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2019-03-13 Update on ORU Rides, Travel rebates and purchase from local merchants

In the 2 Travel Videos below. 

See that we are the only company that can give a rebate on airline fare after you take the trip. Go Go Go.

You must have our Visa Rewards Debit Card. 

The uniquness of ORU Travel Rebated

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2019-02-08 ORU Travel How to book and use the back office 10m57s (CPPP G671d))cxett

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Below the two presentation videos below are 7 one minute clips of

Managers discussing ORU Also below is a video about MyFunds Transfers after you become a member.

Managing MyFunds in ORUMarket

Presentation video #2 

3m37s 2nd presentation ORU Global Benefits . Call the person who sent you to get yours and get some money coming on your Debit Card (C671 G671AA ) KRHv) dsewa



ORU - One Race United.

Learn about the most amazing movement which is offering people benefits that will enrich their lives, reward their time and effort, provide products and services with deep discounts, in a way that is very inclusive no matter where in the world you live. ORU is dedicated to changing lives.

With over 30 years of product and service developments through 39 companies and 27,000 employees, ORU is using its immense capabilities to give back to humanity.

No other company can utilize the same business model in which there are no outside investors required, all development is fully owned, where the technology spans almost every known industry, and where the structure is a Not for Profit Foundation dedicated to giving back over 92% of all revenue to members.

This is a wealth distribution platform. A benefit program that has been created with a 150 year plan. Solving global issues that governments can't or won't solve. This is the ORU Way

7 One Minute Clips of

ORU Manages discussion ORU