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Box 1 What a great idea.

Box 2 Outline of what to do.

After watching the video above, follow this process to learn as much as you can as quickly as you can.

Frist Watch one of typical webinars at Box 6 and then Lou Gatto's Hangout at Box 7 and finally then Sample Testimonials at Box 8.

Call the person who sent you for their link so you can start for free and see your free web sites and Back Office.

Box 3 The vStream, pictured below, is our main product which can be "Free" to you as a Distributor or "Wholesale Shopper"

Box 4 Work as little as 4 hours a week with our and we guarantee that you will develop over a 5 figure residual income.

Box 5 What to watch next:

Watch one of these typical webinars at Box 6 and then Lou Gattos Hangout at Box 7 then Sample Testimonials at Box 8

Box 9 People Attending the 2015 Convention

Box 10 Link to "DialAndTextForNO" Process Site

One of the drivers for your explosive growth is our simple "Dial and Text For No" process working as little as 4 hours a week. 

Learn More




Box 11 An upfront and residual income plan summary

Power Statement!

Investigate our "Magic" pay plan.

"An International Director (Heavy Hitter) at any depth in any 2 of your many legs will drive you to the $100 to $100,000 one time leadership bonuses. At that time your monthly residual income would average over $50,000 month

from a "Free" $68.50 discount product.


The excited people above gave their testimonials at the International Convention of the 16 year old company in Richmond Virginia in December 2015.


The excitement comes, not only from the high demand unique products, but from the pay plan and the 200 year marketing concept that is one of the best in the industry.


On the pay plan side, a 5 level deep Check Matching Bonus unilevel drives the fill of an infinity pay 9 level “no breakaway” unilevel.


As the unilevels are filling, the purchase of the products can deliver $100 to $200 /order fast start bonuses paid weekly.


The underlying residual income concept is provided by a “Free” $68.50/month discount shopping product called Pro Perks. Approximate $68.50 value is earned back every 6 months as a rebate program with no need to sell or recruit.





The “Free” Pro Perks product provides unbelievable residual income even without adding income from the sales volume from the purchase of the technology and health products.


For example, with each distributor sponsoring just 4 other distributors in a growing group, and taking only the residual income paid upline from the “Free” $68.50/month Pro Perks Discount Product, the unilevels deliver over $6 million/month* residual income.


This is huge upfront income and residual income with only a 4 find 4 model in our 5 level deep Check match unileve and infinity deep 9 level "no brakeaway" unilevel with its one time $100 to $100,000 leadership bonuses. We can also show mathmatical calculations with a 2 x 2, 3 x3, 5x5, 6x6, 10x10 or any structure  you would like to calculate in the unilevels.


See more detail at 











Box 12 Live Webinars and Training

We would like to invite you to our next live webinar.

Every Tuesday and Thursday Evening at 9 pm EST go to or the call in number is 701-801-1220 Code 898-601-050.

Training Webinars are at 11am EST on Saturdays. Same number and link.


Box 14 You are only one Distributor away from an explosion

Please See:

The ones who ask this question the most make the most money.


Also See the "Magic Video" at


Also See The "2 Magic Questions" at the

"Magic Duplication Site"


 Also See Pay Plan Details at


Have all new Distributors read


 Other sites of interest

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Box 15 Work as little as 4 hours a week implementing our Motto's and we guarantee that you will develop over a 5 figure income.

Our Motto's

"Do a demo a Month for $100 and $200 Weekly Paid Checks and

call your sponsor once a week"  


"Dial to get at least One -No- A Day

To Keep Poverty Away"


"Call your free list of Network Marketers each day and ask Magic Question #1 and #2 at 

to lead to total financial independence. "


 Send this link to people who say "yes, send me your winning opportinity information": 


These links below have more on the vStream and health products and to help with In-Home and Meeting Demos.

for vStream Orders and/or 

for vStream and testimonials including - do the business   and/or

For the Health Products

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Box 16 See index of all 4find4 series of videos and others at

See index of all 4find4 series of videos and others at

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Box 23 Disclaimer



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