Many workers will continue some employment in retirement YL C63B G124 YL. w2os

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Retirement Problems and Don't Quit
Asking for Nos To Be Finacially Independent

Work as little as 4 hours a week dialing daily looking for Nos among network marketers and you could become wealthy.


See what we mean with the videos on the side and the one playing above.


Your job is to leave a voice message or Text which  says.


"This is Mary contacting you (or calling) from my home in Orlando Florida and I see that you are in a home based business. As a leader I am sure you are very busy and I don’t want to waste your time but I do have a quick question. Can you Test me or Can you call me at xxx xxxx xxxx?


When they call or text to say how did you get my number.  

You say or text  "you are listed on a site of leaders in the home based industry at"


My question is: Would you be agreable to take a look at a “Winning Opportunity” and if your answer is yes I would like to send you some free information on our “Winning Opportunity”.

Would you like to receive it by text or email or can I give you the link now?


Send them and along with you Member ID number and to sign up.


Get you list of numbers by Going to and looking at a list of over 3000 network marketing companies . Pick one and type that name into the searach site at


The web sites of distributors in that company will come up. Scan the web site and find the Name and phone number for your call.


You can also purchase Genealogy leads by going to



Most important, email me with a copy to your sponsor of how many Nos you received each day on Thursday of each week.


Call the one back you said yes and ask them when they would like to get started as a Wholesale shopper distributor with the $40 kit.