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This site is by Independent Distributors of the 20 year old nxrGlobal/LSC company

Below, see a partial list of all of the "Cash Back" receipts that people are getting when they use their cell phones at check out and on line.

With our "Virtually Free" membership you get 2 shopping apps for you phone and access to a medical benefit package and Credit Card Score Repair/Credit Card Dept reduction system. 

Videos about all 4 benefits are at our Independent Distributor site www.OurPowerVideo.com and the company site at www.MyLifeStyleConnections.com 

With discounts from the Life Style Savings App (Pro Perks), Instant cash back from the Shopping Boss app and other credit card points and offers,the total savings could be  1 to 50%.

The Shopping Boss app itself averages 5.4% extra cash back. 

To easily grow your Life Style Connections Business, order a card like this from www.VistaPrint.com with your name and number. $10 for 500.

The card above is how we are growing very well with our new "Virtually Fee" $39/mo membership.

We first use our "Pro Perks" app for its discount at the store or restaurant we are at. (700,000 merchants).  This generates a "bottom line" number with tip.

We then use our "extra cash back app" (Shopping Boss) to purchase a gift card. The store uses the gift card number and gives us our receipt. We also get a receipt by email. (See many samples below).

People in line see us getting the discounts. 


You get cash back on your App for future purchases. When it mounts up, you can even ask for a check to be sent to you.

When people contact you, send them to your site:


or our Independent Distributor site to see a video on each of the 4 major benefits including Medical coverage and Credit Repair/Credit card dept reduction: 



They can see the full scopte of the $10/mo/referral system at this site www.MyHandOutCard.com 


When they see what all the benefits are and that they get $10/mo for each active referral, they may  want the "Virtually Free" $39/mo membership so that they can shop to save and handout their own cards to build up to a car payment or higher.

50 x $10/mo = $500/mo.


This is he best group building system we have ever seen. Just shop to save and handout your own card, like the one above, after you check out. Give it to people in line, the person helping you and the store manager.

Just never quit, be a winner. Many may well  join you for the "Virtualy Free" $39/mo membership. 


The benefits of the $10/mo per referal system goes way beyound just getting $10/mo per referral.

This is because the ones you refer may want to shop to save and hand out their card and get their own $10/mo per referral. 

This puts people on level 2. The level 2 will put people on level 3 and so forth. Look at the "Magic of duplication chart at the end of this mesage below. 

The Depth Pusher:


As people get people who get people 10, 20, 30 or more levels deep, someone will know a very dynamic person who builds a very big group in one of your legs. 

This could be at a person at a high level of a very deep level, it dosen't matter.  

Each person on your 1st level that you get $10/mo for is the start of a leg.

Then someone in a 2nd of your legs at any depth will know a big builder. 

Each $39/mo membership in all legs counts as volume.

With volume from only 2 of your many legs from these 2 builders could well push you to the $92,000* leadership bonuses and the $5,000/mo* Life Style bonus. 

So dream about his, get many legs going.

With 50, to get your car payment from you 1st level ($10/mo x 50), you have 50 legs.

Some of these will build deep and in  any 2 of these legs someone will know a big builder. You can't lose*.


The 5 Levels of Matching Checkes: 


But the dream is even better because you get 20% match of the residual check of all of your personals and up to 10% match of all of the residual checks of all distributors on level 2, 3, 4 and 5. What a dream .

See the full plan on the company site and this video www.OurPowerVideo.biz  .


The Magic of "2" in our plan is a 2nd way to get the $5,000/mo life style bonus. 


"Notice the chart at the end of this display. "The Eighth Worder Of The World".

Some say that on aveage, people have difficuty getting 2 or 3 refferals made. But with only 2 get 2 there would be over 2,500 people under a left and a right leg in the 2 get 2 collum in just a little over 12 months. 

This would provide, in the plan, the $5,000/mo Life Style bonus.

But look at all the possabilities of develping a team of 5000 with the 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 and 6x6 collums. 

The only rule for the bonus is that no more than 2,500 of the 5,000 requirment can come from one leg. 

We won't get into the details, but a 4 leg system in our plan can provide $20,000/mo bonus with a team of 20,000 with no more than 5,000 from one leg. 



Conclusion: No fare sleeping. Just keep using your discount apps every week and handing out your card and watch you legs grow.  


See a partial list of all of the "Cash Back" receipts that people are getting and give this site to people as well:


*Incomes are not Guaranteed. They depend on many factors. In most cases people quit even thinking about the fact that they have a business that requires them to shop and hand out cards. See the company income disclaimer. 


Annoucement - Now is the time to get going.

See the Flyer below from the company.

Just so you understand the impact of a Pool like this, let me give you a sample of results for any month that the total company members was 10,000 (could happen at the end of September or October - I believe). 

$20,000 to 1st 

$10,000 to 2nd

$7,500 to 3rd

$5,000 to 4th

$2,500 to 5th

$5,000 to the winners Sponsor

The 1st App for your phone: 

Lifestyle Savings Network – A geo-locating app for your phone that gives you great discounts at over 700,000 stores and vendors, as well as a travel discount "engine" with a low price guarantee. This includes rental cars, hotels, condos and vacation packages.  You can also access the discounts online.



The 2nd App for your phone:

260 Major outlets. See the full list at www.MyHandOutCards.com   


Shopping Boss App specials for September.

One of the Specials for Spetember. When you open your App and purchase, you get a gift card number to use at the point of purchase. On the app you can also purchase a gift card to give to someone else for a particular store or service.  They purchase what they want and apply the gift card to the purchase. How neet is that for gift giving? And you get the "cash back" on your own app. 

Bonus Cash for Apps, Games, Books, Music and More!

Sample Receipts

Extra cash back at Long Horn Steak House

7, 500 mile oil change at Jiffy Lube

This person saved 15% with the Pro Perks app - $6.50. They got points on their Visa Marriot card then an extra 8.1% - $3.21 by using the "Extra cash back" app. The total  discounts wer over 23% discount. 


Home Depot with helper.


The lady below read my gift card code to make the purchase at home Depot 


Purchased a CVS a Gift to give to a friend.

Purchased as a gift to give to a Co Worker

Purchased as a gift to give to a Co Worker

Kohl's purchase 2019-09-12

Chipotle Sep 18, 2019


The Eight Wonder of The World

Numbers Duplication


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