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Simple - Simple - Simple- Simple- Simple


Take these videos to heart to know that you have


arrived at your business destination.



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With our 17-year-old company, just work as little as 4 hours a week gathering at least 2 “No’s” a day with our process and you have the mathematical potential with our “Virtually Free” $68.50/month Pro discount product of making over $6 million/month*

Along the way, as you are gathering your 2 "No's" a day to build to the high monthly residual income, you make over $100 upfront weekly paid checks as people order our products.

This super simple process, that requires no training, just execution, works because you run across Heavy Hitters who bring big groups with them into your group and you get a 20% match of the monthly residual checks that each of your personal referrals receives.

In addition, you can qualify to get a 10% check match of each of the many checks of each of their distributors 4 levels deep into the structure of each of your personal referrals. This is a lot of matching checks.

Plus you can qualify to receive even more, including matching their monthly residual income over 90%, 8 levels deep in their structure and they can push you to the $50,000 leadership bonus. You and your team will find these Heavy Hitters.

But don't study. Don't wait. You should begin today, even before you go to bed, to get 2 people to tell you "NO - I don't want to look at your company videos."

Do this daily with our 2 “NO’s” a day using our 2 magic videos and you will become rich as long as you don't quit.

Call the person who sent you to see our magic product videos.



You are only one distributor away from an explosion

(C5B Master)

Please Listen to


The ones who ask this question the most make the most money.

Also See:







(UN nxrglobal pw vstream)

Work as little as 4 hours a week following our simple system and our team guarantees you will develop over a 5 figure residual income.

"Do a demo a week to reach your peak and

call your sponsor once a week"

www.WeeklyInHomeDemo.com for the vStream and/or


For the Health Products.

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This Site is By an Independent Distributor of the 16 year old NXRGlobal/vStram Company. * This chart is explained, with no out of pocket expense, at www.4find4payplan.com

This 4 find 4 example chart develops Changes from $710,000/month into over $6,000,000/month* with onl6 3 of 5 Generations of Chaeck Matching cheks included.


In this chart I am placing Members on my uplines (call my upline Mary) level 2 in which my upline needs 16 Pro workers for their chat to build down as demonstrated.

I do not stop Mary from getting 16 on her 2nd level even is I only contribute Zero, one, two or three.

This is important to understand - Out of Mary's 4 or more  working pros on her 1st level they only need to average finding enough pros to give 16 working Pros on


This chart becomes possible because I don't stop the growth of my uplines level 2 growth to 16 the 4 that each person finds becuase I may only


Now to get a fast start making $200 per order with no out of pocket expense and build an unlimited residual income with no out of pocket expense.


The chart above is explained in detail at www.4find4payplan.com


Before reviewing this site on how to get started right away, you should have seen a live or recorded webinar at www.4find4webinar.com. You may have also seen the great 6 minute video on unlimited residual income possibilities at www.4find4payplan.com


A recorded or live webinar gives you background to why over 400 Members are calling into each of our Tuesday and Thursday Webinars at 9pm EST and our Saturday Training Webinar at 11AM ESt. www.vsWebinar.com with recordings at www.4find4Webinar.com 


www.4find4.info is so powerful.


You should know that the Webinars concentrate on the value of being a Pro Member but this site has more of a concentration on everyone starting as a "Working" Free Member by saving the money to buy a vStram to demonstarte at the $199/month level and then changing the autoship back to zero if during the first 30 days of demoing the vStream once a month they don't get an order. , get a vStream a monthand using the 1st sale of the vStream to fund the $68.50 Pro Discount Package. This provides the "no out of pocket expenase ever" system because of the first $131.50 net commission earned by a "Working" Free Member.


But you are asked not to be a "Working" Free Member unless you commit to do the simple advertizing with a car sign or other signs and flyers that we are going to discuss.


It just dosn't make sense to be a Free Member and do nothing.


If you do these simple contact and advertizing steps, working as little as 4 hours a week following our system, you are guaranteed, over time, to develop a 5 figure monthly residual income.



A very good process for each of your "Working" Free Members to become active and make $200 per order without any out of pocket expense is to start adverting with the simple ideas on this page and to start calling the people they know to let them know what is going on so they don’t buy a vStream from anyone else.


This fast start advertising activity could be started even before your new "Working" Free Member buys a box themselves to demonstrate in homes or in home "cut the cable parties”.


The 16 year old NXRGlobal/vStream company has 3rd party companies with professional looking signs and business cards.


But in my opinion you don’t have any better results by paying higher cost for these higher cost advertising materials.


We recommend using the lower cost advertising signs and flyers discussed below.


The low cost flyer displayed below is also your business card. These can be ordered at your local or on line Staples or Office Depot or printer.


The key to a fast start and making $200 commissions without any out of pocket expense ever, is to get people to give you comments on the generic team site that we have developed to be used by both "Working" Free and some "Working" Pro Members.


This site has good videos discussing the vStream Media Center.


This site is: www.FreeCableNews.com .


"Working" Pro Members can also use a "Working" Pro “Customer only site which also does not discuss price” but for "Working" Pro’s this site has the "Working" Pro’s phone number and email. This Pro Customer site is demonstrated as a video on www.4find4.info on the side panel.


But you should not wait to be a "Working" Pro before getting started with your advertising using www.FreeCableNews.com


You may like www.FreeCableNews.com  so well that you continue using it even after you own the Pro Discount package and have you special Pro Customer site.


The www.FreeCableNews.com site tells the prospect to call the person who sent them. The site dose not discuss price or have an ordering link. It creates curiosity to drive the prospect to call you.


When the prospect ask what do you mean by "Free Cable???" you can ask them to call you after they see the 3 minute video at www.FreeCableNews.com.


If you need to say anything you can say that there is a minature computer called the vStream Media Center that they attach to their TV with no monthly fees and it uses the internet to bring in over 100,000 movies and recorded TV programs and considerable live programing as well. Some people cut all of thier TV bill. Some keep basic TV. So it depends on how free you want to get. We can talk more after you watch the videos at www.FreeCableNews.com  .


It you need more help in answering a given prospect you can get your sponsor to help answer more questions with you on a 3 way call. 


When the prospect ask for the cost of the vStream Media Center ask them how much they are paying for the TV part of their cable bill everymonth. Then ask them to go to your Customer ordering site to see priceing options and more about the vStream and order or call you with more questions.


All  "Working"Free and  "Working" Pro Members have one of these Customer ordering web sites. They have the address www.myvs2.com/(your user name)


If the prospect thinks the price is too high, you can offer a personal rebate that you are offering for this week. You could offer to send them $25 or $50 after delivery of thier unit that they buy at full retail. You can take the $25 or $50 for the rebate out of your net $131.50 first sale commission or $200 commission. 


If the prospect really needs money you can ask them how they would like to make $200 per order of the vStream Media Center when someone orders one of them from their own free web site.


If they are interested, send them to www.4find4.info for how this process works. Have them call you back with comments.


Then send them to you signup site to be a Free Working Member or Pro Working Member. This signup site for Free and Pro Distributors has this form for the address: www.vstreamtv.com/(your user name)


This is how our pay cycle works so that you never have any out of pocket expense.


On your first sale as a free distributor you will receive a $200 commission on the Friday after the week of the sale. Our pay cycle weeks are form Friday to Friday.


Your only requirement to receive this $200 commission on this Friday after the week of the sale is to pay $50 for your Pro Discount package by this Friday after the week of the sale. You always have 7 to 14 days to be pro depending when in the week the sale was made.


So you pay $50 and you receive $200. If you don’t “Become Pro” you get 20% of the commission value (CV) of the vStream or $15 rather than $200. The $200 will “roll up” or be paid to your 1st upline pro sponsor.


So on this 1st order you are $150 ahead. $200 – minus $50.


For the next 30 days you are a Pro and receive the full $200 for every order.


So any rebate you would pay the customer, if this were your 1st sale, would come out of your $150 net ($200 - $50) .


This is an industry setting “no out of pocket ever expense” system also develops unlimited monthly residual income.


How this unlimited monthly residual income develops is discussed at the video at www.4find4payplan.com .


This high upfront commission and unlimited monthly residual income system is designed to provide  a “Family Legacy” long term residual income that can be passed in the family for long into the future.


Pro members will always gladly pay their $50/month discount service cost becuse if saves them so much money. They can buy their vStreams at over $100 discount and save hundreds on their everyday purchases and be always qualified for full $200 up front commissions and monthly residual incomes.



The monthly residual incomes are stable for the long haul because the 16 year old NXRGlobal/vstream Company has a discount membership concept that involves members getting an increasing group of discounts on products and services as Pro Members.


So we are not dependent on any changes in the market place related to the demand for any given product and service because or long term residuals come largely from a share of the Pro Membership Discount Product from all the Pro Members in our group.


To get a fast start on making $200 Up Front commissions I recommend going to Staples and getting an 11x17 laminated sign to tape on the inside of your window – cost $3 B&W, $5 Color.


You can also get one laminated sign to carry with you and lay on counters when you are checking out at stores or eating at restaurants ect. This causes some people who see the sign laying there to be curious and ask questions.


You can also tape one of you $3 -$5 laminated sings to a blank sign for a yard sign. The blank signs are $4 from Home depot.


This is a $3 laminated sign taped to the inside window of a car.


 This is a $5 laminated sign taped to a $4 blank yard sign with a metal stake.



This is an alternate magnetix sign for your car from Staples or Vista Print for about $20. Please no web site. Only your phone number:

For a flyer and a business card use the 2 or 3 lines below and print 3 or 4 per page and cut.


Have the one with the web site and phone number for people who you talk to about the vStream.


Have the one with only your phone number for posting on bulletin boards, in print ads, on cars, doors etc.


Flyer One: (3 or 4 per page) (When talking to people)


Do you like your

TV Bill?

Save $50/month.


(555) 555-5555


Flyer Two (3 or 4 per page) (for placement on bulletin boards, print adds, cars, doors and leave laying around.)


Do you like your

TV Bill?

Save $50/month.

(555) 555-5555

Only Read a part of this Text Box but see the other videos on the products below.




There is no need to read below until you are ready for some addtional more advanced maketing if you have time. But always be doing the simple things above to make the $200 per sale commissions above with no out of pocket expense.


Sample email to send to customers that you don't want to recruit:



This will blow your mind:


A 16 year old company has a product that is proving to be very popular in a billion dollar market.


People spend so much for cable or satellite TV programing, going to movies, buying and renting DVDs and recording movies and TV programs.


Block Buster went, Red box is going and now streaming technology is coming.


This is like having a Free Red Box machine in your home with over 50,000 movies and no monthly fee. And live TV plus over 50,000 recorded TV programs with no commercials.


See the best streaming technology box on the market with absolutely no month fees to allow so much entertainment and even the ability to cut some or all of your monthly TV watching bill.


Please see the video at www.freecablenews.com  because it discusses price and you want the curiosity for your prospects to call you to get the price and how to order.


Please call with any questions.


(put in your name and phone number)




Sample email or text message for recruiting.

Put in your own data.


This will blow your mind:

 1. A 16 year old company has a product that is proving to be very popular in a billion dollar market.

2. Free Distributors tape a simple $3 laminated sign to the rear window of their automobile and receive $200 commission for each order of the product with a minor qualification.

3. Many satisfied customers desire to receive the $200 commissions and this leads to a growing group of qualified distributors and huge potential monthly residual incomes. And huge income starts so simply with Free Distributors with a $3 laminated sign taped to the rean windos of their car.

4. This marketing concept will keep the residuals intact even in the ever changing market. This allows for a reliable retirement and a legacy that can be passed to the family.


See the video on the product at: www.freecablenews.com  



You must then grasp the huge residul incomes that build up by many Free Distributors wanting to make $200 commission per sale with "no out of pocket expense ever".


See www.4find4.info for detail.


 See a recorded Webinar at www.4find4webinar.com .


See why over 600 people are logging into one of our live Webianrs on Tuesday and Thursday Evening.


Listen to a live or recorded webinar. The recorded webinar is at www.4find4webinar.com or 559-670-1157.

The live webinars are on Tuesday or Thrusday evening at 9pm at www.vswebianr.com or 701-801-1220 pin 898-601-050# .



Sign up for free to see your back office and how to begin making $200 per order commissions with "no out of pocket expense  ever"




Please call me for the free signup link. 





Put in your own name and phone number  



Stop Here!!!

Don't Read beyound

this point.


Stop because the rest of this page is a lot of detrail about other ways to get orders for your vstream to make $200 per order. It takes time to read and digest and we don't want you to think this is a complicated business. Just do the above and you will make a lot of money anyway.


More Help To Make Money.

Read when you have time.


We have a stratagy, explained in the above video at www.4find4.info, for Free Distributors to buy a $3 laminated sign to tape to the inside rear window of car and make $200/order after people to the the posted web site and see the demonstration of the vStream.


In this document, we will explain our teams very economical approach for distributors to start making money and growing their group very fast.


Income growth to over 5 figure residual is guaranteed by our team as long as the distributor works as little as 4 hours a week following our simple process.


At this point you will have seen some of the live webinars at 9pm Est on Tuesday and Thursday evening. These are at www.vswebinar.com . If not a live then you may have seen a recorded webinar. We have some at www.4find4webinar.com and to listen while you are a passenger in a car at 559-670-1157.


Following is a list of simple 1st steps. We will then give a few very economical advertising and prospecting suggestions using our team’s generic site www.FreeCableNews.com or your customer capture page and your phone number.


Simple 1st Steps:


Coming Out Letters and Calls:


A first step before making and purchasing advertising material should be to let everyone you know that you are now in business and ask everyone you know to comment on your capture pages or our Generic site at www.FreeCableNews.com or if you are a Pro comment on your personal selling page that looks like this www.exampleProSellingPage.com 


When your contacts hear about Streaming in the future from someone else they will think of you and your videos. A stranger will not have the chance to serve them and save them money because they know you are in the streaming business and will come back to you.




If you buy a vStream you should hold in-home demonstrations for nearby relatives, friends and neighbors. After the demonstration give them your customer site to order www.myvs2.com/yourusername .

As a pro you will make an outstanding $200/order.


Now to do advertising:

Automobile Signs: (important see www.4find4.info)


Flyers are your business cards. See www.4find4.info.



Yard and Road signs. See www.4find4.info





Print advertising:

You can post the same 3 lines from your sign in print adds in newspapers, magazines and other places but don’t say anything about the vStream or opportunity. Just say “Free Cable??? and your phone number”.


Flyer hand out to people you come in contact with every day:


Just ask them to look at your website and give you their comments. In some cases you can gather their email and phone number so you can answer questions and to let them know when there will be a demonstration in their area.


Calling campaign to networkers and other

business people:


Just ask their voice message machines to give you their comments on our opportunity video. Give them www.freecablenews.com or after you are a pro your personalized demonstration page that looks like this www.exampleprosellingpage.com .


Work through a list of 50 prospects - 4 times and then move on to a new list of 50. Send an email followed up by a voice message request to give you their comments. Call each person on the list 4 times spread out over a week or two working as little as 4 hours a week.


Then go on to a new list.


Success is totally guaranteed as long as you never quit doing this process and emailing you working upline with a summary of the comments once a week.

See All Of The Text Boxes Below. See the Flyer in this Text box and the Road/Yard signs, Auto Decals and T Shirts in the text box below.

Addtional Scripts when hading a flyer to a prospect:


These flyers can be handed to a prospect with a variety of scripts or placed on windshield wipers or taped to door handles or stacked up in a place where people will pick them up or posted on community bulletin boards. Or put into newspaper or magazine advertising with no additional words.


These are some of the statements that can be made to a prospect when handing them the flyer:


Option One Selling: Can I get your comments on my company’s information at this site?


Option Two Selling: This web site shows you how you can have the equivalent of a free Red Box Machine in your home with no monthly fees and even cut your cable or satellite bill by as much as $180/month or if you don’t have a cable or satellite bill how you can see over 100,000 movies and TV Shows without commercials just like someone who does have a cable bill. Would you give me your comments after you see the 3 minute video?


Option Three Recruiting: This web site has a short video about a box that people can buy to attach to their TV to save as much as $180/month on Cable bills, going to movies and buying DVD’s . When you send someone to your own free web site and they buy you make $200 up front with the potential of great monthly residual income. Could I get your comments after you watch the 3 minute video at www.FreeCableNews.com 


Option to gather email and phone number of the prospect:


In some cases you may even say “give me your email and I can send you information on how I can set a free web site that allows you to make referral income. What is your email Mary? “


After you get the email you can say “What is your cell number Mary?”.


Then with this information you can contact them, send more information and take them to www.vstreamtv.com to signup for free and get their free web sites.


Then after the new free member has been on a live webinar or see the recorded webinars on www.4find4webinar.com they will quickly upgrade to pro to go to work a few hours a week.

Order at least one of these Signes. See Script below on what to say when people call from your sign. $200/sale from your customer site.

Scripts when someone calls from the sign or Automobile Laminated sign:

With this sign, some people will ask “What do you mean by Free Cable”. 

You can say – The question is how close to free do you want with our great entertainment package? 

Let me have your email and I will get the information to you on how close to fee you can get and how to order if you want to. (they give their email.) And your name is?........ Thanks Mary. Is this the best phone number for you that you called me on? Yes . Thanks Mary. I will also send you a link to order if you would like to own a vStream.

Some may ask, how much does it cost? You should say, how much are you paying for Cable TV? They say $80/month. You say that is over $800/year. Do you use Netflix or Red Box? –Ans. Yes - More savings there. To answer your question, your unit gives way more entertainment and no monthly fees and no more going to Red Box as you will see and is only $399 one time, no monthly fees. You own it. Can I get your email to send you information and how to order if you want to and keep you posted when we do a demonstration in our area? 

If they say they don’t have cable TV you can say, now you can get the entertainment, movies, most seasons and episodes of TV and much more and no Red Box or Netflix fees just like the people who have cable TV but you will have no monthly fees. All you need is internet access. All this for only $399 one time. Can I get your email to send the info and how to order if you would like? 

Others will just want your customer web site right away or they may want the name of the company. In that case just give them your customer only site and the videos that our team has posted on www.vstreamcustomer.com or the same info at www.freecable.news . They will order from your customer site and you will make $200. 

Some people will gather names of callers to call them later to have them attend a demonstration meeting that they are planning. You can take their email to let them know when the next demonstration meeting is being held. 

At some point in the above cycle you can be prepared with this answer if you need to give it: 

"How close to free do you want' to get?"  

Answer: Some people like to keep their basic cable and just cut all the premium channels so they have basic TV in every room. Some people don't give up basic TV but enjoy the huge entertainment value of vStream and watch what they want to watch on their schedule. They do not have to TVO any programs and do not have to buy DVDs.

Some people just don't need basic and get full value for their movie and TV habit even without buying basic cable TV service. They learn how to use the live TV streaming features’ of the vStream. They just keep their internet. It is up to every customer to decide.

After people see the video at www.freecable.news they still may have no money to buy so you have the option of showing them how they can get their box for free by joining for free and begin prospecting and then upgrade to pro as soon as they find a custome and earn at the $200/sale level rather than 20% at the $15 level.

NT G11 Travel shop discounts group - 110% price guarantee on travel with the Pro discount Service. Guarnteed to develop over a 5 figure income following our system
* Work 4 hours a week with our Teams Process and you are Guaranteed to develop over a 5 figure income. No Work NO Income.

Peterson Growth Account Balance HIstory showing detail for each dollar generating a $2000/month residual in 7 months.
Pros Get a Powerful Selling page and Recruting Page with their personal name, phone and email. Be a Pro soon. G90