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All of these videos are by Independent Affiliates


This makes a great fund raiser as well. $10/mo for each "Virtually Free" supporter of the church or group. 

This is a Welcome Letter sent out by one of our Affiliates who has been in the program for a few weeks.
Thanks for joining with John.  
I am encouraged with this "Virtually Free" program. I just ordered my payquicker debit card. I decided to withdraw $40 from my $70/mo balance. This works like "daily pay". 
But this is huge, the $40 will apear next month back into my balance. How neat is that?
(See a screen shot of my "back office" below.) 
This is monthly, so I am up to $70/mo already. 
I can use the debit card like any other debit card. 
The free tools of the web site are being activated in this "soft launch". 
Over time, more free tools will be added to give even more help as people use them to build their main program or business. 
To get many signups, to this virtually free $12/mo program, we have developed www.ActivityIsKing.biz
When you ask people for comments on the video, they will ask questions. Give them your signup site and our 2nd video.
Thanks and "Great Asking or Comments". 

How many could you signup in a $12/mo high value "Virtually Free" program when you and they got $10/mo for each signup? Think about it.

The Growth Cycle being used is this:


Ask people for comments on the 1 minute video:



When they ask questions send this short video and your signup link. 



If you have a main company that you are expanding, you can use the #2s and #4s that are gifted to you as "Warm martket" leads. You can introduce them to the products and services of your main company. THIS IS A HUGE ADVANTAGE FOR YOU.



*No Incomes are guaranteed.