2016 02 20 BJ and Blair Use of Manta and Google to find Network phone numbers 8m4s C5C G114

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Transritp of BJ Massey Great Training Part II role play - Leaving Messages for Networkers

Part II BJ Massey and Jabarie role play on calling networkers, with comments from Blair Bremner - Saturday Training 2016-09-20 . 11amEST www.vsWebinar.com 

See BJ's voiece message in blue below:


See BJ's script for when the Networder answers the phone in green below:


Script Introduction by BJ Massey:

So when people join your business, most people who join a business. See okay, here's another problem that people have when they're also trying to recruit anybody in to a business. We're talking about We're saying too many things when you're supposed to let the tools do the talking.

And I was always taught that benefits sell, facts tell. So when you're talking to a person who is a network marketer, what's gonna happen is that anybody that's taken a look at your business, they're always Well my mentor said when you're recruiting, he said always imagine a bullseye on a person's forehead.

And he said when you had the bullseye Shot in the forehead, that bullseye is gonna say what is in it for me? Most people want to know what is in it for me. Why should I join? What can I become? How can this business change my life? What is the benefits of me joining?

And that's why when you look at infomercials, a lot of times People make what you call emotional decisions. If everything was based on logical decisions then you can just talk facts about your opportunity to another individual. But everybody makes what you can an emotional decision because I've done it myself.

I've been home sometimes late at night and I see a commercial and a commercial and and commercials was designed to do. They are designed to persuade another individual. They touch on things like you know how this product want to make you feel before and after What you can gain.

What you can become. What is the outcome of a person's life? So therefore people will make an emotional decision about buying certain products off of an infomercial. They don't do no investigations about a company or things of that nature. So let's talk about network marketing. I'll go back to these network marketers.

Now When you're calling a network marketer on the phone, and I have actually one of my business partners on the line with me. And I'm gonna have him just role play with me like I'm calling a live prospect. Jabar, you on the line? B.J., yes I am

>> Okay, okay.

Now you all, this is Jabari Jilani, one of my business partners in vStream. I've been knowing Jabari now for almost what, going on five or six years. He's a network marketer. I met him the same way, by calling network marketers and We just know. We just hit it off ever since.

Now, Jabar, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna role play with you and I'm gonna call you up and for the first time. And I'm gonna try, at least, invite you to take a look at Veatstream, okay?

>> Okay.

>> Okay, ring, ring, ring.

>> Hello.

>> Hello, may I please speak with Jabar Jalani.

You're speaking to him.

>> Hey Jabar, my name is BJ Masey giving you a quick call from my home in the Washington D.C. Area. Jabar, the purpose of my call, we actually have something in common. We both have experience in a home based business. I'm not calling to give you a sales pitch or to waste your time.

I just wanna ask you a quick question. Hey B.J., how did you get my number?

>> Ok, and Jabari that's a good question. Actually Jabari On your information online. Your information was online at a website called manta.com. And Jabar, the reason why, I know if you're familiar manta.com.

Manta.com is a website that is geared towards a lot of people who are considered entrepreneurs. And the reason why I like call this individual's like yourself Jabir, because I know some time most people who attempt to do any type of entrepreneurial endeavor view themselves as a person who has great leadership skills and a great work ethic.

Hey Jabir, did that sound like, describe you as a person? BJ, yes it does.

>> Okay. Now Jabari, what I wanted to do was since you said, okay my question to you is this. Are you open at this time to take a look at a winning opportunity? And if your answer is yes, I want to send you some free information.

I'm open, but I'm already in another business endeavor already.

>> Okay, so you're already in another business endeavor already, correct?

>> Yes sir.

>> Okay, so how are you doing with that business? I've done very well with it.

>> Okay, okay. Well, Jabar this is all I wanna do today.

I just wanna share some free information like from one entrepreneur to another.It's not commitment, it's just free information. It's just something to see if there is something that you're interested in, to see if this is something that you can make an educated decision with you and your family because we all know that Opportunities, a lot of opportunities could be for a person.

But at the same time if we never look at opportunities, then sometimes we let them walk right past us. Do you agree? Yes I do.

>> Okay, now Jabari, actually I don't have your information with me cuz I was on the website, so this is what I wanna do.

I wanna get your email address and I'm gonna send you some information on this phenomenal company that I'm doing. Man, this company that I'm with, man, a lot of people are joining, we're in the right. Industry, and I'm just having a lot of fun doing it. So what I wanna do is send you some information, and on the subject line it's gonna say business information from BJ Massey.

So Jabari, what is your email address? Jabari977 and then-

>> Okay, okay, okay. So, I'm actually sending it to you right now. Now Jabari, when you take a look at this information, this is what you're gonna find out when you take a look at it. Nine times out of ten, you're gonna find out who we are, what we do and how we do it.

It's gonna answer a lot of those three questions. So what you wanna do is take an honest look at this information And is today a good day to follow up with you?

>> Sure, give me about 20 minutes or so and I'll look at it.

>> Okay, great.

So I'm sending to you right now. And just take a look at it. And what I'll do, I'll call you back up within about 15 to 20 minutes, and just see if this a opportunity for you or not. Is that a deal? That sound good B.J. I appreciate.

>> Okay great, great, okay.


So now I did ask that guy then sent your boy the information now. Sometimes depending on, depending on when you're talking to a person, the person might be at home at the time, they might be driving That might be at work. But that's why sometimes I ask people, are you in front of your computer right now.

So let's just go over a scenario when I called Jubai back up to see if Jubai has taken a look at the information. So Jubai, I'm actually gonna do the follow-up call with you.

>> Okay.

>> And I'm gonna call you back up. Ring, ring, ring. Hello

>> Hello may I please speak with Jabar?

>> This is Jabar

>> > ok hey Jabar this is BJ Mash I spoke to you about 30 minutes ago. I'm just calling about that information that was sent over to you about that property of this people I'm involved with. Jabar I'm just calling to say are you ready to start it You have some awesome information, but yeah.

By the way, yeah, how do I get that system man?

>> Okay, okay. Now what system are you referring to? The VStream media system.

>> Okay. Well Jabari, what you can do is number one, I'm glad you asked that question. You can actually sign up as an actual distributer.

And what I like about this industry that I'm involved with, okay when you sign up as a distributer, number one you also get Of the product. You get the product at half of what everybody else pays. So you sign up as a distributor first. Now Jabari here's the good deal about you signing up as a distributor.

I'm gonna show you a way how you can sign up as pro member Also get the vStream for 130 and everything combined would be 199. So we can actually sign you up today as a pro member and get your vStream shipped out so you can actually start enjoying the benefits of this wonderful opportunity like everyone else is doing as well.

How does that sound? Sounds good B.J.

>> Okay, so Jabari, and at this time I would give Jabari my website to go ahead and sign up. I'll walk him through how to become a distributer and things of that nature. Now, let's just say Jabari told me that when I followed it up, he said well right now's not the right time.

I'm involved in an opportunity or I'm no longer really interested in network marketing. One thing we know about most network marketers is that any time they have tasted even a A piece of network marketing, that desire to make money always comes back to them. Some way, some shape or form, down the line, they will always resurface.

So, I could have actually put Jabari on a follow up list. And follow up with him later on. But see the name in this game is that you're hitting your target market. You're calling network marketers. You're trying to get people to take a look at your business. Those who say that, well it's not the right time or I'm already in a business, you're gonna put them up on a follow up list for later on.

Message for Answer Machines:


Now, here's another thing. Now when you call a network marketers is, well sometimes you don't get them on the telephone. And what you gonna do is you gonna leave a voice mail message to network marketers And a lot of people will call you back based on the psychology of the actual voice mail.

So let's just once again, I was calling on Jabari on the phone. Jabari never picked up the phone, but his voice mail message came in. So this is what I would say.


I'll say, Hi. This message is for Jabar Jalani. This is BJ Masey, giving you a quick call from my home in the Washington D.C. Area.

Jabar, the purpose of my call We both have something in common, which is experience in a home-based business. I'm not calling to give you a sales pitch or to waste your time, I just have a quick question, and you leave your name and number.


Now think about the psychology behind that voice mail message.

A network marketer hears that message. They hear the connection that you all have something in common, you're not giving them a sales page, you're not gonna waste their time but you have a question. A lot of them would call you bad because they want to know what that question is.

And that question is once they call you:

Are you open at this time to taking a look at a winning opportunity? And if your answer is yes, I'll be more than happy to send you some free information.


Now before we go talk about different websites that you can actually go to to get network marketers and how you can find them online, and also By utilizing the MLM recruit on demand system.

Jabari I want you to just tell everyone your experience from calling network marketers, how many callback you have been getting from network marketers, and also how many people that you have on the gate right now that's about to join VStream. All right, the reason why I answered that call the way that I did, because I just had that experience with a prospect, a network marketer.

So a lot of them wanna know where you get their information from, because some people don't like to be contacted. But The script worked just the way that you did it. I mean, It's so awesome that we used that script the way that is implemented, because it works exactly that way.

So yes, I use manta and a couple of the other MLM recruit on demand leads that we have There as well, so, but Blair was explaining earlier it does work as well but I do like because these are actual network marketers and you can go right to their website and 9 times out of 10, they're still even doing the business for I've done the business before but the success of this has been really great.

I guess for a lot of people, the only obstacle you may have is calling people. If you can get past the calling people and learn that script. And the script, if you follow it, tweak it into your personality, it works. I've called several network marketers. I've left voice mails for people.

As far as the voice mails, as BJ said, people do call you back. Have about seven people now that are looking at the business that have called. I left several voice mails. I was talking to B.J. The other day, and as we were talking people were calling me back.

We couldn't even finish our conversation Conversations cuz I had so many people calling me back from the voice mails that I left. And I have about 18 people that I have that's on my list, that when talking with them. Ask them, it would be nice if I could follow up with them even a month or so, just to see where they are cuz things may change.

And all 18 Eighteen of them said yes. I just follow up with me. So what B.J.'s offer taught me is you know you just want people in the what called the pipeline. You never know where people are. Right now people may be half at their business and everything could be going well then something could happen.

I've been in business before where Next thing I know, the plug was pulled on that business, and we was always looking for something else to get into. And that's the idea of having people in that pipeline, because you never know when you may catch that person at the right time.

And network marketers are the ones that come with people. And in order for us to become successful, we want people of like mind. Did I world market. The world market for a lot of people doesn't work. So really contact a network market has been a very successful for me.

(Blair Talking Now)
I know it's been successful for B.J. And a couple of other team members that are using the system and are really working well. All I can do is tell everyone follow the system that Blaine B.J. Has given us and if you really want to build your business You on the phone.

I mean learn that script and just call people because is been very successful for me. Thanks B.J.

>> Glad Jabar, the same those powerful words though. You know like your boy said, it's basically all about a mind state. You just got to discipline yourself to a Actually do this.

BJ Again:

See I live by that slogan on the Nike slogan just do it. I make no excesses I just get up in the morning I say to myself that if I don't make it, if I don't expose my business to people every day what happens? I don't eat, my mortgage doesn't get paid, my car get's repossessed You've got to think like that because, why would a person be in the business if they are not trying to make any type of financial gain? But the problem is that most people would get involved in a network marketing business and the moment they feel rejection,the moment they feel that things are not going right They wanna quit.

And one of things that I was talking to my up-line, Bob Peterson, about three, no, two weeks ago. The problem is, is that there's a lot of network marketing companies out here. And people tend sometimes to Wanna be in a company and they wanna keep searching for the next best thing out there and at the end of the day it's all the same process.I was talking with [unintelligible] about this book and I'm not gonna be to long but I was talking to barb about this book that I have read years ago and it's called the "Networking Marketing Junkie" And what he was explaining was that most people who get involved in network marketing, they almost look at network marketing as a drug.

And the reason why I'm relating it to a drug Because when most people try to take any type of substance, what are those substances designed to do? They are designed to make that person feel good. So let's relate back to network marketing. You have a person who would get involved in a business today, and they're all excited for the first week.

I'm about to make a lot of money. I'm about to be a millionaire by next month. They're just mapping their future. So what happens is that reality kicks in. And when reality kicks in, here's the reality. Friends and family start to tell you. People start to reject, your business is not going right.

You start to invite people to take a look at your business, they don't show. So it's all types of obstacles that you're facing when you're a network marketer. So what does the average person do? They quit, because they think that they're blaming the company but not in reality it's them.

So what are they gonna do? They're gonna look for another network marketing company, right? And they're in that business again, because they're using that second network marketing to replace the high that they had for the first network marketing company, so they can get that feeling again. So they join another company.

And And they say the same thing to themselves. I just found a company. They're all excited. I'm about to become a millionaire. I finally found that company that's gonna get me to where I wanna be in life. What happens again? Reality kicks in. And they start to face rejection.

They start to hear no's. As a family you're doubting them. The business is not going the way it wants to go. So then they're out looking for another deal. So a reality you gotta realise is that no matter what business you go in, the process is all the same.

You have to learn how to be in the way I put it, detach your emotions from the process. Don't get all excited because the person's telling you that they're gonna blow this business up that comes in your down line. Because as we all know, actions are the things that determine what a person's gonna do.

A person who talks a lot I just listen. Because we all know that people who talk a lot, those people aren't gonna do anything. It's the actions that determine what a person is gonna do. So when you're in this network marketing process or just Building your business. Remember that all we're doing right now is planting a lot of seeds.

People at the beginning, some might say no, some might say yes. But that is part of the process. You have to go through so many people and plant seeds, and when you start building that pipeline like Jabari said, things will start to take place into your business. Now before I go onto the next speaker Now here are some places that you can get network, try to find network marketers as well.

You know, the number one thing I use is manta.com. And that website www.manta.com.

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