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See index of all 4find4 series of videos and others at

See index of all 4find4 series of videos and others at

Upgrade to Pro Plus advantages - Bob Bremner at Convention and Bob Peterson explanation
See testimony and other convention videos at the group of videos at the end of this page.

Big Convention announcement for all existing Free Members and Pro Members. Go to you back office to take advantage of this.

All the bennefits of the Pro Plus are now free. See videos above and below for details.

Don't miss even one month to get your free $411 vStream (with shipping) or $411 of the great health products.

You get hese ever 6 months to cover the cost of your Pro Plus membership.

Start your 6 month "Free Vsteam Rewards" program now.

Your vouluntary Pro Plus upgrade is only $18.50/month more or $68.50/month and in every 6 month cycle you get product worth $68.50/month (sell your vSream for $411 with shipping or your health products or use them).

$411/6 = $68.50/month.


Your other Free Bennefits are:


Qualified for 30% of Fast Start Commissions.

Buy a vStream for $199 not $399

Buy health products at 50% off

Meet the first qualividavtion for income to infinity in the unilevel.

Use the 110% price difference garantee travel.

Shop wiht phone app with discounts at over 300,000 stores and vendors.

Existing pros can stay at $49.95 but will recive no free vStream and and ability to make the $49.95 part free.

For only $18.50/month more be pro plus and get all of these bennefits. That is only $111 more for all of the huge value.


To see other convention videos and to send new people who will be do the Pro Plus see go to   





First Time in Network History. Your groups will really grow with "No out of Pocket" Expense.

What a great announcement this is

for the huge growth of your downlines.


By Independent Distributor - Bob Peterson.


This is a huge new “Rewards Program”.


Pro Distributors will want to upgrade to Pro Plus very soon and keep their memberships and go to work very fast.*


Free Distributors will want to become Pro Plus Distributors very soon and keep their memberships and go to work very fast.




Current Pro Distributors:


Pro Plus Distributors will receive a new vStream every 6 months as long as they are continuously a Pro Plus member with this new "Rewards Program".


This Free vStream has a $411 retail value  including shipping. If the Pro Plus Distributor sells this Free vStream they will recover all of their 6 months of Pro Plus membership.


$411/6 = $68.50/month


So a Pro who upgrades to Pro Plus will be spending $18.50/month more. This means the Free vStream will cost with shipping 6x$18.50 = $111. And this comes every 6 months.


What a great value and even a way for new Distributors to have a way to actually get a vStream with “sort of “ a financing program. And it will be a current model vStream.


See how our team will be presenting the Pro Plus Pro Perks Discount Membership to new prospects starting December 5th 2015. See the convention videos at 


There will be no Pro autoships processed December 1 to 10 to allow current Pro members to upgrade to Pro Plus members before December 10th to kink off the 6 month rewards running clock.


A pro could wait to upgrade to Pro Plus in January, February or later but that will just delay the receipt of the Free vStream by one to several months.


Some current pro members might even find someone to partner with them for the extra $18.50/month to get that vStream for only $111.


What a great opportunity and so many of your downline Pros will now be loyal Downline Pro Plus Distributors and be going to work with in-home demonstrations and other advertising to make those $200/order commissions.


Current “Free Distributors”:


Free Distributors in your downline will now have a new great incentive to go to work and make $200/order.


By simply being a Pro Plus Member they now have a great way to get a vStream and one every 6 months with very little monthly cost.


They will now have a vStream to go to work with in home demonstrations. For example, 5 people at a party and 3 buy generates $600 of commissions.


Advertising and phone work with internet video presentations will lead to orders but nothing as fast a in-home demonstrations.


This works almost like a finance program for only $68.50/month.


If Pro Plus Distrubutor were to sell the $411 value vStram this would pay their full Pro Plus membership for 6 months. $411/6 = $68.50/month.


Free Distributors who upgrade now get all of the advantages of Pro membership: Purchase vStreams as low as $199/unit, 50% off on health products, 110% price differance guarantee travel, shopping app for their phone for discounts at over 300,000 local vendors, Capture Pages and training and much more to come.


On the commission side:


The Pro Plus member gets the full $200 commissions for orders - paid weekly.


Full qualification for personal CV in the infinity deep “9 level no breakaway” unilevel pay plan.


And Customer Acquisition bonuses (Fast Start) moving form 20% to 30%.


As all of the Free Members in your group upgrade to Pro Plus just look at how the 4 find 4 chart might actually fill out and be stable:



 *Existing Pro members who don’t want to upgrade now keep all of the same great benefits that they now have but do not have the great new benefit of the Free vStream

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