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Dr. Sherrill Sellman, a naturopathic doctor, best-selling

author and international lecturer.

Total Health Women’s Magazine On Silver Sol


Being a woman isn’t easy. The world of feminine

hygiene is fraught with a plethora of discomforts and

health challenges.


The health statistics say it all: 80 percent of women will be

exposed to human papillomavirus (HPV); nearly 75 percent of

all adult women will have at least one genital yeast infection;

bacterial vaginosis (BV), the most common vaginal infection

in women, affects 700,000 women; 40 percent of women will

have at least one urinary tract infection (UTI) in their lifetime;

one million women have a flare up of pelvic inflammatory

disease each year; approximately one out of four women are

infected with genital herpes; and half of all women over the

age 40 will suffer from vaginal dryness at some time.

For most women receiving the necessary treatment for

these problems often necessitates repeated visits to their

gynecologist’s office where they are prescribed numerous

antibiotic, antifungal, or antiviral medications. In many

cases they are subjected to additional tests and invasive


In addition, many of the treatments themselves

contribute to recurring health problems or drug-resistance.

For instance, the use of antibiotics to treat a urinary tract

infection generally causes an overgrowth of Candida yeast,

commonly known as vaginal thrush. Not only does the use

of an antibiotic increase the risk of antibiotic-resistance but

there is also the likelihood that there will be another outbreak

of Candida. It is also known that the presence of Candida is

associated with a higher incidence of UTIs.


In order to tackle the Candida problem, antifungal drugs such as Nystatin, Diflucan® and Nizoral® may then be prescribed. These drugs have numerous side effects, not the least of which is liver


So, just what is a girl to do to escape from this vicious

cycle of prescriptions drugs causing additional problems?




The ancient cultures had a healing secret. Dating back

thousands of years, there was one healing approach that had

been extensively used in Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Phoenician,

Macedonian and Chinese civilizations.


This powerful healing medicine was silver.

Hippocrates, the “father of medicine”, wrote in his

medical texts that silver had beneficial healing and anti-disease properties. He praised silver for its tissue repair and

wound healing abilities. Ancient peoples also learned that

silver bestowed powerful anti-microbial effects, as well. For

instance, the Phoenicians would store water, wine, and vinegar

in silver bottles to prevent spoiling.


The knowledge of silver’s profound healing attributes has

continued into modern times. The use of silver in its colloidal

form, a liquid suspension of microscopic particles of silver,

was the principle antibiotic treatment prescribed by thousands

of American medical doctors prior to 1938. However, with the

advent of antibiotics, the popularity of silver declined.


Many decades later, the emergence of life-threatening antibiotic

resistant conditions, once again renewed interest in silver’s safe

and effective antibiotic properties. Silver is considered to be

nature’s own antibiotic, eliminating bacterial infections without

initiating resistance. It is also able to safely kill virtually all forms of

viruses, fungi and molds without any side effects.


While there are presently many colloidal and ionic silver

products on the market, there is one superior form of silver

that out-performs all others.





Thanks to an advanced 21st century technology, a new and

more powerful form of silver is now available. For the past ten

years, American Biotech Labs has been dedicated to creating

a unique, patented nano-silver technology (U.S. Patent



American Biotech Labs currently holds more than 190

independent studies from more than 60 different private, U.S.

government, military and also university labs. As evidence of

their safety and efficacy, their innovative silver products have

received both FDA clearance and EPA approvals.


The term “sol” is a chemical designation of a pure mineral

permanently suspended in water where the mineral’s charge is

transferred to the entire body of water.


Most silver products work by chemical action, requiring

direct contact with microbes to have any positive effect. This

new nano-silver technology works by catalytic action, not by

chemical action. This catalytic conversion allows the SilverSol

to first destroy pathogens and then to instantaneously recharge

and “kill” again and again—like a rapid-fire machine gun.


The result is that SilverSol is an incredibly powerful, yet

totally safe and non-toxic form of silver, destroying thousands

of times more pathogens than a simple colloid or ionic silver.

This explains why other silver solutions and suspensions

contain up to 300,000 ppm (parts per million) of silver, but

SilverSol works just as effectively, if not more so, at only 5–30


SilverSol products, which are available both as a colorless,

odorless, tasteless liquid and gel, are impressive. First of all,

they effectively kill all pathogenic bacteria they come in contact,

even the deadly Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

(MRSA), while leaving beneficial bacteria unscathed.


When it comes to viruses, SilverSol has the ability to

inactivate them at the DNA/RNA level, thus preventing virus

replication. It wields the same powerful anti-pathogenic

ability with fungus and molds. The good news is it does not

interact with pharmaceuticals; in fact, has been found to work

synergistically with medications.


Just how effective is SilverSol? Research shows it will kill

millions of pathogens (including fungus and mold) within


SilverSol has also demonstrated the ability to enhance

immune system function as well as relieve pain and

inflammation. The FDA has recently cleared a prescription

version of the SilverSol gel “for use in the management of 1st

and 2nd degree burns, stasis…pressure…(and) diabetic ulcers,

lacerations, abrasions, skin tears, surgical incision sites,

device insertion site wounds, graft sites and donor sites”.


Its exceptional wound healing actions provides evidence that

SilverSol products stimulate the production of stem cells.

Unlike other forms of silver, SilverSol offers all these

impressive healing benefits without any adverse effects. It

does not interfere with the production of stomach hydrochloric

acid; it is rapidly excreted by the kidneys; and it will not

accumulate in the tissues or the skin (Argyria, i.e., blue man

syndrome) because the nano-silver particles will not fall out

of suspension. Another major plus is that its antibiotic effects

will not compromise the beneficial gut flora. And, if SilverSol

is taken in conjunction with antibiotics, they will actually

work synergistically to increase the antibiotic effectiveness by





With SilverSol’s extraordinary ability to eliminate bacteria,

viruses, molds, and fungi as well as enhance the immune

system and provide rapid wound healing, it becomes one of

the safest and most effective solutions to resolve the myriad

of women’s feminine health problems.


These are the general suggestions for use of SilverSol

technologies. I recommend that you always first consult with

your primary health provider.


Acne—Take two teaspoons of SilverSol liquid twice a day.

SilverSol gel should also be applied topically twice a day.

A reduction in the size and in the damage of the acne can

occur within 24 hours. Total improvement of the skin should

take about four weeks—the amount of time necessary for

new skin to grow from the bottom to the top layer.


Age Spots—These are related to a compromised liver. Taking

two teaspoons twice daily of liquid SilverSol on a regular

basis will help support the liver and also improve liver

enzyme production. Apply SilverSol gel on age spots two to

four times a day.


Bladder Infection—Take two tablespoons (adult dosage)

of SilverSol hourly for the first two days. Then continue

to take 2 tablespoons twice a day for the next two weeks

as a maintenance dose. The bladder infection should be

eliminated in about 12 to 24 hours.


Endometriosis—Take two teaspoons daily. Also use as a

douche by diluting ounces of liquid silver (diluted 1:1 with

distilled water) intervaginally, holding it for 12 minutes, and

then releasing. This kills bacteria and viruses in and around

the cervix. It will also reduces inflammation and pain. The use

of the SilverSol gel as a personal lubricant will reduce pain

with intercourse and promote vaginal health by eliminating

yeast and bacteria.


Fibromyalgia—Yeast seems to be a common factor. Yeast can

leave the intestines and go into the brain. By cleansing yeast

out of the system, patients can receive improvement. Yeast

can be destroyed taking two tablespoons of SilverSol two or

three times a day. Gel or spray can be applied to sore muscles

once or twice a day as needed for pain or aches.


Human papilloma virus (HPV) and sexually transmitted

diseases (STDs) i.e. chlamydia, gonorrhea, etc.—To access

the cervix, place SilverSol gel on a tampon and insert it for

at least 90 minutes. Another way is to pump two ounces of

liquid of SilverSol as a douche intervaginally (diluted 1:1 with

distilled water). Hold it for 10 to 12 minutes before releasing.

This will allow the liquid to have access to the cervix for a long

enough time to affect the virus. Also, take two teaspoons

twice daily.


Thyroid—Often the thyroid is damaged by a viral or bacterial

infection contributing to hypothyroidism. Taking two

teaspoons twice a day and applying SilverSol gel to the throat

area will support optimal thyroid functioning.

Vaginal odor—Since this is usually caused by a yeast or

bacterial vaginosis infection, douche (diluted 1:1 with

distilled water) by pumping two ounces of SilverSol liquid

intervaginally. Hold it for 10 to 12 minutes before releasing.

Also, apply SilverSol gel to a tampon and insert into the

vagina for 90 minutes.


Vaginal dryness—SilverSol gel is an excellent, water-soluble

lubricant. Free of all toxic ingredients, it safely and effectively

nourishes and moisturizes vaginal epithelium cells.


Yeast—Can grow in the skin, vagina, and digestive system.

SilverSol is documented to kill yeast both inside and outside of

the body. It will even kill stachybotrys, the black mold or yeast

that grows in showers and on walls. Take two tablespoons

orally in the morning and at night. Half that dosage can

be taken for prevention. SilverSol gel can be applied to the

vagina or on a tampon or panty liner for about 90 minutes to

help fight a vaginal or yeast infection. Relief of symptoms can

occur in the first two hours, however, systemic problems may

take months to resolve. For further support, apply SilverSol

gel to the outer areas of the vagina, using the gel or spraying

the liquid directly on to a panty liner.




Throughout time, silver has been revered for its many

healing properties. Uniting the wisdom from the past with

the knowledge of advanced 21st century nano-technology has

created a world of possibilities that can safely, effectively and

quickly resolve so many of the health problems challenging

our modern world.


According one of the world’s most respected scientists,

Dr. Rustum Roy Ph.D, Evan Pugh Professor of the Solid

State Emeritus, Professor of Geochemistry Emeritus at the

Pennsylvania State University, “They (SilverSol Technology

products) really are going to prove to be this generation’s



The scientifically proven benefits of the SilverSol

Technology have especially been a blessing to women.

For more information on this unique SilverSol Technology®

from American Biotech Labs®.

. ????


Dr. Sherrill Sellman, a naturopathic doctor, best-selling

author and international lecturer.

Silver Sol LIquid and Gel Q&A

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See video information on the side as well as part of an Article From Womans Health Below:


What is the shelf life of Silver Sol?


Five to ten years if stored in a cool dark place. How do I tell which silver products are the best to buy? There are so many different ones available on the market!


Don't ever judge a silver product on the cost per colloidal silver dosage. This is your health and well being we're talking about here. You deserve the best life possible! Ask for scientific research published in peer-reviewed science or medical journals. This is where true advancements in medicine will be found; claims about any products associated with these articles can usually be proven. Look for an approved patent, which indicates the U.S. Patent Office has reviewed the claims and approved them. You should be looking for:


  • EPA certification
  • FDA approval
  • US Patent approval


Silver Sol has all three - and not just A patent, but 2 approved US Patents.


If Silver Sol is so great, why hasn't my doctor heard of it?


"Doctors know about silver but until now they have not had an FDA-approved, EPA-certified and Patent-approved product that they could use in their medical practice. All students of medicine have heard about silver in some form or another. The problem is that most science classes teach that silver is antibacterial, antiviral and anti fungal, but they also teach that it could cause argyria (the accumulation of silver under the skin) if it is swallowed in a salt form.


While this is true, it's important to realize that new and far safer forms of silver that are still effective are now available. And they don't cause argyria. A very simple demonstration of this is the “Blue Man,” who has made his own ionic/colloidal silver and consumed it in enormous doses to control diseases. He has been successful in controlling his conditions but he also turned blue/gray in the process.


Silver Sol is newly patented (Nov 2006) and has never had a single case of argyria in the estimated 6 million bottles sold. So your trained scientists and doctors have heard of silver colloid and ionic silver, and now that silver sol has received FDA approval, EPA certification and patent approval they will listen. And doctors are now beginning to incorporate Silver Sol into their practices. Many clinics, medical practices and nursing homes have written policies and procedures allowing Silver Sol exclusively.


Another reason your doctor may not be fully aware of the benefits of the new Silver Sol is that the medical establishment is driven largely by patentable and profitable ventures. Drug companies spend millions to make billions. The ideal drug for a medical company is one with a large market, like Prozac or Viagra, that is complex enough it can be patented without being copied easily by competitors. Although silver has a large potential market, it is widely available and easy to copy, making it undesirable to drug companies.


Silver preparations compete too closely with the higher-dollar antibiotic and viral drug market. For instance, silver is an effective treatment for certain types of hepatitis, and more effective than standard treatments. It competes with the medical establishment's $40 billion a year market. So although it is safer, more effective and cheaper, it will most likely never get the backing of the medical establishment for some of those same reasons." Dr Gordon Pederson


What scientific research exists to back up the health benefit claims of Silver Sol?


Over 180 scientific studies conducted at independent facilities like universities, hospitals, research institutions, and nursing homes have been published in medical journals, newsletters, and textbooks. Most of this research is widely available.


Numerous tests at major universities , governmental, and commercial labs like National Institute of Health Virology Labs, Illinois Institute of Technology, Viridis Biopharma, Pennsylvania State University, University of Puerto Rico, Arizona State University, University California Davis, Kansas State, University of Utah, Utah State University, Central Utah Water, CRA Labs, Brigham Young University, University of Wisconsin have proven the effectiveness of the product.


Is Silver Sol an Ionic or Colloidal silver solution?


In all truth, Silver Sol is not either of these types of product.


"Silver Sol is simply superfine silver particles dispersed in deionized water. The term “Sol” is a chemical designation of a pure mineral, such as metallic silver, permanently suspended in water where the mineral's charge is transferred to the entire body of water. Silver Sol technology includes advanced scientific research and new product development utilizing its anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties." Dr. Gordon Pederson


Because of misrepresentations made by technology-inhibited competitors of American Biotech Labs, the question is best answered by independent and technologically superior labs and institutions. Included in a peer-review paper, cited from Pennsylvania State University, was test work jointly accomplished at six different state-of-the-art labs, including labs at Penn State University.


We have an extensive understanding of information about our silver products and have filed hundreds of pages of patents to cover them so that they cannot be duplicated by anyone else. We believe that small-time companies will continue to take shots at Silver Sol Technology because when your product stands out alone at the top of the heap, there will always be wishful people taking shots at you in an attempt to try and make themselves look better. Does Silver Sol cause heavy metal poisoning? Back to Top


Some people have the idea that over sizing the amount in daily colloidal silver dosage is poisonous or toxic. The claim that silver can cause toxic nephropathy or heavy metal poisoning is being made by both pseudo-scientists and the uniformed news media. The statement shows a complete lack of even the most basic scientific knowledge about silver.


Toxic nephropathy is defined as “Any functional or morphologic change in the kidney produced by an ingested, injected, inhaled, or absorbed drug, chemical, or biologic agent.” Probably the most correct and widely accepted authority on the subject would be the MERCK Manual Of Diagnosis And Treatment. The 17th edition of the manual, on page 1880, shows the complete list of heavy metals that can cause heavy metal poisoning. The list includes a number of metals like copper and iron that are found in everyday vitamins, but silver is not listed in any form. Silver was not accidentally forgotten from being the list, and it was not listed in the comprehensive list because it does not cause the problem! Listed under “Methemoglobin formers”, the Merck does list sodium nitrite as a cause of nephropathy.


The importance of this being that if silver is mixed with heavy salt or sodium products, it could be classified as causing nephropathy, not because of the silver, but because of the heavy amount of salt contained in the matrix of the combined product. The heavy use of silver nitrate in the medical industry (both past and present) may have led people to the common, but incorrect misconception about silver.


When is the best time of day to take Silver Sol?


Take it at a time when you will not forget to take it. For daily prevention, most people take the twice-daily, two-teaspoon dose morning and night.


Is it best to take it with food or on an empty stomach?


Unlike many chemical pharmaceuticals, taking the Silver Sol on an empty stomach won't cause any problems. However, salt can neutralize the effects of silver, and just about all foods or beverages contain some level of sodium. So for optimal results, take the Silver Sol on an empty stomach. What are the recommended doses for Silver Sol Liquid?


For a true colloidal silver, dosage would greatly depend on your brand's parts per million of silver. However, Silver Sol is not colloidal silver - it is a metallic silver solution that is perfectly safe and consistently the same 14 ppm per bottle or batch. The recommended daily Silver Sol dosage for adults is:


Prevention: Swallow one teaspoon 1-3 times a day.
Post-Infection Immune Support: Two teaspoons twice a day.


What are the recommended doses for Silver Sol Gel?


Prevention: Apply to hands twice a day, as well as in nostrils.
Post-Infection Support: Apply topically to infected area - at least twice a day.


How many servings are in a bottle?


  • 4 fl .oz is equal to 24 servings
  • 8 fl .oz is equal to 48 servings.
  • 16 fl .oz is equal to 96 servings.


Does Silver Sol harm the helpful bacteria in our intestines?


This is an important question! Many times antibiotics do wipe out the friendly bacteria that inhabit our large intestines and maintain balance in our body chemistry. These good bacteria not only produce B vitamins and folic acid for you, but they compete with pathogenic bacteria and yeasts, and prevent them from multiplying which cause infection. Antibiotics, especially broad-spectrum antibiotics, kill a wide range of these friendly bacteria. this leaves you vulnerable to super infections.


In addition, antibiotics may suppress our immune systems! The New Silver Solution does not present such a problem. Independent studies both at Brigham Young University and Viridi Biopharma have effectively shown this. The very fact that so many individuals have taken Silver Sol for so long and have reported no negative gastrointestinal side affects, strongly suggests that this solution does not cause these friendly flora harm in any way that would injure our bodies. In vitro testing of Silver Sol on a number of friendly fauna, such as lactobacillus, have shown that the silver does not kill these helpful, probiotic bacteria.


Is this Silver Sol safe for children to take?


Good news! Unlike colloidal silver, dosage of Silver Sol Liquid is highly recommended for children. Be aware that the size of the dosage changes from that recommended for adults. The amount to be taken by babies and children on a daily basis is completely dependent on body weight.


  • The dose for adults and teenagers is 1-3 teaspoons twice daily.
  • Children who weigh 25-75 pounds should take half the adult dose.
  • Children who weigh less than 25 pounds should take one-third the normal adult dose.


Will Silver Sol harm human cells?


The nano-silver in Silver Sol has been lab tested for Cyto-toxicity.
A number of independent cyto-toxicity tests have been completed on American Biotech Labs' nano-silver products. At both 10 and 22 ppm, the products were found to do no damage at all to either human or monkey cells, meaning that they were found completely non-cyto-toxic. So rest easy, this is not worrisome like the concern you would have with a standard colloidal silver dosage.


Silver Sol nano-silver gel products were tested for cyto-toxicity at both 24 and 32 ppm by an independent FDA/EPA approved lab. According to FDA guidelines, the cyto-toxicity is reported on a scale of 1-4 (4 being highly cyto-toxic and 1 being very safe for use). Both the 24 and 32ppm Silver Sol nano-silver products were deemed in the testing to be a level 1, in other words having little or no negative effect on the skin.


What is the concentration of the silver in Silver Sol?


Silver Sol Liquid, also known as The New Silver Solution has 10 PPM (parts per million) pure nano silver particles.
Silver Sol Gel for acne, skin care and healing of burns or wounds has 24 PPM pure nano silver silver.






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