Pharmacogenomics: The Right Drug, for the Right Patient, at the Right Dose
Demetrice Etheridge
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Momentum Community Cares Mission



Our mission at Momentum Community Care is to deliver the latest and most advanced testing to all Americans. We are committed to ensuring that healthcare providers are able to get to the right diagnosis faster and with a level of confidence that is unmatched in today’s marketplace. We believe that the use of genetic testing in the management of chronic illness is the key to changing healthcare outcomes. Our goal is to make sure that everyone will have access to quality testing. Our long-term goal is to help improve the health and wellness of our patients. We will go beyond to ensure quality of each screening process.  


How to qualify for a FREE screening in the State of Georgia for a Pharmacogenomics (PGX) or Cancer Genomics (CGX) Test:


Requirements for PGx testing


PGx Acceptable Groups. Patient MUST be taking prescribed medicines. Patient MUST list all medicines and reasons.

Patient must be on Medications for one of the following conditions:

1. Blood/Heart
2. Pain
3. Psychological



CGx Tests

Original Medicare B

1. We can accept Personal and/or Family history of Cancer (exceptions: lung, skin,
Lymphoma and Leukemia)

2. Must have up to date Insurance Coverage
Medicare Advantage (Must be PPO)

1. We can accept Personal and/or of Family history of Cancer (exceptions: lung, skin,
Lymphoma and Leukemia)

WellCare, Amerigroup and Humana

b. Must have up to date Insurance Coverage

c. Must have out of network coverage

d. Must have < $2500 for a CGx and < $500 deductible PGX

e. NO prior Authorization needed

At this time, we do not accept Private Insurances....

The type of test (CGx Comprehensive, CGx Partial, BRACA1/BRACA2) is directly related to
the type and quantity of Cancers for both Personal and Family.

The same process and requirements as CGx above. A patient can have a Personal or Family
history of Cancer. Remember to list all the cancers the Patient has in their personal or family
history. Medicaid cannot have opposite gender only cancers as their only qualifying cancer. *

Medicaid cannot have opposite gender only cancers as they are only qualifying cancer.
Example: a Medicaid only male patient with only family history of a mom who had breast cancer.




Requirements to become a DNA Medical Screening Consultant in the United States:


1. Contact me @ (770) 515-8150 for a phone interview.

2. HIPPA Certified - If not go to CLICK HERE and take the course. ($15)

3. Send HIPPA Certification Certificate to

4. Complete your DNA Medical Screening Marketing Service Aggreement & W-9 Form.

5. Attend our Webinar Certification Course. (You Must Attend The Entire Webinar)

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