#90 BJs Magic 67 words and 299 starter pack and check matching bonus C9H G100 ilds


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Simple - Simple - Simple- Simple- Simple


Take these videos to heart to know that you have


arrived at your business destination.



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With our 17-year-old company, just work as little as 4 hours a week gathering at least 2 “No’s” a day with our process and you have the mathematical potential with our “Virtually Free” $68.50/month Pro discount product of making over $6 million/month*

Along the way, as you are gathering your 2 "No's" a day to build to the high monthly residual income, you make over $100 upfront weekly paid checks as people order our products.

This super simple process, that requires no training, just execution, works because you run across Heavy Hitters who bring big groups with them into your group and you get a 20% match of the monthly residual checks that each of your personal referrals receives.

In addition, you can qualify to get a 10% check match of each of the many checks of each of their distributors 4 levels deep into the structure of each of your personal referrals. This is a lot of matching checks.

Plus you can qualify to receive even more, including matching their monthly residual income over 90%, 8 levels deep in their structure and they can push you to the $50,000 leadership bonus. You and your team will find these Heavy Hitters.

But don't study. Don't wait. You should begin today, even before you go to bed, to get 2 people to tell you "NO - I don't want to look at your company videos."

Do this daily with our 2 “NO’s” a day using our 2 magic videos and you will become rich as long as you don't quit.

Call the person who sent you to see our magic product videos.



You are only one Distributor away from an explosion

(C5B Master)

Please Listen to


The ones who ask this question the most make the most money.

Also See:







(UN nxrglobal pw vstream)

Work as little as 4 hours a week following our simple system and our team guarantees you will develop over a 5 figure residual income.

Our Motto's

"Do a demo a week to reach your peak and

call your sponsor once a week"  or


"Call your list of Network Marketers and on average, each day, leave 5 of the "BJ Massey type messages".

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4find4videonewsletters.com #90 BJ's 65 work magic script to leave on answer machines of networkers.

This is Bob Peterson, in your upline for the 17 year old nxrGlobal/vStream Company. 301-641-8318.


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Several New Items of interest for saving money and your business:



First: ( See the details of this at www.4find4payplan.com )



As of March 1st, 2016 vStream has added what we are calling the "vStream Starter Pack" for $299. This is a $430 value Pack that that distributors will order to get their 1st vStream and Digital Antenna. The $299 starter pack includes being a pro for one month. Additional vStreams will cost $199 each for the active Pro or Pro Plus.


The Pro Sponsor of the Distributor selecting the $299 "vStream Starter Pack" will be paid $100 on the Friday following the week of the Distributor purchase.


This provides great “upfront survival income” for Distributors as their monthly residual incomes increase.


“Get 3 and it is free”




At the end of the 30 days following the selection of the $299 vStream Starter Pack, the Distriburtor will have 2 options:


1. select to be a Pro for $68.50/month and receive a free vStream every 6 months or $400 of health product or


2. select the vStream a month for $199 which includes the pro membership.


By doing "a Demo a week" the Distributor will need at least one vStream on hand to sell and make $200 profit.


Second: We have added a huge Check Matching bonus that goes down to 5 levels of Check Matches. See the details at www.4find4payplan.com






 Third: BJ Massey’s group is moving very well by leaving voice messages on the phones of Network Marketers. BJ Massey's complete scripts and how to get the email and phone numbers of unlimited numbers of Networkers is at www.4find4script.com


 For starters, this is the powerful script his team is leaving on voice mail machines on live. See followup script if people answer or people call back .



BJ's 65 Magic Words

These magic words could

make you wealthy:


 Voice Mail Script: Let's say his last name is Brian. 


Hey Brian, my name is BJ Massey giving you a quick call from my home in the Washington D.C.  Area.  Brian, the purpose of my call.  We both have something in common which is experience in a home based business.  Don't worry, I'm not calling to give you a sales pitch or to waste your time.I just have a quick question to ask you - 


and then I'll leave my name and number.


 See you on the Saturday Training at 11am EST at www.vsWebinar.com