Everyone wants a Tax Deduction of $750/month with a sign on their Car. See Oprah comments. For success, get our “Virtually Free” $49.95/month Program with huge residual potential. See www.CarSign.TV or video below. Call your contact. (C201A G228 2Yht)

Note: Receive $200/order when people order the "Minature Computer For the TV" from you web site that we give you.

This message at www.TheUltimateProductPayPlanVideo.com   ,is from and independent sales person for a 17 year old company. 

We call this message our "Ultimate Message" because the products and business cycle discussed in this short message are the best the marketing industry has to offer, in our opinion. This message is also at www.TheUltimateMessage.com  

Our products and business cycle support the reality that most people need a great and simple way to save and make money both short term and long term. 

Our great and simple way for people to save and make money is with our “Virtually Free" great 30% affiliate 1st level program backed up with a "more than" 14 level deep hybrid unilevel residual group program. 

Let me explain: 

The long-term income, for a lifetime, does not work without a great concept that is not product specific because products and services are always changing over any 5 to 100 year time frame.  

You may have been given a flyer or card like the one above to arrive at this message. 

To gain an appetition of the business impact of this message, see the videos below about how one of our products works - a miniature computer TV device. When customers buy this from you at your customer web site that we give you, you can make $200 per order. 

These $200 checks and the $13/month/sales-person 30% first level represent the affiliate "up front" income part of our program.  

The amazing thing that you will discover is that, as a sales person, others that you meet also want to make these $200 checks and have their own 30% first level. This sets up a monthly residual income stream for you as they are making their own $200 checks and $13/month/salesperson.  

The $13/month residual income and 30% first level income comes from your and theirs "Virtually Free" $49.95/month pro perks subscription that you and they own as a sales/wholesale shopper person. (qualification can also be met with $100cv/month customer orders)  

When people follow you with their own "Virtually Free" $49.95/month subscription to be a sales person or wholesale shopper, you make $13/month/sales-person and 30% from other purchases for sales people and wholesale shoppers on your 30% first level. 

With 100 following you, over time, you would be making over $1,300/month. $13 x 100.  

As this group builds deep, level after level, with each person only getting three or four others following them to also get the $200 checks and $13/salesperson like you, your residual income from our 14 and more levels deep program can become huge. 

This could be well over $100,000/month*. Tables showing these calculations are at a web site that the person who invited you will give you. 

Get on one of the weekly opportunity or training calls to listen to people for whom our business model is starting to work for them with this 17-year-old company. The person who sent you will give you the call-in or login information.  

Call the person who sent you to begin your "Virtually Free" $49.95/month business with us.  

Get all of the tax advantages of being in business, including the $.50/mile deduction everywhere you drive your car. 

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Best Pay Plan Benefits in the industry. These are just a few: More details are at www.CarSign.TV  


1. For every mile you drive your car for business purposes you can deduct $.50/mile*. Drive your car with the sign and hand our flyers and cards at each destination, 1500 miles/month and get a $750/month tax deduction. see www.CarSign.tv and how to put on the sign on your car at www.CarSign.Club


2. Get $13/month from everyone who follows you and also joins and puts a sign on their car. For example, with 100 following your lead you would be receiving $1,300/month plus a share of all of their own residuals. 


3. Later you will see a 4 find 4 growh example that shows totally unlimited income from over 14 levels deep in our hybrid unilevel with 5 levels of check matches with each person getting only 4, not a 100.  


4. In addition to the $13/month/person with a sign that you sponsor, you get up to 80% match of the residual checks of everyone who follows you and puts a sign on their car. 


5. You get $200 upfront income when people order the minature computer for the TV to cut the cable bill. You also get as much as $100,000 leadership bonuses as many people get their signs on their cars. 


You are in total control of your destiny with your own sign. Don't drive another mile without it!!

*for your particular tax situration consult with your tax advisor. 


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To start your savings adventue, put a business sign on your can for a tax deduction for every mile you drive, typically over $750/month.

Owning this technology is like having a free Red Box Machine in your home with over 50,000 movies. Save on time and gas picking up movies and have a thousand times more availability with no shortages.



Intro to demo video


Welcome to our short introduction to the launch of this technology product in a $2.2 trillion industry. 


This is brought to you by our 16 year old company.


Get back to the person who sent you for more information.



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