Cartoon VStream followed by News Program on Streaming followed by vStream Media Center Presentation to Music (C7 G86 wYWr)

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Owning the vStream Media Center is like having a free Red Box Machine in your home with over 50,000 movies. Save on time and gas picking up movies and have a thousand times more availability with no shortages.


Intro to demo video


Welcome to our short in-home demonstration video for the vStream mini computer.


I am an Independent Member of the 16 year old nxrGlobal/vStream company that is introducing this cutting edge mini computer that is rapidly becoming the next wave of the future as far as how people will enjoy TV entertainment and education.

Enjoy this in-home Demonstration of how the vStream Media Center Works.


See the Molly Wood Video on the side on how she was able to save over $100/month on her TV Subscription by buying one of these low cost units.


Watch all of the content discussed with no monthly fee.


Call the person who sent you to this in-home presentation with any questions.

We compare. You Decide

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