Young Living Customer Discount Program 1m20s (C1353 xBiw_

Great News from Young Living.

Your  Customers can get the 24% discount without being a distributor or buying the $25 starter kit. 


They just place an order for $100pv and get 24% off.

Or they can place a lower order like $30 ou $60 and agree to buy that item or another each 3 months. This is a subscription. 

For this auto shipment they also get discount points to apply toward future purchases. 

They call 800-371-3515 to order or do it online. 

They will need to give your member number so you get credit. 


Customers can refer another person but they won't get paid unless they upgrade their account to "brand ambassador" (formally called distributor).

Any questions call or email Bob Peterson or your sponsor. 

Bob 301-641-8318 


Our personal website with helpful product information is at: 


See the chart below. Customers will now be able to get the 24% discount without being distributors. Distributors are now called Brand Ambassadors. 


At some point in time, a Customer may like to become a Brand Ambassadors to receive commissions from other customers and Brand Ambassadors orders. No problem. 


They just fill out the registration and continue with their 100pv order to earn commissions. Or they can continue with their 50pv monthly order to earn rewards points.

Any month they want to qualify for commissions they would just order 100pv. 


This new process will cause an increase in commissions for distributors and many more healthy customers.