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Video NewsLettter #78 2015-12-16

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Good Day from Independent Member of the 16 year old Nutronix – NXRGlobal – vStream company, Bob Peterson 301-641-8318. I am your upline support in the company. Newsletter #78 - update to #77 2 days ago.


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This makes the Pro Plus “Free”. This is a value equal to $68.50 x 6 = $411.


They can also purchase any of the health products for 50% discount.


They can also purchase vStream units for $199 rather than the $399 retail cost.


They also can use the 110% price difference Guaranteed Travel and the discount shopping at over 300,000 local stores and vendors to save hundreds or thousands over the course of a year.



So if you want to be either a "Wholesale Shopper" or "Working" Pro Plus Member go to you back office and upgrade to the Pro Plus $68.50/month level ASAP.



"Working" Free Members


 Or start "Working" as Free members and pursue the $131.50 and $200/order checks with no net out of pocket expense ever. Ideas for "Working" the 4 hours a week are at www.4find4script.com


 Existing $49.95/month Pros


 Existing $49.95/month Pro members can stay at that level and receive all of the discount benefits but without receiving the Free vStream or Free products at the end of 6 months.


At any time, $49.95/month Pro members  can select the $68.50/month “Free” pro plus level.



Thanks and join us for the rest of the year on Tuesday at 9pm EST for our live webinar at www.vsWebinar.com .

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