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Scripts to get all the NO’S you want.

Show the service operating on your phone, computer or TV. Then ask:

Would you like to try it for $39/mo with no contract? Cancel after 30 days if you don’t like it. (If yes or what is it all about, give them your signup site and the recorded webinar at www.OurPowerVideo.com )


Text or email or leave a voice mail with people who have an internet presence with a web site for their own company. (see Google Search methods below)

We have not had a chance to meet yet, I see that you have been building businesses like me. Would you take a look at our 2-minute video www.IGetMyTVFree.com and give me your opinion? (If they communicate back or If yes or what is it all about, give them your signup site and the webinar at www.OurPowerVideo.com )


In person flyer hand out.

Hand out our 3/page Google Search Proof Curiosity flyer and say: "We pay you $10/mo for every one of your active referrals who use our $39/mo 5000 channel TV service. Would you like to look at our short videos about it?" (hand them the flyer)

Then say: "what is your email so I can send you the details?" Then when they give you their email – say: "what is your cell number?"

When you get this data give them your signup web site and the recorded webinar at www.OurPowerVideo.com



Never Run out of names of networkers. Do a Google Search like this every day.
Realestate Agent turned 20 NOs a day into $40,000/mo *

“Nos” Are The Great Equalizer.

You Will Become Nothing More Than a

"No" taker!!

Simple - Simple - Simple- Simple- Simple


Take these videos to heart to know that you have


arrived at your business destination. 




With our 20-year-old company, just work as little as 4 hours a week gathering at least 2 “No’s” a day with our process and you have the mathematical potential with our “Virtually Free” $39/mo customer TV subscription to get a car, house of bigger income *


This super simple process, that requires no training, just execution, works because you run across Heavy Hitters who bring big groups with them into your group and you get a 20% match of the monthly residual checks that each of your personal referrals receives.

In addition, you can qualify to get a 10% check match of each of the many checks of each of their distributors 5 levels deep into the structure of each of your personal referrals. This is a lot of matching checks.

Plus you can qualify to receive even more, including matching their monthly residual income over 90%, 8 levels deep in their structure and they can push you to the $50,000 leadership bonus. You and your team will find these Heavy Hitters.

But don't study. Don't wait. You should begin today, even before you go to bed, to get 2 people to tell you "NO - I don't want to look at your company videos."

Do this daily with our 2 “NO’s” a day using our 2 magic videos and you will become rich as long as you don't quit.

Call the person who sent you to see our magic product videos.



Box 1 Free Leads and Lead Sources for your Text Message process to Become Rich

To First go to www.MLMWatchdog.com to a list of the names of over 3000 network companies.


Then put one of these names in the networker search engine at www.manta.com . This will give you the link to hundreds of web sites of networkers. Regrive the Name and phone number and call to ask "Magic Question #1. See below.


Here is another sounces to buy leads:



How to find Real Estate Agents anywhere. A lot of them are into networking.
Box 14 See two "Magic Questions" below

Box 16 Our Challange to You.

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Our Challange To YOU

History shows that your group growth comes to a grinding halt if the new people in your group don't have an easy job assignment that will lead to upfront and long term residual income.


Your assignment, as a new person, is to work a minimum of 4 hours a week "Dialing and/or Texting For Nos" and posting your count of Nos for the week on our Facebook page on Thursdays. In addition, you may do an occasional Demonstration in your home or meeting.


What are you waiting for? Your "Diamond under the rock" is just one rock away.


You are just one Distributor away from an explosion. That is, finding a new recruit that has a following of hundreds or thousands of people who will follow them right away into your group or who will buy the products right away.


But you will never find the International Directors unless you ask for them.


If advertising worked as a business model the company would do it. Advertising won't work for you so you must network, you must "Dial AndOr Text For Nos" and success will be yours at last, just as success has come to many of us using this exact process. 



Box 22 G129 Other wasys to get Leads and Training in General Including a Tour of Your Back Office
It is easy to post videos like the ones you see above for your family videos and business videos. When you post your videos messages like this, you now have huge communication capability with your own instant easy to use web site. The posting software is called "Staged". Free to use at www.staged111.com

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