2016 05 25 Webinar Testimonials Mia Luarna and several others on free VStreams 10m10s (C215 G112 mD7s)

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Simple - Simple - Simple- Simple- Simple


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Testimonials From Webinars and Comparison to Other Streaming Devices

Watch one of these typical webinars

attended by, on average, over 300 people

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Box 3 Note: Many Want the vStream Just for the Access to the Huge Content. Never Mind the Savings.

Box Our Duplication Process Sets us Apart From The Competition
Our Duplication Process
Sets Us Apart From the Competition!!
"When Each of your downline averages only 2 nos a day you will become rich."
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Most people can't personally close the Yeses and they become discouraged.
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10. As the unilevel fills, there are Leadership bonuses of up to $100,000.
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Box 6. Four 4 optional videos to introduce people to vStream

(2016-04-30 dialandtext)

Get in on the leading edged of the wealth transfer that is just begining in the $2.2 Trillion Cable industry

as it is  deregulated .


Our "Go TO" marketing videos that you give to people after they say Yes in our Text for "Nos" process are listed below.


These videos may be all that you ever need to become wealthy.


1. Our "Magic" Video Nicol's "The World Gone Streaming" video followed by the vStream Cartoon video and the vStream set to music. No Pricing information to encourage curiosity call backs. Presicent Obama's Deregulation Plans video is posted below. 



2. Obama Deregulation video followed by vstream demo with no pricing information so that you get curiosity call backs.



3. Obama Deregulatiion video follewed by vStream demo with some mention of the business oportunity, no cost information.



4. Obama Deregulation video with Links under the video to full recorded webinars and more. A complete "answer your questions site to use when people ask questios.


Box 9 What a great idea.

Box 18 People Attending the 2015 Convention

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