BJ Massey Training Call Sat How to talk to networkers 26m26s (C5A G110 xjZr)
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Transritp of BJ Massey Great Training

>> Welcome to the Vstream training call today. We have got an exciting call. We've got Ryan Gunners on the line with us. We're gonna be bringing him on in just a moment to go over our new marketing system for Vstream, I think you're all gonna be blown away.

When you see this and then we're gonna be hearing from BJ Masse who's gonna be covering his presentation, how he approaches network marketers. This is just gonna be fantastic. So, without further, yeah let's get on to the next part of our presentation, guys. I am so excited to hear this guy.

Listen, we've got BJ Masse on the call today And he is just blowing this up, guys. And he is going to go over his presentation, how he talks to network marketers. And I think you guys are going to love this, so BJ, you on the call? Hit star six on your phone or unmute your microphone.

>> Okay, Blair can you hear me?

>> I can hear you, BJ, welcome to the call man. You're really doing a great job out there. I've been looking forward to this all week so BJ, I wanna turn over to you. Everybody, this is BJ Massey. And BJ, the call is yours.

>> Okay. Want to thank you Blair for having me on this wonderful training call that we're doing every Saturday. And as I get on this call every Saturday myself, I'm just learning a lot of powerful techniques and strategies that you all continue to Get everybody in VStream, and love the system that Ryan just implement with MLML Rod and I know that's something that's going to actually blow VStream up as well.

You know as we're building our VSTREAM business I know there's all types of ways to recruit a lot of people to your business but I been using a technique I have been using now since 2008 and I learned this information from one of my mentors. Back in 2006 and what he explained to me was that when I get involved in a network marketing business you have to really define your target market and the definition of a target market is someone who all ready exhibited that desire to do what you're doing.

So, when he was teaching me this and he was explaining to me about what a target market was he said BJ, if you really wanna succeed in a network marketing business even though there are all types of strategies to build your business. You have to go after your target market.

And he said who is your target market where you could get involved in, a network marketing company. Well he was explaining to me that my target market should be other network marketers. Right now it's estimated that there are over 15 million people in network marketing worldwide. About 98% of people are failing because, number 1, a lot of people just don't, a lot of people are lazy, a lot of people just don't know what to do.

A lot of people are with the wrong companies or companies come and go. What he was explaining was that If you study a lot of these big time, heavy hitters, or people who are in network marketing period. When they get, when they join a network marketing company, a lot of time, is that they start off with other network marketers first to get the ball rolling.

So what we're doing, we're teaching a lot of people on our team number one, how to find other network marketers, number two, what to say to say to them, and number three, how to get them to join your business. So there's a lot of ways you can find network marketers on the internet.

You can Google MLM genealogy list, and what a genealogy lead is it is a list of a network marketing company that probably went out of business, it could be a distributors of Dial line, it could be anything but these are people who already exhibited a desire to do network market.

Now, people are probably saying, so what do you say to these people? So this is what we do. We'll get a list of network markets whether I have a list or with choosing people how to find them. Period. And let's just say, the person's name is Brian So let's just say I call Brian up on the phone.

Now, there's a philosophy behind the actual way I approach a network marketer, because you don't wanna be too pushy with network marketers, because they have Been in the game for a long time and they have seen everything that comes at them. So let's just say if I was calling a gentleman named Brian.

And I call Brian on the phone and I say something like this. I'll say hello may I please speak with Brian. So Brian picks up the phone and he'll say, okay this Brian. I'll say Brian my name is BJ Matthew giving you a quick call from my home in Washington DC area.

Brian, the purpose of my call. We both have something in common, which is experience in a home based business. Don't worry. I'm not calling to give you a sales pitch or to waste your time. I'm just calling to ask you a real quick question. So Matt if you think about the words I just used.

With most people who call up anybody about a home based business, or anything they're doing, they're trying to be too pushy. They're calling up, they're saying I'm involved in X, Y, Z company, you need to take a look at this information right now. My approach is different. I basically told Brian who I was.

The connection is that me and Brian both have something in common, which is experience in a home-based business. So, now that allows me to relate to Brian I'm also letting Brian know that I'm not calling to give him a sales pitch or to waste his time. So he knows I'm not calling to give him a sales pitch or keep him on the phone for a long time.

I'm just calling to ask Brian a real quick question. So the question is this. Is it possible at this time you might be open to taking a look at a winning opportunity? And if your answer is yes, I'll be more than happy to send you some free information.

Now to most people when you use the word free information, what does that say to them? They're not obligated to anything. All they know is that you're just going to send them some free information and then they're gonna take a look at it. So now, once Brian says, yes, he's open To take and a look at the winning opportunity how ask Brian if he is in front of his computer right now?

Now Brian says yes, I will email him all of my information for thanks of VSTREAM And what I've been doing now lately is just emailing people the wonderful demonstration that Blair did, the 13 minute demo that explains how our product works and how our product can benefit a lot of people out here on the market.

So I emailed Bryan over the information. Now, let's just say if Bryan is looking at the information right then and there. Well, I will follow up with Brian within let's say within about 14 or 15 minutes because one thing when you're contacting anybody about any business. You know how people say fortune is in the follow up, I like to follow up with prospects within 24 hours or less.

You do not wanna have lag time when it comes to your business because as we all know, things can arise and we can have a lot of different distractions. So let's just say Brian is taking a look at the information right now, he's already reviewed it. Well, what I do was that, I call Brian back up and I get straight to the point.

Now, a lot of people, what we been talking sometimes is that we call a person up to follow up whether we'll say things like What did you think? How did you feel, or things of that nature. A lot of times is that if you say those things, you could be actually talking your way out of a person joining the business.

Because people want us to be direct and blunt. They will respect you for it, so when I call Brian back up I'll say hey Brian, this is BJ Massey I spoke to you about 14 minutes ago. I'm calling about that information I sent you about VSTREAM. I'm just calling to see are you ready to get started?

Now there's two things that gonna happen and it was this gentleman on a call today I recruited, I think it was last week, named Chester Williams, from Texas. And Chester Williams was this gentleman I found off of a genealogy list, I called him up, he joined VStream right away.

So, what's gonna happen is that when you ask them, when you tell them. Are they ready to get started? If they don't have any questions, guess what's going to happen, they're gonna join your opportunity. But if they have question they'll tell you they have questions and therefore, you'll take the appropriate to get your up line or someone on the phone to do a three way call.

But never assume they have questions. You wanna get straight to the point. Now, here is some other things that we do when it comes to network marketers, as well. Let's just say a network marketer says how did you get my name and number? You're honest with them. Well, ma'am or sir, I'm glad you asked that question.

I have a list in front of me of people who are People who have home-based business experience such as yourself. And what I found out is that most people who attempt to do a home-based business of some sort possess great leadership skills and a great work ethic. Hey ma'am or sir does that describe you as a person?

What happens is that, when you say that to a network marketer, most people who attempt to join network marketing at some point View themselves as a person who has great leadership skills, and a great work ethic. So, that puts you back in control of the conversation as well.

Some other things that can happen during a conversation, you might have a network marketer who might say, well what company are you with? Well, a lot of times, it's that a lot of us can talk ourselves a hole in our head to where we might give a person too much information.

I will only give a person one minute of something that just Well let's just say if a person say well what company are you with? Well I'm with a phenomenal company called VSTREAM have you heard of us? No I haven't. Great. So I assume you haven't seen our phenomenal website that is getting a lot of people excited.

No I hadn't. So great. So what I do is I send them the information again because I already know that is a person has not seen our website Then what happens is that I just gave them a little bit of information, so that allows me to get back and control the conversation once again.

Now, another thing that we do as well, whenever I call a network marketer up, and let's say if I get a voicemail message, I was saying that everything I said to them at the beginning, which is the script I always go by. But I won't say everything else.

So this is what I'll say. And the psychology behind this voicemail message, it gets a lot of people calling me back. So let's just say I called Brian. And Brian was not home. And I called Brown on the phone, and I said okay, this message is for Brian.

Brian Smith. Let's say his last name is Smith. Hey Brian, my name is BJ Maddesey giving you a quick call from my home in the Washington D.C. Area. Brian, the purpose of my call. We both have something in common which is experience in a home based business. Don't worry, I'm not calling to give you a sales pitch or to waste your time.

I just have a quick question to ask you and then I'll leave my name and number. Now, when a person hears that message, once again they see that That you both have been involved in a home-base business. They also hinted that they are not giving them a sales pitch or to waste their time, I just have a question.

So that's what's gonna happen. Psychologically a person is going to call you back and they want to know what question did you have of them. So when they call me back I'll say, Well okay Brian, this is the question. Is it possible at this time you might be open to taking a look at a winning opportunity And if your answer is yes I'll be more than happy to send you some free information.

So I go on with the ending of my script again when Brian calls me up. So by me using the strategy what happens is that when you recruit of the network marketers. Number one, when they join your business, and I see this happen in my downline every day.

Other network marketers know other network marketers who they can bring in your business, right? So what happens is that they start to build a network of a team of individuals who are coming into your business who are starting to build right away. Now Like I said, we all can recruit anybody that we want.

We can recruit friends, family, whoever, but I know a lot of times that when it comes to my friends and family I go after them a For the product. But family had never really exhibited a desire to do any type of business. So sometimes when you're trying to go after those types of people, it's like pulling their hair.

Then you get frustrated because You can, it gets to a point where you're wondering why are they doing anything, and always tell people this. My job is not to motivate you as a my job is to inspire you, but I cannot motivate you. Motivation comes from within. If you, if you join this business to where somebody would have to, someone else has to hold your hand every day to do this business, then this business is not for you, I tell straight up.

So, when you're going through this process of contacting other network marketers. Here is what you're doing. You are always filling the pipeline with interesting prospects number 1. Number 2 a network marketer that says, I'm already in the company. Let's say, its not the right time of their life, or they're no longer in the industry.

I already know by statistics, that the average person that's in network marketing, will So will resurface about making money at some point in their life. So I always follow up with them 30 to 90 days because I already know that 30 to 90 days something else is gonna happen to where that particular person might want to join something different.

So let's just say I spoke to someone today about Possibly joining Vstream, but they told me that they weren't interested at this time. So I will always put a follow up list of people to contact at a later date. So let's just say it's like 60 days from now, or 30 days from now, and [COUGH] excuse me, I was contacting Brian.

I'll call Brian up and say, Hey Brian this is DJ Massey, I spoke to you on February 13th, of this year. At the time I was talking to you about joining a home based business and at the time you said that At the time you were all ready involved in a business.

I'm just calling to see if anything changed in your life and if it has are you opened at this time to take a look at a winning opportunity. I had a gentleman who joined VSTREAM that I followed up with 30 days later, said the same thing to him but at the time I contacted him he was all ready in the company and then what happened he wasn't doing good in that company I'll follow up with him thirty days later.

He joins Vstream. He's a network marketer. He's joined the business. His first week he brought us fifteen people, and he's bringing other key leaders into the business. So, I like this strategy, even though you can recruit anybody who you want, but it's almost like, how when you look at a football team.

And a football teams is out there trying to get the best talent possible. And let's say a football teams says well we're trying to get the best quarterback out there right now but sometimes when you go after a rookie It's a 50, 50 chance they'll succeed or not.

But we also know that there's people who would you call free agent heavy hitters who are out there on the market. People who already have approved in production of making I work and in that, or any type of [INAUDIBLE] So what I do is I'd left the people who at some point Have some type of proven production in the industry, but I can recruit a rookie all day, but it's a 50/50 chance that they'll do something.

I go after the target market first, and go after the other people later, and that's why our team is growing so fast, because [COUGH], excuse me, everybody that I've recruited Have been network marketers, and then they're bringing other network marketers into the business as well, therefore it's growing, it's populating, it's growing, it's growing, it's growing.

And therefore you have a fully functional team and I don't really have to hold these people by the hand, but you work with your team, you train them, and you show them the right strategy that to do. Now sometimes, People also gotta realize is that when you're recruiting people into your business, a lot of people would not join your business off the first contact.

It takes sometimes three or four exposures for a person to join your business. So what I'll do [COUGH], excuse me, what I'll do Is I have a audio responder that I use, and let's say if people said they were opened to taking a look, but [INAUDIBLE] contact with them I'll put them in my auto responder and I'll [INAUDIBLE] But I had, you know, I created me a service of emails or newsletters or something that would keep going over and over to the people until they opt out.

I've recruited people that way as well. You just gotta realize is that when we're in this recruiting aspect of building our B stream business, we're planting seeds. Some people will join right away. Of some people you gotta get them at the right time. It might not be the right time right now but who's to say the right time might not be two or three weeks from now, but if you're utilizing a strategy of hitting your target market, and already know that a lot of people are not making any money.

Don't fall into the trap just because the person is in the health and wellness business or a business that sells life insurance that they won't take a look at VSTREAM. It's all the same thing. It's that people join a network marketing business to make money They wanted, they join a business to have more time, freedom with their family.

They join the business, maybe they want to send their kids to college. They're looking for the right vehicle and that right team. So, when I get a person to join, I'll say something like this. I'm going to show you how you can, how would you like to have access to individuals who are just like you.

And people who already believe in the industry we're involved with, I say, now if you think about it, what I'm saying is true, because, me and you can relate, because we're both in network marketing, we both have been in this industry. And, All you're doing now is looking for the right opportunities, is that correct?

They say yeah, that's how I recruited the gentleman, and I hope he's on the call tonight, Chester Williams, the same way, so that's what we're doing. We're just teaching our team to out there and target market people, and that's why our business is growing so fast. But with these streams, this is phenomenal product.

It's a phenomenal opportunity. I've never been in a company where they said they're gonna do everything they said they said they were gonna do. And what I like about this company is that they put distributors first, company second. Most companies out here, they put company first, distributor second.

That's when you know you have a good company, when they're putting us first. Recognizing people in the field, so that's all I really, I could be talking all day about this strategy because of other aspects that I do say when I'm on the phone, but this is something that's working for our team and I'm just happy to be with B string and building a successful business.

So, back to you, Blair. All right, thanks BJ. Real quick, you don't have a site or a recommended site to get genealogy leads do you, or is that just something people search for, is there?

>> Well yeah, there's a lot of websites out there. You can go to

You can go to that website. It's called Also, here's a free way that we've been teaching people how to get genealogy, how to find people as well. There's a website out there called It's WWW dot manta dot com. And when you go to Manta dot com, what happens is that, when you go to the website, on the left hand side, it's gonna say search for products and services, and then on the right hand side.

Because it's already logged into the ISP.

>> How do you spell that?

>> Okay, Manta, Manta.

>> Gotcha, sorry.

>> Yeah, Manta, uh-huh. So when you go to this website, [COUGH], excuse me, it's already gonna have your search location, the area you're with, So what I'll do is, on the right-hand side, I would change my location, to no location, so I can have unlimited access to everybody on Manta.

So, let's just say, where it says products and services on the left hand side. Let's say I type in a company called XYZ. So when you hit search on Manta, it's going to bring up everybody on Manta. That is doing company XYZ. It might show a search result of 13 to 14,000 people.

These are what you call network marketers, right? That are in this particular company. And what I've been finding out, when I've been calling a lot of these people, a lot of these people aren't making any money and a lot of people have quit these companies. So these are free leaves that you can find en masse and call them up and introduce them to your VStream business and these are people that would join your business as well so those are ways that you can get leads.

Another way that we get leads of net work marketers, and here's a free Free way to do it on Google. Okay, so let's just say, youre typing, let me just name a company. I'm gonna just use Amway, for instance. So let's just say I type in Amway on Google.

So this is what I would do. I'll type, okay, I'll put a quotation mark. And then I'll put the word Amway. Quotation mark the word call me, quotation mark right. So that is telling google is that you are looking for everybody that is an Amway who wants you to call them right.

So what this is going to is this is going to bring up everyone who is on google that's in Amway. And when we use the word call me it is bringing us all the distributors with their names and telephone numbers. So that's another way you can get leads for free and call these people about VStream as well.

There's all types of ways you can get leads, but the main thing is that I like going after network marketers because they already are experienced in this industry. Back to you Greg.

>> All right, that is just awesome.

>> [COUGH] Hey Blair. Hey Bob.

>> [COUGH] I need to follow directly on PJ.

Listen, what happened here. I knew a networker, Sherwin Rollins. He knew a networker Craig Wedge. He knew a networker, PJ. PJ knew a networker who knew a networker, who knew a networker Who knew Marsha Hadley? Can you believe you just asked to kick the son of a gun off?

That's all you've got to do.

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