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Retired United States Navy as a LDO Communications Officer (6420) with over 24 years of experience in the field of communications. Served as an officer technical specialist in automatic data processing and digital communication technology; provided direct supervision of programmers and telecommunications personnel concerned with the installation, operation, and maintenance of data systems including hardware and software operating and application programs; developed local area network design specifications and connections to Wide Area Networks including system requirements, band width specifications, and technical requirements; provided system analysis and evaluation and system administration including beta testing, troubleshooting, traffic control, and system training; developed policy for data processing and communication priorities, evaluation methods, work standards, and procedure manuals for technicians; provided leadership, professional counseling, and career guidance for team members; prepared technical reports and provided advice to Senior Naval Leadership on data processing and communication matters; prepared budgets and performed cost analysis for computer and communication operations; supervised data processing and communication and needs assessment for personnel, logistics, intelligence and operational requirements for tactical and non-tactical operations; ensured data integrity, system security, inventory control, and Total Quality Management; maintained records and documentation; prepared personnel evaluation reports.

Specialties: Customer Relationship Specialists. I utilize information age marketing to set myself apart from others by sharing a lucrative solution to a complicated online marketing world.


The Royaltie Gems no longer send a “notification” only to Android phones.

Royaltie Gems NOW deliver display ads to those around you, Through the New and Improved Royaltie Notification Network

The Royaltie virtual Gem will now trigger high-quality ads on the most popular websites and apps in the world.

Your ads will reach all types of devices including Android AND iPhones, desktops laptops and tablets, allowing you to use this technology anywhere in the world.

The Royaltie Proximity Ads can have text and images and will be delivered through the Royaltie Notification Network to 100’s of the most popular websites and apps.

Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, USA Today, Forbes, Yahoo, AOL, CNN and many more…

Royaltie offers 4 Proximity Marketing Ad Delivery Options

Our Virtual Gem now gives you the capability to turn your cell phone into the most powerful portable billboard to exist.

With a proximity range of 1000 meters, you can turn your cell phone into the most powerful proximity marketing device on the planet.

THE VF-5 Option:

Geofencing Range: 1000m

5,000 Ad Impressions per month.

VF-5 (5,000 Impressions)
$47 / month
*Plus a one-time account activation fee of $30

THE VF-10 Option :

Geofencing Range: 1000m

10,000 Impressions

VF-10 (10,000 Impressions)
$77 / month
*Plus a one-time account activation fee of $30

THE VF-25 Option

Geofencing Range: 1000m

25,000 Ad Impressions

VF-25 (25,000 Impressions)
$167 / month
*Plus a one-time account activation fee of $30

THE VF-50 Option

Geofencing Range: 1000m

50,000 Ad Impressions

VF-50 (50,000 Impressions)
$297 / month
*Plus a one-time account activation fee of $30