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#83 Feb 12, 2016 Deadline and Examples of In-Home Demonstrations

Bob Peterson, Independent Member of the 16 year old nxrGlobal/vStream company, 301-641-8318. www.4find4videoNewsLetters.com #83



All “Soft Launch” Free members have until February 12th, 2016 to take advantage of the $49.95/month Pro level. These Pros are able to purchase vStreams for $199 and after being a Pro for 6 months be able to purchase a vStream for only $99.



After February 12th the Pro for “Soft Launch” members will go to the normal $68.50/month. $68.50/month Pros get a free vStream or $400 of Health Products every 6 months.



 Log into you back office and, if this is the option you want, select the $49.95 pro level or call the operators for assistance or you upline. That is 877-990-9951.



FYI, at your option you can select the great $199/month option to be a pro and get a vStream once a month. This makes the cost of a vStream once a month $131.50. ($199 - pro cost of $68.50)



“Soft Launch” Members were in the company prior to December 5th 2015.



 Guaranteed Upfront and Monthly Residual Income Plan:



It is important to eventually breakaway from being a slave to a job that may be here today or gone tomorrow.



This is can be done with a great backup plan offered by our product and pay plan and unique 4 hour a week work process:  



We guarantee that by working as little as 4 hours a week you will develop over a 5 figure residual income by following our simple process:



Simply gather comments from people after doing a demo a week of the vStream or health products and then call or email your first working upline sponsor once a week with a progress report and/or request for assistance.


No work and no guarantee.


Let all objections bounce off you as if your were superman or superwoman and never, never, never quit and you will find your "Big Fish" and duplicating group and you will greatly succeed, guaranteed,  as many of us have.




You must also call or log into one of the live webinars each week or listen to a recording of it.




To see how all of this works you must call all of your downline and have them study the current version of   www.4find4welcomeletter.com





Examples of In-Home Demonstrations:




Listen how to do In-Home demonstrations by BJ Massey, Angie Thompson and David Hains at www.4find4inhomedemonstrations.com






The vStream Live webinars are at www.vswebinar.com at 9pm EST on Tuesdays and Thursdays.





The Health Product webinar is at 9pm EST on Wednesdays.





Recordings of both the vStream and Health Products are at www.4find4Webinar.com or sent to you by email from Blair Bremner.