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These days we're looking for natural ways to keep healthy and not have to take drugs that have side effects.


And many of us are looking for a great home-based business. 


These essential oils have healing properties* that have been used for thousands of years. 


See the over 5000 articles in the government NIH Pub Med library. 


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YL 4 Ningxia Red. The video below is also at www.Red111.info

Click here to see 34 reasons to drink Ningxia Red every day. 

For many years, many of us have been taking 2 oz of the Ningxia Red Super Dring every day. This is one of our foundations for health and wealth. 

As others save money on bills by using this product every day, your own product cost can be covered. 

In the video see the impact of this supper food drink on your blood. 

Picture - Blood Change 10 minutes after drinking the superfood drink. 


 Young Living

Body Butter testimonial below:

YL 21 

I have tried the Body Butter 4 pack from Young Living and can tell you that as a former professional skin care provider, this is hands down the best body butter I have used.
Body butter is not a thick cream, but is a more dense product with a very easy glide. I love natural oils for health reasons like coconut oil, but do not like the texture of all the uneven pieces before body heats melts it. This body butter is smooth, scented perfectly with essential oils and luxurious in application and absorption. A must to prevent stretch mark's! A must for wintery dry skin.
I prefer to use it at night before bed when skin repair is heightened. 


YL20 - This is a free 3rd party company with the ability for you to do "word searches" of thousands of testimonials from people who have, over the years, used Young Living Essential oils.  

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YL 20 - Click this link to see a list of 490 testimonials of the use of Oils related to surgery   https://tinyurl.com/r7eeayd

YL20 Animal Products  

Click on the picture to see a long list of oils to use with pets. 

YL 16 Essential Rewards Program to cut shipping cost and get free products 

Y13 introduction Video 5 minutes 

YL 12 Introduction video about Young Living 7 minutes.

YL 17 Carla Smen Testimonial. Very Powerful. * 

YL 2 Do you Get Your Products Free? Several videos about the producuts. Pay plan described under the video.  

YL 1 Child Burns, Sun Burns, Thin Skin and Lavaderm 

YL 3 Mold causes over 30  hidden conditions. Kill it without toxins. 

YL 5 Dr E Joan Baracie - Listen as she explaines how she uses Young Living Essential Oil Products for Everything. 

YL 6 Word Search Site, how are people using Essential Oils? 

YL 7 CBD Oil. Very popular. See the video below from Dr Oz related to CBD Oils in general, not those from YL. 

See the other videos under the Dr OZ video.


You must know the source of your CBD product to make sure they are not contaminated. For more bennefits, YL has essential oils in each YL CBD product. 

YL 8 A Foaming Soap Pump at every sink to stop super bugs and keep toxins out of the body. 

YL 9 Seedling Products for Babies. Keep Toxins out of the little ones. 

YL 10 Take care of your skin. 

YL 11 Protecting Children in the Classroom 

YL 14 Winner Pay Plan Option 

YL 15 Vicky Opfer Stress, Depression reduction protocol.

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YL 18 Several vides about taking care of your skin with Savvy Minerals 

YL 19 Audio Boxes to listen hands free. Print the index list. 

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Dr Linsey Elmore on Young Living Products

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Young Living Product Ambassador

Retirement Problems , Don't Quit for Yl www.smile111.com G124

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