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What Happens to Your Brain When You Skip Play Time? Many people have long forgotten, but real play isn't interacting with technological gadgets or even reading a book. It's behavior that's spontaneous, sometimes exaggerated and done for no apparent reason. Animals naturally play, including spiders. Why have humans stopped playing? 

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I have tried the Body Butter 4 pack from Young Living and can tell you that as a former professional skin care provider, this is hands down the best body butter I have used.
Body butter is not a thick cream, but is a more dense product with a very easy glide. I love natural oils for health reasons like coconut oil, but do not like the texture of all the uneven pieces before body heats melts it. This body butter is smooth, scented perfectly with essential oils and luxurious in application and absorption. A must to prevent stretch mark's! A must for wintery dry skin.
I prefer to use it at night before bed when skin repair is heightened. 

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YL 1 Child Burns, Sun Burns, Thin Skin and Lavaderm 

YL 3 Mold causes over 30  hidden conditions. Kill it without toxins. 

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YL 8 A Foaming Soap Pump at every sink to stop super bugs and keep toxins out of the body. 

YL 9 Seedling Products for Babies. Keep Toxins out of the little ones. 

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