information including a list of the channels. This is the link you send: (www.viptvStore.com / your un ).
There is minimal risk to your subscribers because the very high value, 1,200 channel Live TV service is only $39/mo with no contract, no credit check and no cancellation fee. If they don't want if they cancel after the 1st month. We have been running over a 90% retention rate. 
If you would like to use the service yourself, you would be your own organization's 1st customer/donator. This is $39/mo for the Live TV service.
Below, please see a draft message that you and your members and supporters can send to others to encourage them to look at your "Video Appeal" link, request more information, and then sign-up as subscriber/donators when they see the content and the low price of the Live TV service.
To begin exposing your members and supporters to this wonderful subscription you may want to take us up on establishing a free "Video Appeal" link for you. To set this up, we need a video from your organization to put in place of the video of the one that is playing as a sample at www.beatbob.org
This video does not need to be professionally produced. It could be as simple as a home made cell phone video of you and your elders or leaders as you explain the work you are doing in your community and around the world with contributions to missions or other causes. Just send the video file to us or a posting of it on YouTube that we can download.
After your organization is set up with your sponsorship link www.viptvStore.com / un and "video Appeal" link like www.BeatBob.org you can begin to send the message, like the one below, to you members and supporters. Your income would begin to flow to you the week after the first sign-ups and continue each week.
We also allow you, as an organization, to sign-up other organizations and receive a portion of the new organizations residual donations as described in the Independent business partners web page. A sample of the pay plan is at www.orderviptv.com .
Your members and supporters, as customers, are not allowed to make income*. They are not provided with www.orderviptv.com  Any members or supporters you have, as customers, send potential subscribers to your "video Appeal" link to eventually be sponsored by your organization after your organization sends them your order/donation link www.viptvStore.com / un . They do this because they want to support your organization.
The draft message below is how you can begin your campaign. It is also published at www.ResidualDonations.com  for future reference.
Letter Number Two: 
(Draft message from non-profits and fundraisers to potential supporters)
Dear Benefactors and members of ………………….
We have established an account with an organization that provides monthly residual donations to our organization based upon subscribers to the companies’ Live TV service.
Details concerning the service and company name are provided in an email to you after you make your request at our "Video Appeal" link at www.(a Godaddy redirect that the organization will purchase).
Please send as many as you can to our "Video Appeal" link www.(a Godaddy redirect that the organization will purchase) to request more information.
When people subscribe as customers of the Live TV service using our account link, we receive a donation of $15 one time and then $5/month paid weekly as long as they remain as subscribers to the Live TV service.
Your award for exposing others to our "Video Appeal" link, is that you are helping our organization finding customers for the service using our account*. This then provides increasing donations directly to our organization to support our mission. You may even save money on the way you watch TV.
This is different from other fundraisers that provide a onetime benefit to us. This service provides a monthly residual building donations as more and more people subscribe at our site.
Please consider requesting more information at our "Video Appeal" link at www.(godaddy redirect you set up) and asking others to do the same.
Board of the ….. organization.
*Most of our supporters will subscribe to the Live TV service and bring others to subscribe using our subscription link at www.viptvstore.com  / (the organizations UN). Some supporters may want to be distributors themselves by converting their customer position to distributor. They do this by sending an email to www.support@nxrGlobal.com to request conversion at no additional cost. If a distributor (Mary), sponsored by our organization, finds a member or natural supporter of or organization who wants the subscription, we request that the sponsorship be given to our organization so that we get the $5/mo residual donation. Mary, who finds this person, will get the "placement" of this subscription on her 1st level in the pay plan structure. If there is ever any growth under that person then Mary could earn additional residual income that starts at $1.25/mo on Mary's level 2 in the plan. The placement is on the 2nd level of our organization so we gain and additional $1.25/mo share. (see the comp plan at www.orderviptv.com  ) Mary of course, could freely build her own team for people outside of our member/support natural group. This would bring additional income to support our organization and its mission. For this "outside" building campaign of Mary would be sending prospects to .www.orderviptv.com /(her UN) to signup as distributors or she could even signup her own customers by sending them to www.viptvstore.com / her UN.



Additional Background:


Please be aware of our service by viewing it on your laptop or computer at www.Vstreamtv.live and using the Username and Password that you will have been provided or by looking at 2 of our several demonstrations www.CableNews.Shop and/or www.TryIt.news 


When you provide Bob Peterson with your organizations promotion video, in a very short time, free of charge, we can produce a web site for you to provide to your potential supporter subscribers. 

This is optional advertizing help that you may not need or you may have access to even better advertizing tools. 

Playing above is the "BeatBob" promotion video. Your promotion video such as "This is our church campus and the missions we support - visit our church." Under the video you give us, we will have the appeal words for the potential supporters to request new information. If your supporters like it and eventually subscribe to the Live TV service, they will be helping you build  monthly residual donations to support your missions. 

Here are two example promotion websites that we have created as we execute this process. These websites may be improved in the future, but these do the job and allow the process to begin today.

Please read the appeal language under the video.


www.SpaceForce.Place (America All Stars)

www.SaveTeens.org  (Save a Life Foundation)

The nonprofit receives $15 fast start and the $5/mo residual domations and $1.25/mo residual donations from all sponsorships as they remain in place. These grow over time. Example - with 500 subscribers the residual income each month would be $2,500/mo residual donations and the fast start income would have been $7,500.

You well create your position for receiving residual donations from subscriptions by going to this site www.VIPtvNonProfit.com /(the username of your sponsor) . This if free if you are a nonprofit. You will get a back office to manage your payment selection and “placement” option.

Your supports will use a different site - www.viptvStore.com/ (the user name of the nonprofit organization) for more information and to order the $39/mo subscription as customers when they are ready. They are not marketing people and will not receive a back office – they are customers only.

If you are a “for profit fundraiser organization” you will pay the $39/mo or $59.95/mo subscription cost. You will use this site www.OrderVIPtv.com/ (the user name of your sponsor) to set up your account and back office.

As a “for profit organization” you can still use the promotion type sites below so that your supporters can receive the service. Your supporters receive no referral income and do not get a back office. They are customers.


Your supporters or members of your organization and upline sponsors will need to respond to request more information. They will send out the sample email below and keep track of the people requesting more information. The follow up communications will make sure the service works well after enrollments are made.

The letter to the requesters can be modified but this a standard to follow:

“Thank you for your request for more information. You can read about the company and see the channel line up and subsript for $39/mo with no contract, credit check or cancellation fees. This is the site  – www.viptvStore.com/   (the user name of the fundraiser)

You will receive a letter with the simple instructions on how to view the service on any of several devices and your TV.

(Note – the letter they receive after they subscribe will look something like this - To use the service on your laptop or computer make sure that the upload speed of your internet is about 20mbs. Do this by going to a site www.SpeedTest.net .

To see how to use the service on you TV or other portable devices go to www.VIPtvUpdates.com

Contact us by email or text if you have any questions. Thanks for considering supporting our organization as a subscriber.


When the supporter subscribes, the company also notifies the fundraiser that the subscriber has taken this action. 

The supporters who subscribe for the service at www.VIPtvStore.com/ (your user name) only get the service and do not have a back office and make no income for referrals. They are customers. This is the standard design of an “Affiliate” program. The majority of your working supports simple work to help the dontion income of the nonprofit to grow.

You may have a few supporters who decide that they would like to help with the leads that will convert their position from customer to Independent Business Partner. This is done with no additional cost.

As “supporter IBPs” help with the leads, the new subscribers will be sponsored by the nonprofit but can be placed by the “nonprofit” on the 1st level of the “supporter IBP”. The nonprofit keeps the $15 fast start and the $5/mo residual donations and receives an additional $1.25/mo because the placement is on the 2nd level of the non-profit organizaion. The "supporter IBP" receiveving the placement bennefit for those who are place who convert to IBP and begins to sponsor themself. 

Customers are not encourage to be IBPs. They enjoy and keep their subscription to support the non profit organization.