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Requirment to be counted as and Active Distributor

For Motivation twice a month - 559-670-1157 Box 4 or

New Prospects see how you can earn $200/order as a Free Distributors.

See what what the over 100 Founders at the Convention have to say at the Convention videos below.


See a video of Andrew at the end of this long page (came to my home for heater mainenace) signing up as a Free Member to make $200 checks and residual income and to cut his cable bill by $100/month. Andres saw a 5 minute demo of the vStream and a breif intro to the shared commission 30 day cycle. He dose not know about the Pro Plus bennefits yet. Andrew knows the shared commissions work just like Real Estate shared commission on a home sale, except that ours are monthly residual shared commissions.

Text Box #1 The script for the Video Above. See othe Videos Below

This is Bob Peterson, Independent Distributor for the 16 year old nxrGlobal/vstream company.


In this document we will describe a commission cycle that has never been seen before in the 80 year history of networking that we know of.


You will see that Free Distributors can make $200 per order up front from their free customer site with a small timing qualifier to be describe in a moment. The small timing qualifier causes huge monthly residual incomes to build up.


You cannot order or join at this site. You must have the site of the person who sent you.


This is a Generic Team Site to cause people to want to join your team. This includes stay at home people, people who need more money without quitting their full time job, business people and network marketing people.


Our team has a number to tools and resources to help you make $200/order as a Free Distributor with a Minor Qualification discussed below.


We suggest that you start as a Free Distributor by buying a $3 laminated sign to tape to the inside window of your car. People will go to your free web site (or capture page) to see our powerful video on the vStream Media Center and order or call you with questions.


A Video of what the sign looks like for your car is at .


There are also other ways to grow your business by contacting other people who need money, business people and network marketers. These are discussed at   and  .


Step One in Evaluating our Business: (go to the free customer site)


Before you even go to go to the free customer site that you will have your name and phone number. This is at . This site has a video and information that your customers will see encouraging them to order or to contact you. When they order from this site you will make $200 paid to you the Friday after the sale.


There are also other videos about saving money by cutting TV cable bills at a generic site for our team at  


Your minor timing qualification to receive the $200 commission is that you will purchase the Pro Perks Discount Shopping Service for $68.50/month prior to the Friday after the week of the sale. This is a minimum of a 7 day window.


So you are not in reality spending your own money and you are $131.50 ahead. Each order form your site for the next 30 days will pay you the full $200/order.


As a pro you will have your full capture page system to use and you will have access to many discounts to save you as much as $100/month on your travel and other purchase and 50% discount on over 20 great health products. See the videos below. As a pro you can also purchase your own vStream Media center with a $200 discount.


Others on your team will join the Pro Perks Discount membership and also be selling the products and this sets up a huge potential monthly residual income for you.


Step Two in Evaluating Our Business: (go to one of our recorded Webinars or Live Webinars)


To see all of the advantages of the Pro Perks Discount Membership and the plan that generates the potentially huge monthly residual income go to a recorded Webinar to see why over 400 people are joining into each of the live webinars at 9pm EST on Tuesday and Thursday Evening.


The recorded webinars are at or recorded at 559-670-1157.


Step Three:

Signup for Free at the distributor site given to you by the person who sent you. Take a look at what yours will look like with your name. This is at .


Step Four:

Order your $3 laminated sign from the nearest office supply store. Tape this to the inside window of your car.

To accelerate your income, you can also begin to do some of the other steps outlined on such as buying a vStream and holding in-home demonstrations. If three people went to your customer site and ordered you would make $600.


Sample scripts to sell the vStream and separate scripts to sign up free distributors are also posted on


The end.

What a simple Four Step process to give you guaranteed success.


P.S. see and index to all of our team tools in one of the text blocks below.


See other video on the Pro Perks Travel Benefits and the 50% off health products below.


Thank you.

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Examples of People Signing up to make $200/order up front and Residual Income
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