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Three videos with additional information are posted by Independent Members and

not the company.


A 20 year old company is launching a new propriatary health produt and plan.

Where can you get 10% of all commisionable volume from every level, with no breakaway, to infinity until you are making $30,000/week*?

Read and look at the details.

Call the person who sent you to get a link to the company site to get in a pay plan line as soon as possible to caputure Spillover and begin to get these videos out yourself. 

After you are in line - post, email, text, handout and leave voice messages with this video:

This 2 minute "Biteable" video: www.RTLBuild.com 


These two Google Search Proof Curiosity (GSPC) videos can also be used to prospect with and provided for more information.


This is a 3 minute product and vision video or call in number:  www.NowToThePoint.com or Call 720-721-4815


This is an 5m17s  pay plan and  "Spillover Model" video.




*Incomes are not guaranteed. See the company income disclaimer. Assumes the strong side is a run away. 

Up to Midnight EST May 31st, the first annual $29.95 membership fee is waived. Get in line for free.

Signup people for orders and get paid the 25% fast start bounus even without personal volume yourself. 



Build Build Outside Left and Outside Right to Encourage Many 

This video is by independent members and not the company. Please excuse any

misspelling or inaccuracies. 



You will be given the company sites by the person who gave you this video.

We have a network structure that can get a great product into the hands of so many people who need it.

Join with us to get people to help you to get the word out about this product and watch what happens with your weekly residual income.



You are going to see some chants with income examples so please don’t think we are promising you that you will succeed.

*Income Disclaimer. We do not guarantee or imply any specific earnings or income. Individual income results may vary significantly and are based on many factors, including a distributor's individual efforts, business experience and skills. We make no warranty or representation as to the level of success, if any, distributors may achieve by selling any product or soliciting distributor's or retail customers.


What we have is a very unique group payment system that allows you to get 10% commissionable volume (CV) on every order on every level of build , 1, 5, 100, 5000 or more levels deep


Until you are making $30,000/week* or about $120,000/mo.


This income can come from a normal 2 tell 2 type of build or 3 find 3 or 12 find 12 or any other combinations.


See the build chart.


It can also come for a “Big Fish” bringing in a big group at any depth in your organization.


The way this works is this.


you actually are given 2 lines after you join. Both lines are Spill Over Lines.


Your upline may have given you spill over of members even before you get your 1st one.


This is called a shared line with your upline group.                                                                                         


You initiate and work your other Shared Spill over line.


You initiate your other Shared Spill Over Line because to get the $30 weekly cycle checks for commissionable volume under the lines, you must be an executive and have placed 2 personally sponsored members, one on each side who also become executives.


An executive is someone who has enough customers to generate $100 cv/month or the executive buys $100 cv/month of product to use or to retail.


A customer does not execute a distributor agreement, pay the $29.59-member fee or get a 1099 tax form.


The way typical groups can grow in a two legged structure like this is that in one side someone will find a “Big Fish” and this becomes a strong side. Every time the strong side generates 600cv, about 6 people with $100 cv of volume it generates a cycle pay of $30 as long as the weak side has 300 cv.


Everyone places their new people outside left and outside right. You will be placing yours on your week side to build it up and to keep encouraging people on your weak side and developing a $300cv for each cycle.


10% of $300 cv that you are helping build on the weak side gives you the $30/cycle checks.


In a normal 2, 4, 8, 16 build, see that months if everyone takes a month to sponsor their 2 who become executives that you are at 1000 cycle or $30,000*/week in 16 months. That is amazing.


Everyone also helps the strong side because of the 2nd big benefit of the plan.


This is the Check match of all of your personally sponsored members cycling binary checks and those of others up to 10 levels deep in the matching check unilevel plan.


You get 3 levels of Match when you have personally sponsored 4 executives with one on the left and one on the right.


To get a full 6 levels deep of check match you must have 6 personally sponsored executives with 3 on the left and 3 on the right.


You also are causing a lot of spill over because you need a a total of 12 personally sponsored executives.


This makes you a platinum.


Then as your personals become platinum you get up to 10 levels of match. All of this building is causing great vertical spikes and huge spill over in the binary diagram and leading to the $30,000*/week cycle checks possibilities


So, get in line now to get you spill over help and get your line started to turn it into a spill over machine and may will join you.


Just get the videos in front of people.


Develop a love for the health product and others will watch your results and follow you.


Good luck.




Note on cycle pay.

Most people end up with a strong side which in general is the Shared leg.

Your strong side is what causes the $30/cycle pay. That is 600cv or it could be 6 - 100cv distritributors on the strong side.

The qualifier for a cycle is to have 300 cv on the weak side or it could be 3 -100cv distributorss. 

Eisenstein Eighth Wonder of the World

matrix table binary with cycles solxz


No Matter Where your Personals Fall in the Binary they are on your 1st level in the Matching pay Unilevel.

1 level of match with 100 cv and two 100 cv legs, makes you an Executive

2 levels of match with two PEM Executives (1 left, 1 right)

3 levels of match with four PEM Executives (1 left, 1right) also moves your level one match from 5% to 10%. You are a Silver Executive.

4 levels of match with eight PEM Executives (2 left, 2 right)

5 levels of match with twelve PEM Executives (3 left, 3 right) You will be at the Platinum level.  

6 levels of match also have twelve PEM Executives. Plus maintain 30 $30 Cycle Bonues (CB) /Mo. 

Now help your personal enrolled members advance to Platinum. 

7 levels of Match with one PEM at Platinum and 60 CB/Mo.

8 levels of Match with two PEM AT Platinum and 120 CB/Mo

9 levels of Match with four PEM AT Platinum and 250 CB/Mo

10 levels of Match with six PREM AT Platinum and CB/Mo




Big One Time Bonuses as you sponsor more who become Executive. Become an Executive Factory.

Back Office Placement Instructions

The placement feature will allow you to automatically designate which leg (LEFT or RIGHT) of your binary organization to place all of your personal enrollments. By default (Auto option), placement of personal enrollments always goes to the outer leg (with fewer Affiliates) of your organization. In addition, you may elect to place all of your personal enrollments underneath a specific person in your organization while still remaining the sponsor. It will always place your enrollments in the outside of the designated leg.

Placement Instructions: 

** IMPORTANT: Placement instructions will remain until changed. Once placed, members cannot be moved. **