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Work as little as 4 hours a week following our simple system and our team guarantees you will develop over a 5 figure residual income.

"Do a demo a week to reach your peak and

call your sponsor once a week"


for vStream Orders and/or


for vStream and testimonials including - do the business   and/or


For the Health Products


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Bob Peterson, Independent Member of the 17 year old nxrGlobal/vStream Company. www.4find4videonewsletters.com #86


Get this above link to everyone.


By working as little as 4 hours a week our team guarantees that you will develop over a 5 figure residual income following our simple process.


This is because all we do is:


“A demo a week to reach your peak and call your sponsor once a week”


A demo can be the Health products or the vStream. The vStream demo grows your group faster.


A Demo of the vStream is now so simple.



Just hook up the vSteram to a person’s TV and go to the Browser and type in the link to our automatic “in-home” presentation www.WeeklyInHomeDemo.com


It is so economical for Distributors to get a vStream.


Just be a Pro Plus for $199. This includes the vStream and the  1st month pro $68.50 membership and ability to earn the $200 per order from the very 1st order of the month.


Watch the automatic "in-home" demo at www.WeeklyInHomeDemo.com  and then answer questions and go to a video or recorded TV program from the vStream as an extra demo and then take orders.


If people want to work, type in www.4find4.com to see the testimonials from the convention.


And if they have pay plan questions go to www.4find4payplan.com and watch any of the videos there.


People who signup to make money need to log into one of the Tuesday or Thursday vStream Webinars or the Wednesday Health Product Webinars once a week. www.vswebinar.com 9pm EST.


A Demo of the health products can be done by showing the videos and some of the Wednesday night Webinars at www.vStreamhealth.com  . This could include showing the Silver Sol liquid and Gel by going to www.healthyagain.ca  .


If need be, these demos can be done by going to these addresses above on your lap top if you don’t have your vStream handy.


The residual income builds up because we have the $131.50 net commission payed on the first customer order of a month of a vSteam and digital antenna and then $200/order for the rest of the 30 days. The $68.50 from the 1st sale of the month is a split commission paid up line just like in real-estate.


This split commission, paid upline each month, makes our system a residual income system driven by high upfront income.


This upfront income satisfies the urgent need for money and gives time for a person’s group to grow to kick in the potentially very high residual incomes.


With our 5 generation of Matching bonuses and our infinity pay 9 level “no breakaway” unilevel you will see why our team calls  our plan the


 “Push-pull Guaranteed Growth Compensation plan”


--The growth of the unilevel feeds the desire to qualify for deeper Generations of Matching Bonuses by increasing Enrollments and the increased Enrollments feeds the growth of the unilevel--

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