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Full Customer Readiness for Customers

The State of Our Service

As We Prepare to Go Viral

With the Number of Customers

Using VIPtv Worldwide



This is from Independent Business Partners of the 18-year-old nxrGlobal/VIPtv company.


This discussion is about what we have been doing for the past 10 months as we build toward “Full Customer Readiness”.


Behind the scenes, Streaming is a complex technological and business environment that we are helping to develop.


Our partnership with Sony has allowed us to be able to address the important “royalty” payment issues. Please see the Sony logo on our main site www.VIPtvStore.com


Streaming technology is coming to the forefront as companies compete for customers.


Streaming is the future of how people will watch recorded and Live movies and TV programs.


For the last 10 months, our 18-year-old company has been working to continuously improve the streaming technology that we are offering to make it “fully customer ready”.


By “fully customer ready” we mean,


One: have simpler ways to, not only watch it on portable devices and laptops and computers, but also on the big screen.


Two: have fewer and fewer times when buffering from our end occurs and streams stop completely for a few minutes.


We have been making great progress every day.


In the meantime, many customers have realized that they can begin to save so much money now, even before the service is due to go viral around the world.


We appreciate feedback from our customers as all servers and elements of programing are put in place.


If you are a customer of a Nonprofit or Fundraiser, then in the meantime, not only are you saving money, but you are helping your organization in developing “Residual Donations”.


So, thanks again in participating as customers as we move to “Full Customer Readiness”.


In closing, we realize that you many have Smart TVs, Roku devices, Game Stations or Android boxes but for your easiest method of seeing the service on your TV, we recommend that you get an Amazon Firestick.


You can call the Amazon Firestick operators 24/7 for any assistance to make sure that you have it connected to the internet and operating properly. Old or modified Firesticks may not work properly.


Once your Firestick is operating properly with its remote control, then follow the simple steps outlined at www.VIPtvUpdates.com to install the VIPtv App on your Firestick. The person who referred you as a customer will also be ready to assist you with your Firestick.


If you are a person with technical skills using the other devices mentioned above, and you still want to use them to see VIPtv on your TV, you may see some help on www.VIPtvUpdates.com .


But the person who introduced you to our service is not expected to know how to use these other devices.


Unlike other companies, we do help people with buffering issues involving their own internet. See the 10 steps at www.PerfectStreaming.info


Thanks again and enjoy your VIPtv service.





1. On laptops and tablets stop all active downloads on the device.

Disable the auto updates option.


2. Use the pause button on the movie or live tv to create a larger pre-buffer of content.

Clear cache data weekly


3. Increase your internet speed until you reach your desired performance.


4. Make sure if your WIFI is split into 2G and 5G. select the 5G.


5. Alter your time and date function. 15 minutes behind your current time.


6. Limit the amount of devices on your network that are not being used. Restrict the Apps the are running in the background.


7. Select the correct streaming App for the appropriate device. Use google chrome as first option if using a browser.


8. If needed select 720p instead of 1080p reducing picture quality can increase speed.


9. Use a wired connection into smart TV’s when possible.


10. Purchase your internet or cell phone services from the top providers in your area. Always use Tier 1 companies.