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Most Important Link:

This is the best way to come closest to your team doubling every month - everyone get on the list with one subscription every month. This video covers  the optimum way for this to happen. About once a week, look at this video as a reminder and to stay focused. www.TwoStepSolution.com

For background with more tools as you "Learn Your Product" see the box below and the Site www.LearnYourProduct.info  

At all times, have our index of links and phone nubers with you as a reference. Print the list.

The list is at www.PrintTheList.info  

Other tools and post card and door hanger material is explained at www.PrintTheList.com 

Our Independent Business Partner Team has a set of

Recorded Sizzle messages at 


We also have a "Google Search Proof" set of videos to put on your flyers, post cards and other advertizing at:


Owning this technnology can literally save you as much as $50 to over $400/Mo off of your cable TV bill or TV - Movie watching habits.  

World Wide Product

"No Contract" "No Credit Check" "No Cancellation Fees" 

Try It for a month! 

And when you refer it you get  $15 paid the next week and

$5/Mo/personal refferal .

You will find an agressive person who needs money, who will get many refferals. You can get 20% match of their monthly residual check.

This is like majic.


You also can get 10% match of the monthly residual checks of the ones they refer, and the ones they refer, and the ones they refer, and the ones they refer. This could be 100s of mothly residual checks that you match. 

The sky is the limit*. 





These are two alternate Step ONe emails for the Two Step solution at www.TwoStepSolution.com  These have more detail and information that you should know.  

When people ask questions, you can send them one or both of these emails or just answer their questions.

You can also provide your signup link. It has a list of the channels we currently have that are always being added to. It also has the pay plan tap. www.OrderVIPTV.com/  (your user name)

These two emails are also Google Search Proof.

Alternate One for the Step One email:

Giants in the industry are now building with us. It is worldwide.

This "duplicates" because of the low cost, high value $39/mo "no cancellation fee" 1000 channel entertainment product and because of the $15 fast start. Also, it has over 80 Spanish channels and many from other countries. It is worldwide. 

The fast start is then paid the next week when someone enrolls. 

Then you get $5/mo/active subscription. We have over a 90% retention rate. These really build up over time. 

Then, as others get their own $5/mo, your potentially huge override residuals kick in. 

My team's 2-minute demo video is at www.CableNews.work  and the 16 minute demo video is at www.GiveItaTry.Biz  . 

A 2 minute 28 second "how to build" video  is at www.the32plan.com same as www.TheThirtyTwoPlan.com  . 

Call (your name and email) to try it for $39 and –

to save well over $39/mo with more entertainment content. 


Alternate Two for the Step One email:

Sample Email:

From (your name and phone number) 

A Video of this message below is at www.The32Plan.com 

Giants in the industry are now building with this 18-year-old company

in the $2 trillion TV entertainment industry.

This is a testimonial from a customer of one of our members:

"I got everything up and running. My husband liked it so much he ran to target

to get the second firestick for the tv in the living room so everything is good.

Once again thank you for showing us about this opportunity. 

The live TV subscription has been a blessing.

We would also like to join the opportunity as we can see this is a service everyone needs."

See why she is excited. Watch Www.CableNews.work

Try it. Only $39/mo for over 1000 channels.

No Fees, cancel if you don't want it. But we have over 90% retention rate.

Refer it worldwide and get $15 paid the next week –

and $5/mo as long as they keep it.

Make huge overrides as those below you make $15 and $5/mo.

Qualify for 20% residual check match from your personals -

and 10% of their personals 5 levels deep.

The 3-2 plan is to refer 3 in a month and make $45 and $15/mo.

Do this one more time and be up to $30/mo.

As others copy you, this is a 6 by 6 growing team.

In less than a year you have the potential of well over $100,000/mo.

Only a few will make this level, but mathematically this is possible.

But how about just $500 to $1000/mo.

Is it worth a little time to save people so much money?

Call (your name and email) to try it for $39 and –

to save well over $39/mo with more entertainment content. 

Script for the video above:




It is important for you to do this simple Step One and Sept Two process because someone will be contacting your “Warm Market” and others before you do.

Step One:

Send a “Coming out letter, text or email or voice message” to all of your warm market (people who know you). This can also be sent to lists of other people as well. Don’t do a blast, do this one at a time followed with a message to their answer machine. This step is ‘Google Search Proof” so they must call you for more information.


Subject: (your name) sending you an important announcement (to prospects name)

Hi (prospects name)

I left you a voice message as well.

Please let me know when you receive this message. (your name and phone)

Letting you know that I have found a Live TV services with over 1000 premium HD channels at an exceptional price.

There is even a way for you to get your TV subscription for free with a few referrals after you like it.

No Contract, No cancellation fees.

We are running over 90% retention rate.

Look at www.CableNews.News and give me a call back.


(Your Name, phone, email and city)


Step Two:

After they call, text or email with questions about the name of the company or legality or price or how they make money say the following:


Your questions can be answered at the company’s web site and my signup site. This is at www.OrderVIPTV.com/  (your user name)

Also see 2 demonstrations:

a short one at www.CableNews.Market

and a longer one at www.GiveItATry.biz


Please call with any more questions or to Try it for only $39.

Your Name, Phone, City and email. 


Welcome to the launch of this technology product in the $2.2 trillion entertainment industry. 


This is brought to you by our

18-year-old company.


Get back to the person who sent you

for more information.