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Very Important, see a list of Receipts of savings

people are getting with the "Extra Cash Back" app at this link:


see a list of all participating outlets for the "Extra Cash Back" phone app at this link:



Order from www.Vistaprint.com $10 for 500

This page is by Independent Distributors

and not the 20 year old company. 


There will be four major components to this amazing program at the customer

$39/mo level.

The savings potential could allow enough to cover basic bills such as cable TV and a car payment. With each active referral up to 4, $10/month is taken off the $39/mo membership - so it is free.

Listen to the rest of this to see how to get $500/mo coming in just with referrals. 

Or this is huge 

www.Get4AndPayNoMoreForYourCarPayment.com See details below. 




(See the video under each of the 4 benefits.)


Lifestyle Savings Network – A geo-locating app for your phone that gives you great discounts at over 700,000 stores and vendors, as well as a travel discount "engine" with a low price guarantee. This includes rental cars, hotels, condos and vacation packages.  You can also access the discounts online.



Lifestyle Rewards “Extra Cash Back" - An app for your phone

To use when shopping at over 260 major outlets or when shopping online that gives you an average 5.4% cash back. The cash is put into your phone app and you can immediately spend it at any of the other participating outlets or you can cash-out and receive the funds directly for personal use. Most major retailers and restaurants are in the program.

This is the site you will use to obtain your App for your phone after you are a member. The list of all of the participating outlets is at this app as well: 


Webinar Discussion of Rewards.


Background, why it helps your business: 



Personal Financial Management System - This state-of-the-art software will allow you to efficiently and profitably manage your finances. Included in the package is a premiere credit repair program that will enable you to repair your credit rating and raise your credit score.  Over 80 million people need this service here in the US. Your credit score is used by all types of businesses and lenders to determine the interest rate you will be charged. The difference in what you are charged if you have a low credit score versus a high credit score can cost you $1,000s more in interest.  With the use of our Personal Financial Management System you can be in control of your own financial future.



Group Health Insurance – We give all Lifestyle Connections members the opportunity to participate in our member association and qualify for deeply discounted health insurance. One major benefit is the ability for our members to get 24/7 access to a medical doctor, via phone or on-line, who can give medical advice and write prescriptions. This service is called Veritas Virtual Care, and will only be $19.99 to members and will include a $10,000 life insurance policy, a prescription drug card that offers over 200 of the most prescribed drugs at no cost, discounted hearing and eye care, and access to one of the largest medical cost sharing programs in the country, as well as traditional health insurance with some of the major carriers at discounted group rates.




 See more details at : 




We believe that members who take advantage of these ways to save and get cash back on what they buy, will be able to save hundreds of dollars each and every month!


But this is big,


for each active referral

the company takes $10/mo off your bill.

With 4 your membership is covered. 


If you want to keep getting $10/mo for number 4 to 1000 or higher then you would be a distributor


for only $20/mo more.


50 active referrals x $10 is $500/month*. 


Or you could be a Pro Plus member and with 4 who get 4 you get the $500/mo extra bonus.

This is over and above other commissions. 

This position also allows you to repair the credit and credit card dept reduction for others as separte source of income. 


These are the two great distribuor positons. Many just join right away at $59.95/mo to get all the overide income on

level 2 and below. 


The amazing pay plan video is at www.OurPowerVideo.biz 




Call the person who sent you for more information. 


This is a note for our existing and new distributors with a "fail safe*" "turn key" growth process.

To grow your business and get curiosity call backs, you can post or send one of three  "Google Search Proof"   links.

Each link goes to the same curiosity building information.

The company is not named. The price is not named. People may well contact you out of curiosity. 

Just say in you add something like this:

"How would you like to save more than the cost of your Cable Bill?"

Go here for information (use any one of the 3 links) :









When they call you and ask questions, you can send your prospects your signup site this site you are now reading -




or a recorded webinar at www.OurPowerVideo.org 

or a team diamond recording at www.OurPowerVideo.info 


What Might Happen For You*


Now that you know the power of the savings program with the "Virtually Free" $39/mo customer level, you will see that it is so profitable to develope a habit of spending 5 or 6 hours a week, week after week, exposing people to the 3 GSP videos. Then when they call back,  asking them if they would like to have a "virtually free" $39/mo business with huge income penitential*.

Even more powerful is shop with your apps and had out your card to people around you and the person helping you. 



As you expose people, person after person, week after week, you might find many who will spend the 5 or 6 hours a week just like you are doing. 



You get $10/mo/person as these people join to use the savings. Some will refer 1 to 4 to get their $39/mo covered. This causes depth building to occure.


Some will join or upgrade to distributor to earn "override group income" and 20% match income. 


But this is huge, 2 or more of them may have great influence and may even what to expose people for 30, 40 or 60 hours/week. 


This is like hitting the lottery. This is because you get 20% match of the residual checks of each of your personals and you can easily qualify for 5% match of the residual checks of all distributors on level 2, 3, 4, and 5.


This is not a match of their personal volume but of their entire residual check to infinity deep. Just meet the easy qualification to get levels 2, 3, 4 and 5.


As your total group grows, someone deep may also find influential people. The group volume they create, no matter from what depth, can qualify you for the $5,000, $10,000, $25,000 and $50,000 group bonuses. The bigger your group the higher chance of having these people arrive*.


Two deep influential distributors could also push you to the $5,000/mo Life Style Bonus. 

Along the way you will find 4 Pro Plus and these will copy you and get thier 4 PRo Plus and you get the extra $500/mo to cover your car payment for life*. At 4% interest you would need $150,000 to make $500/mo income. 


Don't ever give up, just do your 5 or 6 hours of exposure work every week and people will copy you.


You cannot fail* as long as you don't fail in doing your 5 or 6 hours/week.


Your fate is in your hands. Don't pass up this "virtually" free business. Start as Pro or Pro Plus and never look back.  


Please watch the 4 product videos  and the pay plan video and call the person who sent you to start your new weekly exposure habit with this 20-year-old company.

4 customers get 4 customers example (15cv)


Pay is to true infinity in a customer tell customer structure.

*income disclaimer. No one has ever done this with this exact structure, but the math is there.


Some fund raisers and others will get multiple groups of 4 get 4 going deep so everyone is getting it for free and helping the organization.

With 40  on the 1st level, this is 10 groups of 4 prapagatig deep. The math shows 10 times $1 million/month stopping at the 9th level. With everyone except he 9th level getting the $39/mo membership free. (also 40x$10 is $400/mo on level one.) 

(If various people become pro at $40cv or pro plus at 60cv, the income calculations only improve because of the Matching that drives pay to level 14 and much higher cv/person)



* No Income is guaranteed. See the company income disclaimer.