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Great health products at 50% discount

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How to make money with Vstream and Pro Subscription

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This campaingn is for the link

This is the longer version of various processes.

The Simple much shorter apporch for all distributors to follow is at - also know as


Simple - Simple - Simple- Simple- Simple


Take these videos to heart to know that you have


arrived at your business destination.



See our 3 minute process video that sets us apart from all others:






Our two powerful featues:

A reading of this block is at:


With our 17-year-old company, just work as little as 4 hours a week gathering at least 2 “No’s” a day with our process and you have the mathematical potential with our “Virtually Free” $68.50/month Pro discount product of making over $6 million/month*

Along the way, as you are gathering your 2 "No's" a day to build to the high monthly residual income, you make over $100 upfront weekly paid checks as people order our products.

This super simple process, that requires no training, just execution, works because you run across Heavy Hitters who bring big groups with them into your group and you get a 20% match of the monthly residual checks that each of your personal referrals receives.

In addition, you can qualify to get a 10% check match of each of the many checks of each of their distributors 4 levels deep into the structure of each of your personal referrals. This is a lot of matching checks.

Plus you can qualify to receive even more, including matching their monthly residual income over 90%, 8 levels deep in their structure and they can push you to the $50,000 leadership bonus. You and your team will find these Heavy Hitters.

But don't study. Don't wait. You should begin today, even before you go to bed, to get 2 people to tell you "NO - I don't want to look at your company videos."

Do this daily with our 2 “NO’s” a day using our 2 magic videos and you will become rich as long as you don't quit.

Call the person who sent you to see our magic product videos.



Box 0 Doing Demonstrations Downloading Videos to Your Hard Drive as MP4 files.

Doing Demonstrations

Including "Laptop Demonstrations"


Distributors should study the advantages of owning and doing demonstrations of the vStream and health products. 


The various youtube and vimeo videos can be shown on a laptop or tablet. This does use data but they can also be downloaded as MP4 files on the laptop so no internet connection is required. 


 The index at has the links to all our teams videos and web sites . The videos are all YouTube or Vime videos.


Distributors can download these videos onto their laptops as MP4 files and show them during inhome demonstrations, fairs and other meetings. This way access to the internet is not required and money is saved on data usage.


In some cases the MP4 files can be transfered from the computer or laptop hand drive to a "thumb nail drive". The "thumb nail drive" can be carried in the pocket and inserted into the Prospects computer or laptop to do the video demonsteration.


All of these videos are on youtube or vimeo and can be downloaded with free software that can be downladed at his link:


With just these videos and a labtop or a thub nail drive it is possible to do a Demonstration and take orders for the VStream during the week.


This is easier than in the olden days of door to door encyclopedia and vacume cleaner sales. Just look at the educatonal content. For example look at this video:


The 1 year warenty that the company offers makes the sale even easier.


Free VStream Customer Refferal Program to Make Even More Sales


Let the customer know that for every warm market referral that purchases a VStream at the Customer Price, one Referral customer point is accumulated.


When the referring customer has 4 points they will receive a free Vstream from purchased by the selling distributor. The selling distributor will have made $800 so the net profit is $600.


Some of the referrals may order at the Distributor “Starter Pack Price” of $299.


This pays a $100 commission paid to the selling distributor on the Friday following the week of the sale.


This counts as .5 points toward the number of points required for the free VStream to be earned by the reffering customer. At the selling distributor option the free VStream could be provided at 3.5 points if the new distributor is really a working distributor.


This is a good way for the Customer to acquire enough VStreams to cover all of their in home TVs so that the customer can easily cut the cord on all monthly TV bills in the home.


Capture Pages

Pro Perks members can order free “capture pages” for marketing purposes if they would like to use them. A signup link for these is in the back office of the Pro member. You are also then a member of the Pro Perks mailing list.

For those who would like to use it, there is also a paid automatic prospecting system in each person's back office called MLM Recruit on Demand.


Work as Little as 4 Hours a Week to Become Rich with our "Dial and Text" system

as long as you never quit.


With our process we use 2 "Magic Videos" : This is what customers see with no pricing information at our Magic Product Video and this is what networkers see to make money we have our Magic Opportunity Video  


We get people to watch the video by using 2 Magic Questons that are listed on


We provide access systems to tens of thousands of phone numbers of networkers so distributors just go to work Texting or dialing. As long as a distributor works as little as 4 hours a week texting and dialing the downline will grow very well. see 


As the residuals are building up from the “Free” pro perks discount product (see history document below) distributors earn $100 and $200 upfront commissions paid weekly. These come from the orders of the VStream and/or distributors selecting the $580 value starter pack. The cost of this is only $299. The Distributor now has a VStream to use and to demonstrate bring in more $200 and $100 commissions.


So study  and begin the 4 hours of work a week. Post the number of nos at


These are sites to explain the dial and text for no concepts.  and


This is a great 5 minute video on the power of our concept and pay plan.


Box 1 Free Leads and Lead Sources for your Text Message process to Become Rich

To First go to to a list of the names of over 3000 network companies.


Then put one of these names in the networker search engine at . This will give you the link to hundreds of web sites of networkers. Regrive the Name and phone number and call to ask "Magic Question #1. See below.


Here is another sounces to buy leads:

Why Finding "Nos" works . Zero to $40,000/month in 12 months in a tough network

Magic Question #1:

Ms. Mary Smith, this is (Your Name) . I see that you have a home based business.  I just have a quick question if you can text me back?  [Wait for a Yes or a No before asking your Magic Question #2. To imporve your response rate, leave a voice message at the same phone number - "Mary, This is (your name). I sent you a text with a question if you could text me back. Thanks." ]


Magic Question #2

My question is: " Mary, is it possible at this time you might be open to taking a look at a winning opportunity? And if your answer is yes, I'll be more than happy to text you some free information." [Wait for a response. They may ask questions. You can say "Mary your questions are answered, better and faster than I can answer them in the links I can send you. Would you like to receive the information by email or text?]


Send the Magic Video if they don't have questions:

"Mary, please watch our short Magic Videos. This is what customers see about our main product at   This a Webinar attended by about 1000 on one of our Thursday Webinars. It discusses how we get paid and how you can start to work for free and buy your VStream at a discount to use and Demo when you are ready.   

After you see our material, this is the link to my website for you to get started for free and get your 3 free personalize web sites .

My link is  

Thanks (your name)"


Send the Magic Video if they have questions:

"Mary, most of your questions are answered at the information that I will be sending you. (send the informaition like above)


For people who text you back and say “no I am not interested", Text them Back and say:

"Thanks for responding to my text Mary, you are number 10. Have a great day."

(Don't leave your link or a video link becuas they said no and it is illegal to leave the links. Mary may want to know what "number 10" means and that could change her mind to be curious about what we are doing.)


Please watch our 3 minute power video at 


Please see our Welcome letter at  and the index to all of our sites at  

Then start gathering "No's" each day as a totally free distriburtor or as a pro distributor.
With as little as 4 hours of work a week gathering "Nos" and you will make $100 and $200/order of our "no monthly fee" VStream TV Box. At your option, the VStream can replace some or all your monthly fees that you may have with you current set top box.
If you and your team never stop, you will also develop over a 5 figure residual income with our "Free" $68.50/month Pro Discount product.
Let your sponsor know if you read this and when you and each of your personal downline can start gathering and posting, on average, 2 No's a day.
Post your daily "No" cont  at 

The processes for getting the phone numbers of prospects for free and gathering No's by text and/or phone are at

Box 2 See the 2 Magic qestions and the Magic Video for your daily search for nos at Box Below.
Our Duplication Process
Sets Us Apart From the Competition!!
"When Each of your downline averages only 2 nos a day you will become rich."
See what we expect from each distributor to reamain active at
 This means everyone is in Business every day and being successful and everyone will develop a downline guaranteed. Failure is impossible.
Most people can't personally close the Yeses and they become discouraged.
But if they concentrate on the No Count each day they know that they are succeeding.
When they keep it up, they will Find Yeses, who go to work automatically, because they are closed by the webinars and other video material.
Success is guaranteed by only Texting and dialing and posting the No count each day for as long as it takes.
Major Characteristics of Our Program that Sets Us Apart from the Competition Include:
1. Sizzle products;
2. The daily posting of 2 NOs per distributor on average. This can be done with as little as 4 hours of work a week;
3. Go to work for free, and always free, with our "Free" $68.50/month Pro Perks Discount product;
4. It is worth building a large downline because the "Free" $68.50/month Pro Perks Discount product will be with us for hundreds of years to assure stability of growing residual income;
5. The "Free" $68.50/month Pro Perks Discount product will be with us for hundreds of years because of its value. Its value is independent of product changes that the company will be force to make years from now, because of changing technology and price competition;
6. Distributors and "Wholesale Shoppers" will purchase the "Free" $68.50/month Pro perks discount product and other products because their value, even if they never plan to work and post "Nos". This produces long term stability;
7 . $100 and $200 upfront Weekly pay Checks;
8. The Highest monthly residual income in the industry from a "Free $68.50/month discount product - for example, in a 12 level deep 4 find 4 example the income is over $6 million/month;
9. Distributors sponsor additional members to be awarded with check matches deeper in the unilevel, up to 5 levels deep. This drives the fill of the infinity deep 9 level "no breakaway unilevel. This brings very high residual income;
10. As the unilevel fills, there are Leadership bonuses of up to $100,000.
Never give in--never, never, never, never, (Winston Churchill 1941 )
Box 4 Our Main Obama Marketing sites

(2016-04-30 dialandtext)

Get in on the leading edged of the wealth transfer that is just begining in the $2.2 Trillion Cable industry

as it is  deregulated .


Our "Go TO" marketing videos that you give to people after they say Yes in our Text for "Nos" process are listed below.


These videos may be all that you ever need to become wealthy.


1. Our "Magic" Video Nicol's "The World Gone Streaming" video followed by the vStream Cartoon video and the vStream set to music. No Pricing information to encourage curiosity call backs. Presicent Obama's Deregulation Plans video is posted below.


2. Obama Deregulation video followed by vstream demo with no pricing information so that you get curiosity call backs. 


3. Obama Deregulatiion video follewed by vStream demo with some mention of the business oportunity, no cost information.


4. Obama Deregulation video with Links under the video to full recorded webinars and more. A complete "answer your questions site to use when people ask questios.

Box 5 This promise is delivered over and over again to many people who don't quit contacting people. Our method of texting 2 Magic questions is the key.

Box 6 Please post your No Count everyday and become Rich

Can you tell me how many Nos you got Today? That is the trick, to visulize how to finally become wealthy using the huge power of networking.


Box 7 Becomeing Rich 101

Becoming Rich 101 using the Carleen Landers's “Hand” graphics, the Obama Video on Deregulation of the Cable indusdry and the very simple text messages, followed by a phone call, to unlimited free leads of networers, Real-estate Agents and other business people.

(Note: it is important for this process to have a face book account so tht you can list your "Nos" count for the day and week. Some must keep their business activinty private so they need to set up a competly private account so thier boss and others do not see thier activity. This is done as instructed in the short video by Charleen Landers at Box 11 below. Then post your "No's" count at .)



How to get the unlimited free leads is discussed on   No more problem with “who do I talk to”.


Please commit this page to memory. It is also posted at the top of


The graphics below is great for posting on social sites with you name, email and phone , or posting on bulletin  boards or handing out.


When people have an interest after seeing the graphic hand out or from the text you sent them you then send them to . This is the Obama deregulation video with out sample webinars.


You also send them your signup site and tell them that if they like what they see to signup for free to get their 3 free sites. You will you will then show them the process to develop over a 5 figure income texting as little as 4 hours a week.


The short messages that you will be texting with a follow up notification voice message  and the process is described at 


When they sign up you will also send them  so they have more background.


Then they will be listing a count of their "Nos" each day on .


When they average as little as 4 hours of texting, with a quick alert to thier vocie mail, each day they will earn $100 and $200 up front checks and develop over a 5 figure residual income as long as they and their team never stop.


The $100 and $200 upfront checks, paid weekly, come as people order the VStream's as customers or order the Distributor Starter pack. This provides upfront money as the residuals from the growing group of distributors and “Wholesale Shoppers” increases.


Some will order 2 vStreams to have and extra one to lend to friends. The friends will then want to order one and even provide the name of someone else who should receive the loaner that they were using.


Box 8 You will earn upfron income and growing residaul income as long as you never stop texting with a phone reminder the Magic Question 1 and 2 below and/or posting graphics like this or handing out flyers with face to face interacion.

"If you can send Text Messages and can commit to JUST 4 Hours per week, I can provide you training that can lead you to a 5 figure income. If you are ready to Text and Commit send me a message for more information".
Charleen Landers says: This is My advertisement for the evening on facebook (see picture above) , I already had 10 people ask for info in the past 5 minutes... Now I am getting my tail kicked on people responding on facebook groups tonight, I have had about 50 responses so far.... and then - oh my I am still responding to people (this evening). I have now responded to almost 200 people
Charleen's (Diamond Director In the Making)
30 Text Messages sent
4 No
15 yes
No response from the remainder yet
Spent the rest of that day following up with over 400 responses from my Saturday evening Facebook post (using the "Hand holding the Phone") .
Added 2 great Team members



Box 9 You can get 2 "No's" a day on average using this flyer.

This flyer is at the file tab at the top of the dialandtextforno face book page. Download and put in your own name. 


Box 10 See other training videos at

See other Training Videos at  

See annoucement letter to all of your friends so they don't buy from someone else. Box15 and 16 below

Box 11 Play this short video to see what is on this site and how to become rich Texting for "No" a few hours a week. Beliver us

In the past 12 months, Charleen Landers has sponsored directly over

300 distributors. Listen as she shares.


Watch this video to Learn More about this web site and how to become rich working as little as 4 hours a week by sending out a text question to

Network Marketers and other businesses who are advertizing.

Learn More





Box 12 Introduction
(2016-05-06 vA dialText)
International Director Factory
There are several ways to earn $100 and $200 weekly pay upfront income checks followed by the natural growth of true monthly residual income. In this process most people who you are recruting will see our generic site . People who, at first, will only be customers will see or
This income will come, guaranteed, with consistent weekly work of as little as 4 hours per week.
A foundation for upfront income is the actual demonstration of the VStream or health products in the home or at meetings or events. see how people do this at
But beyond this, it is important to concentrates on one of the simple ways for growth called “Dial and Text For No”.
With this process, you will be an "International Director in Training".
As your group builds, your residual incomes will increase to the full time income level at International Director. (See details of the pay plan at ) These average between $2000 to $3000/month and if you are selling vStreams as well, could be as high as $6000/month or higher.
The purpose of the very Simple "Dial and Text For No" process is to have all distributors in your downline active forever.
"International Directors in Training" begin with this very simple and effective "Dial and Text for No" process.
As a distributor's group grows, knowledge is gained and some distributors are tempted to advance to using other techniques to accelerate the "Dial and Text process". They do this with Facebook and email marketing, including or not including using capture pages and use of automaic dialers. When you use these systems you must know the spam rules and Facebook rules so that you are not operating with the chance of getting fines or being excluded from using Facebook. 
We prefer the manual dial and text systems discussed here such as the use of the web site to find web sites of networkers and business people or the purchase of Geneology Leads as discussed below.
It is critical, however, that your new "International Directors in Training" do not take the time to learn how to use these automated systems but manually begin to use the process of Texting, with an alert phone message, the 2 "Magic questions" discussed below.
With the simple Texting and Dialing For No process your growing group is likeley to find a potential International Didrector, at any depth in only 2 of your many legs. These 2 International Dirctors will drive your group volume to the $50,000 one time leadership bonus and your residual income to over $30,000/month.
So in this case you never did need to be an "advanced" automatic dialer type of person. You found that capability anyway with people in your downline. This is one of the promises on networking and it will happen to you as long as you put in your time, even with the simple manual "Dial and Text" system.
It is the desire that counts. See the video by Les Brown once a week. It is at  In is the number of "Nos" recorded that counts. It is duplication that counts (what your downline can and will do) Not the sophistication of the technique. See this video By Expert Eric Worre 
So "International Directors In Training"  get your feet wet and get your  "Nos" so that growth begins to occur. There are millions of "Nos" waiting out there. So Don't wait. Don't study. Go get your share of the available "Nos".
See the size of the Market at
As your group grows, with you texting every day, you are showing your count of "No's" to your growing downline and they are encouraged to never quit with their own 4 hours of work a week. This growth is the promise of networking and the "Magic" of duplication.
If your group has 100 people "Texting for No" monthly, 4 hours/week,  then with the magic of duplication, next month, your group could well have 200 people. This is because the 4 hours of texting work from each of the 100 could easily bring in one new  "Distributor In Training" for each of your 100.
This is a major duplication principle:
"When Each Of Your Downline Averages Only 2 NOs A Day You Will Become Rich"
In some cases, a few of the 100 new distributors could have the capability, because of their past experiences in business or intense desire, to rapidly advance to the Full Time International Director position. This is what we mean when we say 
But it will never work without your example and your post of your "No" Count on 
Your activity and the activity of your groups will be exposing many of the millions of network Marketers to the two “Magic Questions” below and the one “Magic Video” at 
We show you, below at  see how to get unlimited phone numbers of networkers for free.
This is the whole ball of wax: Two "Magic Questions" and One "Magic Video" . What could be simpler?
In Summary, when you “Dial and Text For No” consistently, week after week and year after year, for as little as 4 hours a week, you will find distributors who will become International Directors in our rank advancement system. They will drive your residual income, with our unique pay plan design, to unbelievably high residual income levels, as is now happening for many.
You can modify the two “Magic Questions” slightly to ask them of Real Estate Agents, Insurance Salesman of all types, Finance and Security Salesman and managers, Retail Managers, managers and supervisors in any business.
You can pick up business cards of these people everywhere. You can find their web sites everywhere.
Box 14 See two "Magic Questions" below

Box 15 Never Never Never Never Give up. (Winston Churchhill)

How many Nos did you take as a Child?


Box 16 Our Challange to You.

(2016-04-15 vA DialandText)

Our Challange To YOU

History shows that your group growth comes to a grinding halt if the new people in your group don't have an easy job assignment that will lead to upfront and long term residual income.


Your assignment, as a new person, is to work a minimum of 4 hours a week "Dialing and/or Texting For Nos" and posting your count of Nos for the week on our Facebook page on Thursdays. In addition, you may do an occasional Demonstration in your home or meeting.


What are you waiting for? Your "Diamond under the rock" is just one rock away.


You are just one Distributor away from an explosion. That is, finding a new recruit that has a following of hundreds or thousands of people who will follow them right away into your group or who will buy the products right away.


But you will never find the International Directors unless you ask for them.


If advertising worked as a business model the company would do it. Advertising won't work for you so you must network, you must "Dial AndOr Text For Nos" and success will be yours at last, just as success has come to many of us using this exact process. 


Box 17 Sample Post

Two of our favorite posts that give us all motivation. Join to see them all and be motivated everyday. Post your own for you downline to see.



Box 18 The two "Magic Questions" and the one "Magic Video"

As you begin your jouney of discovery with us, please review the welcome letter our team has for everyone. This has a description of tools to help you and how to use your back office. It is at


This site has everything that a distributor needs to do to, working as little as 4 hours a week, to become finacially independent. The only thing that is needed, on the distributors part, is to do the consistant simple work - period.


 Believe us on this. It is proven over and over again to be true.


We are all naturals. We are all winners because we are all naturally very good at people telling us No. It takes no training. But the ones who are the best at gathering Nos make the most money. Very counter intuitive - What a way to build.


Some people get involved with designing systems and web sites and in study and in helping the downline. This is good but it takes discipline and it is important for everyone, no matter how high in the Company or how busy to dial to take one "No" a day on average. This is a mindset that all of our downline need to emulate. It is the essence of duplication and the promise of networking.


(Some people, who have more time available, may want to use one of the easy to use Automated Dialing Systems discussed in the Next Text Box.)


In addition to Dialing networkers for "No's" in our target market expansion can also occure by making local contacts and using FaceBook posting etc.  For some of these techniques see the 30 day challage that Lou Gattos group is using. Learn More At This Link: 


 This is a picture of Lou's Handout front page:



More on getting free leads And the Process:


 A big part is this process is to join the companies "Dialing For Nos" Facebook page. You will need a Face Book Page. If you don't have one you can set one up so that others will not see information about you. Click Learn How


Then join and post your Daily No's count, with a weekly summary on Thursday, to our groups Face Book bage at



To get the No's that you will be calling for you can get unlimited numbers of phone numbers of  networks using the links discussed below.



First go to to a list of the names of over 3000 network companies.


Then put one of these names in the networker search engine at . This will give you the link to hundreds of web sites of networkers. Regrive the Name and phone number and call to ask "Magic Question #1. See below.


Here is another sounces to buy leads:


You are now on your way to total finacial independance working as little as 4 hours a week.


Post your "No's" each day to generate discussion and receive motivation from other members of the extended team.


Then, as we add more overall members, you can form or join a team of 4 others for some frindly team motivation and contest with other teams. Teams or individuals can post thier daily count of "No's" and then post the total for the week each Friday.


We will chose some individuals and Teams to interview, as "Heros of the week" on our Saturday Training calls at 11am EST 


Post your count total for the week each Thursday so that at our Saturday Training call we call on our "Heros Of The Week" for recognition and discussion of how they are showing leadership to their downline.


As you will see below, a "no" is when someone from a Network Marketing list, who you actually talk to, or by email or text sends a personal refusal message.


They refuse to take your "Winning Opportunity Material". Your "Winning Opportunity Material" contains the the link to our "Magic Video" at


We know that doing in-home and meeting demonstrations is important  to provide the “up front survival income” of $24, $100 and $200 checks. These are paid weekly on the Friday after  the week a vStream is ordered.


These $24, $100 and $200 weekly pay checks give you income as your team is growing.


Your team really grows as others copy you, working as little as 4 hours a week, leaving voice mail messages using the Magic question #1 and #2  below.


It is also very import to spend some time each week searching for International Directors. You can find the phone numbers of hundreds of thousands of network marketers for free by using the links give to you above. 


You find International Directors by working as little as 4 hours a week using magic question #1 or #2.


By taking the positive action each week of asking these Magic questions you will have many Networkers look at the “Magic Video" at


This activity is so simple.

When anyone uses these Magic questions each week, to get Networkers to see the " Magic video", the have a good chance of seeing their groups explode just like many of our groups are exploding.


How great a process this is and so exciting and uplifting.


The only follow up needed by you or the ones who say "Yes"  is to call them back a few times to see when they will get started. These are only reminder calls to make sure they see the “Magic Video” .


If the "Magic Video"  and other videos do not get them started, then you must move on and don’t spend time trying to convince them.


At the end of 20, or 30 or 100 "No's" you may find an International Director who could make you rich because you get a 20% check match of all of your personally sponsored people and 4 more levels of 10% check matches of each of these people on these levels.



The desire on the part of people to get these Matching Checks on levels 1 to 5 drives the fill of our infinity pay 9 level "no Brakeaway" unilevel. This unilevel, mathmaticlly can gereate an industry record $6 million/month* with no one spending more than having the "Free"  $68.50/month Pro Perks Discount Product.


As you do your texting and alert voice mails, for as little as 4 hours a week, just visualize 100 rocks in your back yard with a $100,000 bill under one of the rocks.

How long will it take you to turn over all of the rocks?


Remember, what is said on this important web site that discusses our "Magic Pay Plan". Give this site to those who need to see more about the "Magic Pay Plan"





(C5NTE Master 2016-03-21)

Box 19 How to Sign Up to Make Money

 5 Main Signup Options




When you click on each of these icons below in your back office you see a description of each.




Free Distributor:




The Free Distributor makes 20% fast start of the Commission volume (CV) when someone they sponsor orders. For example, when someone orders a vStream at the customer price of $399 they make 20% of 80cv or $16. But if they become a Pro they make $200. They also do not make any income from lower levels as their group grows. All that income “rolls” up




“Free” $68.50 Wholesale Shopper or Distributor Position:




People can be “Free” Pro perk “Wholesale Shoppers” or they can voluntarily work as distributors for $68.50/month. This allows them to order over 15 health products at 50% off, get 110% low price difference travel guarantee and an app for the phone to get discounts from over 300,000 businesses. The distributors, who signup people, get full commission in the plan as their group grows. By never outlaying more than the “Free” $68.50/month, the pay plan has the capability of delivering millions of dollars a month as the group grow. Pros make 30% fast start income. The $68.50/month has a split commission to pay upline of $40cv.




$299 Starter Pack:




This is our most valuable and the most pouplar option. It has a $560 retail value for only $299. This is a very good option to get a vStream and an HD antenna, plus more. This can be compared to the customer price for only the vStream and the HD Antenna for $399. The “plus more” is a one-month membership in the “Free” Pro Perks. This allows future vStreams to be purchased for $199 each with a Free vStream or $400 of health products every 6 months. Of course, in month 2 and beyond the member can change the autoship to the very popular “Free” $199/month for a vStream a month. This monthy vStream can be sold for $399 yielding a $200 profit. The Starter pack also comes with a one-month supply of the live saving 02 Performance hydration and 2 bottles of the very popular Metabolic Balance product that helps the body handle sugar. This has a $100 fast start weekly pay commission.





$199/month – Get a vStream a month (Could be $224/month if you want an Antenna each month).


This also makes you a Pro for all of its discounts. It is “Free” because as you do your Demo’s or neighbors and friends seeing you use it they will want yours. But you have one on the table so you can sell it to them for $399 and make a $200 profit after you pay you $199 subscription. You are, in reality getting your vStream each month for $131. The $199/month has an $80cv/month split commission upline. So it pays 30% x $80 or $24 fast start commission.




$1250 All Star- Pack




Many people want to be able to order vStreams for $169 each so they purchase the All Star Pack. Included are 3 vStreams and 3 HD antennas. This also pays double leadership bonus. So the $50,000 bonus is $100,000. This pays a $200 fast start commission and puts $400 cv split commission into the plan upline.

Box 20 Text to find Realestate Agernts to Buy and Recruit

Real Estate Agents Love What WE Do to Allow Them To Use VStream and Grow Their Real Estate Business at the Same Time.

See scripts to use with real-estate agents at



Box 22 G129 Other wasys to get Leads and Training in General Including a Tour of Your Back Office
Box 24 Option one: Coming out announcement letter to all of your contacts so they buy from you and not someone else.

Hi friends

 Just wanted to let you know that I have gained access to showing people a wonderful vStream Media Center. This allows people, for a low cost, with no monthly fees, to cut their cable bill and have a huge library of movies and recorded TV and live TV.

To see how the unit works please see our video at

Please call me for special pricing information. You will hear about the vStream from others so please contact me before you decide to invest in one.

Your name, number email.


When they call back:


Mary, thanks for looking at the capability of the vStream Media Center. (When they ask for the cost:) Mary how much do you think it might be worth to you to have that huge data base of movies, recorded tv with no commercial, no need to buy DVDs or maybe go to so many movies and maybe cut your TV bill by $50 to $100/month? (Let Mary answer)

It is only $399 for the VStream and digital antenna and a money back guarantee followed by a one year warrantee.

My place to order is

(If Mary is concerned about the price say:) Mary if you refer 3 people who buy from me I will give you one for free. Or if you want to be a distributor and work 4 hours a week with our process you can buy one for $299 with the antenna. The details for this are at Look at that and tell me how you want to proceed. Thanks Mary.

Your best pricing obtained is by being a Distributor. Please see this video:


To join as a free distributor and get your 3 free web sites this is my link

Box 26 Announcement Letter Number 2
Dear Friend,
The new revolution in TV viewing has begun, and it starts by saving you about $1000 a year.
There is now a way to get rid of cable - and still get your favorite TV shows, movies, so much more - PLUS save you at least that amount every year.
You can have it all - cut your bill, get your shows
Find out how at: ***YOURWEBSITEGOESHERE"
VStream TV is simply the most powerful media streaming device available today!!
VStream is a smart TV box that streams in HD with no monthly fees or contracts. The VStream receiver will give you access to movies, TV shows, live sports, recorded sports, large events, live streams of some of your favorite TV channels, and 3D movies all in HD!
The movie selection is unlimited, if you?re looking for a classics or recent releases! Sick of waiting for your favorite TV shows to show up on other streaming devices? Wait no longer, you will have every episode the night it airs!
The vStream 2 Media Center has a built in camera, wireless keyboard and mouse for doing searches and using the internet for skype video calls and video email, youtube etc.
And the VStream 2 has an EXCLUSIVE ADDON UPDATER!! With the click of a button, you can get all the latest addons installed on your device! The feature alone is worth hundreds of dollars and will save countless hours customizing your unit!
Call me right after you watch the short video!
(Generic site for curiosity. Not cost )
Box 27 Defining Paper on the No Process.

Bob Peterson, Independent upline of the 17 year old nxrGlobal/vStream company

301-641-8318 newsletter #105


“Nos” Are The Great Equalizer.

You Will Become Nothing More Than a "No" taker!!


You are much more powerful than you think. Believe Me.


You will be wealthy with as little as 4 hours of work a week.


And you need no training.



As a matter of fact, training might hunt you because you might not take action and you might to go into a study mode and fear mode.


When you are seeking “Nos” and you Know you are doing it. There can be no fear.


You get the “Nos”, you count them and post them and you know that you have succeeded.


You simply need to be tenacious in gathering “Nos” and posting the number of them on our groups facebook page at  



You cannot fail - guaranteed.


The free phone numbers of people to text to of dial to can be found using the information at



The simple scripts to say or text are shown.


The product videos to send out when they say “yes” are shown at.


The place to send people who have questions are shown so that you don’t have to know the answers.


The success rate of them joining you after they say yes is not your problem.


It is their problem in understanding our power.



You job is done by personally asking for the “Nos” .



This is the most critical job - the personal touch of being a human, not a machine, not a bill board, not a recording but you actually making contact on their answer machines and inboxes and occasionally by voice if you prefer.   


Most people will not call or text back or will tell you “No” .


And when you get a "No" , you should thank them and say “Thanks Mary, you are number 10,  have a nice day. At that point Mary may even chandge her mind and say “I don’t want to be number 10, Let me see your material.


But,in reality, with our system, when Mary changes her mind, you have failed because Mary's  great No turned into a Yes and you need to continue calling to get you quota of “Nos” for the day.



But the 2nd or 3rd time that a person hears Magic question #1 and #2 from one of us they will take a look and begin to help one of our team by also looking for “Nos”.


You cannot afford to freeze yourself into inaction because you think you cannot convince someone or might appear to not be trained.


It is inaction that is the “guarantee” of failure.


Seeking and posting the number of “Nos”  everyday can never lead to failure.


You are much more powerful than you know because you will never quit asking for “Nos”, having fun doing it, and posting your number of “Nos” count.


We and you are more powerful with our product and process than any of the big leaders from all of the over 3000 world wide network marketing companies.


We are implementing process that are so simple that books cannot be written about them. There would not be enough pages to describe our "No" process to be sold as a book. Maybe a flyer.


You can watch many videos on YouTube about motivation and killing yourself to succeed and taking doing all kinds of training and to be a great leader and motivator yourself to succeed.


None of this expensive and involved training is needed if you have great products a great pay plan and great concepts.


You can see thousands of people sitting in audiences of companies receiving lectures for days on end.


With our "No"  process, all of the people in these audiences will have the opportunity to tell one of you “No” .


They will be approached and have their chance to say "No".



Just think about it. Statistics prove the point.


When you group of “No” takers grows by just 2 in a month and their group grows by just 2 in a month, in 20 months there would be over 1 million in your group of “No” takers and no one got more than 2 individually.


2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4,096 ……. 1 Million in 20 months.


By 4s – 4, 16, 64….  we are at over $6 million/month with our “free” $68.50/month pro perks program in just 12 levels of our infinity 9 Level "No Brakeaway Pay Plan.


So go go go and get a No and post it in the next hour and never stop.


For background also see

Box 28 Why Has Duplication Failed in the Network Marketing Industry?

This is a good way for VStream TV to address:


"Prior Proper Practice Prevents Pathetically Poor Performance."


The major poor performance on the part of all Network Marketing Companies up to this point is that the majority of distributors are new or “old and untrained” and they don’t have anything simple that they can and should do on a daily bases.


We have the best and most unique answer to the dilemma of poor performance that has plagued network marketing for over 80 years.


That is, duplication has never worked in network marketing.


For example, If each Amway distributor were to recruit only2 new distributors in one year then in 33 years Amway would have 4 billion members. They are 80 years old and have only 1 million members. Total failure as far as duplication is concerned.


This video , is the basic training to solve this duplication barrier.


Every distributor needs to execute the gathering of only 2 “No’s” every day. This will only take, on average, 4 hours of work a week.


With this procedure, each individual has a guaranteed chance of growth as well as finding Heavy Hitters in their growing group as long as they don’t quit.


The warm and “Chicken” markets are handled with a “Sales only” announcement letter with no recruiting. This letter is posted at the bottom of .


In summary, with this technique, each distributor will text with an alert phone call to each phone number in the target market every day until 2 “No’s” are gathered, on average each day. And then the “No’s” count is posted daily and/or weekly at .


The short “Magic” question scripts and how to find the phone numbers for free are given at


In this process, the Yes’s come by default and the new person does not need to worry about them because, in our case, the system and the product doses the training and provides the tools for every new person to succeed, guaranteed, as long as they don’t quit.


The basic tool being


This whole process fits into the issue of “What came first” the chicken or the egg.


In our case the “Chicken” came 1st  - “2 No’s a day” .


Details are at with the justification explanation videos for the technique at and more meat at .


Go forth and concur and look at what the 14 year old boy said at this video:

It is easy to post videos like the ones you see above for your family videos and business videos. When you post your videos messages like this, you now have huge communication capability with your own instant easy to use web site. The posting software is called "Staged". Free to use at

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